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Out Of Mind » MEMBER ADVERTISING & BLOG FORUMS » T.S. "Tray" Caladan » LEAKED 'rough draft' Star Wars 8 Script! transcribed by TS Caladan

LEAKED 'rough draft' Star Wars 8 Script! transcribed by TS Caladan

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LEAKED 'rough draft' Star Wars 8 Script!
transcribed by TS Caladan

[note: Since about all the YT comments blasted this "fan BS" and only a few thought it was great and might be real, I was intrigued. I had previously read a leaked SW script before a premiere and it was 'right on the money.' Sometimes they'll put the pure truth out there in plain view, then ridicule the fools that refuse to believe it. I'm not afraid to take chances and go out on shaky branches. It could be true; we'll see in December].

[scroll]:  The seat of the New Republic government along with most of their fleet has been destroyed. With the galaxy in chaos, the First Order has begun to terrorize and subjugate core worlds. Although Starkiller base was destroyed, the resistance forces under the command of General Leia Organa do not yet have the strength to protect the galaxy. In this dark time, Luke Skywalker has been found at the First Jedi Temple. The resistance can only hope that Luke's return can help them defeat the First Order before Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren can manifest their dark vision.

       Through a star field, the triangular nose of a Star Destroyer comes into view.
~ Bridge of Star Destroyer:
       General Hux and Kylo Ren stand on bridge, looking out.
       Hux says, "If you hadn't allowed the girl to escape, Ren...if you had been able to identify the disloyal traitor in your midst. I imagine Supreme Leader will not be pleased with either of us, Ren."
       Kylo Ren says, "We will pass this test. The First Order is still the strongest force in the galaxy. With the Republic out of the way, we will be even stronger."
       The General responds, "I am pleased we are in agreement about that. I hope Supreme Leader shares our optimism. Lieutenant. Make the jump to light-speed."
~ Exterior shot:
       The destroyer vanishes to a point in space.
~ Wipe to Exterior shot: Planet Ahch-To and island of first Jedi Temple:
       Luke says to Rey, "That saber. How did you get it?"
       She says, "The saber called to me...through the Force. Do you know who I am?"
       "Not slightly. Do you?"
       She answers, "Not really."
       "Come." Luke walks passed Rey, still holding the light-saber.
       She awkwardly puts the saber back and follows him down the hill and into the interior of a stone room.
       Luke tells her: "Sit."
       Rey sits.
       He pours her some tea.
       "Your sister, General Leia Organa, needs your help. The First Order has destroyed the New Republic home world."
       "You're the girl from Jakku?"
       'Yes. My name is Rey."
       "Rey. I don't know if I can help. I've strengthened the Dark Side."
       She replies, "I heard what happened. I've faced Kylo Ren. He can be defeated. I know it...through the light of the Force."
       "It's not that simple," Luke says with reluctance.
       She pleads, "Then tell me more. Teach me."
       "I once thought as you do: that the Jedi were the Guardians of the Light Side of the Force using their powers only for defense, never for attack. I refused to fight my father, my father, Darth Vader. He killed the Emperor. He was the Jedi. Not me."
       "I don't understand."
       Luke stands and walks to a small window in the stone hut. "A Jedi cannot run from the Dark Side of the Force. A Jedi can't be purely in the Light. A Jedi must be at the edge and control the Darkness." Luke's voice begins to tremble with emotion. "Can you look into the eyes of Kylo Ren and kill him? Can you kill the thousands of soldiers, innocents under his command in order to get to him? A Jedi walks a fine line treading in the balance of the Force. I've never found that balance. Maybe you can find it?"
       Rey insists, "The resistance needs you. Your experience, your power to fight Snoke and the First Order. You must come and help us."
       Luke whirls toward her and begins to pace. "I must, but I can't help you. I can't train you. I can't. I tried to show Ben Solo the Light Side of the Force. I only increased his power. When he used the power against me, I reacted with anger. I summoned a Darkness. The Republic destroyed. My pupil killed his own father, my friend. Yes. I felt it. All because of my failure. Go."
       "Go. Go!" Luke pulls out his light-saber and its blade sputters to life.
       Rey is shocked and stands up quickly. 
       Luke looks frightening in the green glow of his blade.
       Rey staggers back. She trips over her chair and runs away. She runs back to the Millennium Falcon, weeping.
       On the ship's ramp is Chewbacca and R2.
       She passes them and orders: "We're leaving!"
       The news surprises Chewbacca. He asks in groans: "We are? When?"
~ Falcon cockpit:
       Rey is in pilot's seat. She frantically turns on different systems.
       Chewie comes in and sits down next to her.
       She fires up the engines and takes off. Suddenly, the ship stops...
       She tells Chewbacca, "Something's got us in a tractor beam." Rey powers down the engines. She lifts her hands, looking shocked. She looks at Chewie and unbuckles. She goes down a hatch with Chewie in pursuit.
~ Scene changes to Luke using the Force. He settles the Falcon to the ground:
       Rey is amazed at his show of Force Power.
       Chewbacca grunts.
       "Don't leave, please. I'm sorry," Skywalker says regretfully.
       She asks again, "Come with us."
       He sadly tells her, "I don't want to destroy you like I did Ben Solo."
       She smiles. "You won't."
       Luke stands with his head down. He raises his head. He cries and drops his head down again.
       Chewie walks over to Luke and shakes him to his senses.
       Luke looks up and finally recognizes him. He smiles and they have a big hug.
       R2 rolls over, also in joy.
       (To R2) "It's good to see you, R2."
       R2 beeps in excitement.
       "I'll go with you, if that's what you wish? But, Rey? There's something I want to show you first..." Wipe to...
~ The resistance base:
       Po Dameron and a doctor confer quietly over a bed with an unconscious Finn.
       General Leia Organa walks in. "How is he, doctor?"
       "We've kept him in a medical coma to try to decrease the damage to his nervous system. He sustained a light-saber wound to his spine to here. We've attempted to regenerate the nerves, but it's slow work."
       Leia asks, "How long can you keep him in a coma, doctor?"
       "With every passing day, there's danger that he may suffer brain damage."
       The General asks, "What are our options?"
       The doctor responds: "He's likely looking at a long rehabilitation with a moderate chance of partial functionality in his legs. On the other hand, the recently-discovered archives contain references in cases like this..."
       Po asks, "Robot legs?"
       The doctor answers, "It's a quick road to recovery, but would require amputation of the lower half of his body."
       Po says, "I think it should be up to him."
       Leia agrees.
       BB8 whines.
~ Wipe to Ahch-To and island with first Jedi Temple:
       Luke and Rey walk through a stone archway and into a protected area. 
       He gestures toward a tree that curls around a dark opening in the hillside. He informs her, "After the defeat of the Empire, I discovered the locations of 12 ANCIENT JEDI TEMPLES...all of them, including the one on Dagobah, where I trained with Jedi Master Yoda, had a cave such as this."
       Rey is amazed and expresses in a daze, "It...feels..."
       Luke answers, "Cold. Yes. The Dark Side is strong in these places. The cave produces visions, visions which show you the Darkness that exists within you. You should go in."
       "When I touched the light-saber for the first time, I had visions, too. I did not enjoy the experience."
       He tells her, "A Kyber Crystal in a light-saber can act as a focus for the Force, much in the same way the cave does."
       "Should I bring the light-saber with me?"
       "Do what you feel is best."
       Rey walks into the cave, holding the light-saber. She hears a crackling to her left. She sees two, shadowy figures in Force Lightning. The saber moves on its own accord and slices upward. She again hears crackling and sees a falling body, just like Han Solo. "No!"
       She sees a row of clone troopers in front of her. She turns around and sees her young self and many other children in Jedi robes.
       The light-saber once more moves up to strike. Then she throws the weapon down. She was in peaceful woods, but now swept up and finds herself on a thin pathway.
       Kylo Ren is pursuing her. Suddenly, Kylo morphs into Darth Vader with a red saber.
       She looks down for her saber. But there is a severed hand holding it. Rey looks down at her own arm and her hand is missing. Her arm reappears, grasping a larger hand. She sees a younger Luke. She hears a voice...
       Rey's mother says to Luke, "You can't train him (Kylo). You'll endanger us all. He's evil. How do you not sense this?" 
       Luke says, "Fear is the path to the Dark Side. There's good in him. He's just a boy. Don't worry. I will protect you."
       Rey's mother says, "You won't. You can't. We're leaving."
       "[whatever mother's name]," Luke says, desperately.
       There is a shot of Rey's face, present-day, as she realizes she is looking at her mother. The vision continues...
       Luke's head is down on a table. When he looks up, he has Vader's mask on. We hear Anakin's screams! Same as when he was cut down on Mustafar.
       The mask dissolves into a windy, desert night.
       Rey's mother looks at Rey, who breaths heavy and appears stressed.
       There are shouts in the distance.
       She tells the little girl: "Stay here, sweetheart. Stay right here. We'll be back for you, I promise." Her mother sprints over a sand dune.
       A spaceship is visible on the next hill.
       There are sounds of the clash of light-sabers, red and green.
       Young Rey says to someone (Saw), "I have to wait here for my family."
       "They'll be back to pick you up; just had to go away for awhile. Come on."
       Scene dissolves to Rey's mother, father and brother. They are dead and sink into the sand.
       Kylo Ren watches. He boards her parents' ship.
       Cut to young Rey who screams, "Come back!"
~ Rey emerges from the cave, tears streaming down her face. She grips her light-saber tightly and stares at Luke.
       He turns away and raises his hood. "Do you still want me to come with you?"
       Rey walks quickly passed the slow-walking Skywalker. She declares, angrily: "Yes!"
       "Good. Because the First Order has found us..."
       Rey looks up to see advancing TIE fighters and heavy bombers!
       Luke, Rey and Chewbacca run up the ramp of the Falcon. The ship takes off into the setting sun.
       First Order ships fire on the Jedi Temple. Explosions occur and the old stones collapse!
       The Falcon speeds along mere meters from the ocean's surface.
       Pilot Rey says, "We'll stay low until we get out of range."
       The Falcon speeds over the ocean then arches high into the sky. The craft makes the jump to hyperspace. Wipe to...
~ The resistance base:
       General Organa is around a strategy table with other resistance leaders.
       A lieutenant states, "Preparations are complete. We should be able to begin the evacuation within a few days. We'll regroup in the Kashyyyk System."
       Leia says, "Good. I'd like to evacuate before the First Order attacks."
       An officer says, "General Organa. Sensors are picking up several First Order destroyers dropping out of hyperspace."
       "Of course...sound the signal! Activate defenses. We'll evacuate now."
       Po asks the General, "What about Finn?"
       "Go get him. Bring him aboard the Eagle."
~ Scenes of chaos and destruction at the base:
       Po runs into the medical facility with BB8 close behind.
       "Doctor, we've got to get him out of here."
       "We can't move him yet. If I disconnect him from the stasis machine, the shock will kill him. The process has to be done slowly."
       Po suggests, "We'll bring the machine with us."
       Doctor replies, "You can't. It would take 20 men to move. Not designed to be portable."
       "How long will it take to bring him out of it?"
       "At least one hour."
       (Po over intercom to Leia) "How long until First Order gets troops in here?"
       "They're already here, Po. You need to get to the hangar, now!"
       "Negative. I need an hour to get Finn out of here."
       Leia tells him, "You don't have it. You'll be captured too, Po. The resistance can't lose you. You've got to leave him behind."
       Po looks at his friend. He takes something from his pocket and slips it under Finn's back. He leans in and says, "Sorry, buddy. I'll come back for you. I promise. I promise."
       Another explosion rocks the building.
       Po and BB8 leave the building. They meet General Organa.
       She says, "I got separated from my group. I came to get on the Eagle, but it's been disabled and blocking the hangar opening."
       Po says, "Take this jumper here."
       Leia replies, "There's not enough room to get it out."
       "We'll make it."
       Leia, Po and BB8 get aboard the quad jumper and narrowly escape.
       C-3PO rounds the corner and sees the ship leave. "Wait! Oh, dear."
~ Inside the quad jumper:
       Leia orders, "Set course for the _____ System."
       "I thought we were rendezvousing at Kashyyyk?"
       The General responds, "Change of plans. I'm going to see an old friend that owes me a favor." Wipe to...
~ Interior of the resistance base:
       Stormtroopers roughly grab C-3PO.
       The robot says, "Careful. I just had that arm repaired."
       Trooper tells C-3PO, "You're property of the First Order now."
       Captain Phasma walks in.
       "I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations..."
       "Who gave you permission to speak?" Phasma sternly asks.
       "Ah. No one."
       "Access his memory banks, " she orders. "See if you can extract anything useful. There must be some reason they'd keep this useless antique around."
       "Antique? How rude."
       Stormtroopers hustle the robot away.
       Phasma turns and walks through the wreckage of the base. She receives a transmission...
       "Captain. We've found someone in the medical facility," he tells Phasma.
~ In medical facility:
       The doctor is cowering by a still unconscious Finn.
       The Captain walks in and says, "So. It's our old friend 'fn-2187,' the traitor. Take him aboard my ship."
       The frightened doctor says, "Please. He's coming out of stasis. He might not survive, if you move him."
       Phasma replies, "Oh, really. That would be a pity. You know, I used to be a doctor myself." Suddenly, she takes out a blaster and shoots the doctor! "Take him to the medical facility aboard my ship. And make sure he gets a private room."
~ Wipe:
       We see a caped, older man from behind. He walks down a hallway.
       An assistant walks up to him. "Sir. The Republic transport has landed."
       Lando Calrissian says, "Good. No payment? No communication from the Republic in almost a week? They've got some explaining to do."
       Camera pans to see the quad jumper. The door opens. Po walks out.
       Lando asks him, "Who are you? Where's my usual contact?"
       "I'm Po Dameron, resistance pilot."
       Lando reacts. "Oh, no. If anyone connects us to the resistance, the public will have my ass!"
       Po tells him, "You've got bigger problems."
       Leia walks down the ramp.
       "Oh, boy. You said it, flyboy."
       She says, "I don't know what you're trying to pull, Lando. First Order's Super Weapon destroyed the entire Hosnian System. The Republic government, Senate there, and...the fleet were wiped out."
       "Good, God. They really did it."
       "And I need a favor."
       "Oh. You need a favor?"
       "You owe me, Lando."
       "I owe you?" He sighs and then says, "Come on in quickly."
~ Interior of Lando's facility:
       "One day, I'm a senator, a respected leader inline for the chancellorship of the New Republic. Then you ask me for a favor to help build the resistance. And within a year...I am disgraced, out of office, sneaking around running a clandestine operation on some backwater planet. Now the Republic is gone and I've got a thousand workers who aren't going to get paid. Next thing you're going to tell me is that son of yours is walking around in a black cape and a mask?"
       She sincerely looks at Lando. "Han's dead."
       "Ben, Kylo Ren, killed him," she sadly says.
       "Oh, my." Calrissian changes his tune. "Leia, I'm so sorry."
       They share a short hand clasp.
       "We managed to destroy the Starkiller Base, but the resistance sustained heavy losses. First Order is going to start central control over the core worlds. It's like the Empire all over again. We've got to stop it. We need you to convert your mining vessels, the delivery fleet you have here into warships."
       "I don't know if I can do that. My workers are here for the money. You're asking them to be soldiers for the Resistance Army."
       Leia insists, "The First Order is going to come for all of you sooner or later."
       "These are mining ships. They have no weapons."
       "Are you telling me you don't have a stockpile of weapons lying around?"
       Lando smiles. "You do know me well."
       She tells him to, "Use your charm on your people. You always gave a great speech. You're a natural leader."
       "I'll try."
       "I know you can do it, Lando. For the resistance. For Han."
       He nods and holds her hand. "Hey. Did you ever have any luck finding Luke?" Wipe to...
~ The Millennium Falcon:
       Rey and Chewie are in the cockpit. They come out of hyperspace right in front of a First Order Destroyer. She pulls on the controls and the Falcon lurches violently. "Whoa!"
       Luke runs into the bridge. "What is it?"
       "It's the First Order," she answers. "Looks like they've attacked the resistance base. I only hope our friends escaped. Do you think you can manage to operate the firing turret?"
       "I can do it."
       "Hopefully, it's easier than balancing the Force. And all I've got to do is get us out of range of their turbo cannons."
       Chewbacca makes the calculations for the rendezvous on Kashyyyk.
~ On the bridge of the Star Destroyer:
       An officer says to Captain Phasma: "Sir. A ship's come out of light-speed. It's a freighter."
       Phasma orders, "Scramble fighters! Destroy the ship!"
       The officer obeys. "Yes, Captain."
~ Inside the Millennium Falcon:
       Rey says, "We got company, multiple TIE fighters."
       Luke says, "I see them."
       The ship jerks, violently.
       Luke can't get a bead. "What's going on up there?"
       "I'm taking evasive action."
       He states confidently, "Don't worry. They can't outrun you. Keep it steady. I can't take aim." Luke fires and misses.
       The fighter gets a shot in.
       Rey says, "We're losing thrusters. They're gaining on us."
       Luke sees a TIE fighter fly by, but he has trouble with the laser.
       Another blast hits the Falcon!
       "They've got our shields down to 40%. If they knockout the hyper-drive, we're finished."
       Luke concentrates with the Force. When the fighter flies by, he stops it with the Force. Luke flings it into the other fighter, destroying them both! He freezes another one. He shoots it and misses. His hand shakes with arthritis. Luke opens the fighter's cockpit with the Force and the pilot is swept out into space.
       Chewie gives an affirmative grunt.
       Rey says, "Hold on."
       The Falcon jumps to hyperspace...
~ Interior of the Star Destroyer.
       (Intercom) "We had them. But when we got close, our ships froze and crashed into each other."
       Captain Phasma states, "Either they've developed some sort of new tractor beam, or...(to the lieutenant) Send a message to Hux. Tell him that it appears our old Jedi has returned." Wipe to...
~ The interior of Kylo's ship:
       General Hux receives the transmission. He speaks to Kylo. "According to Captain Phasma, there's evidence Luke Skywalker has returned and is aboard the freighter."
       Ren slams his hand down, then gets control. He says, "I assume Captain Phasma was not able to capture or destroy them."
       "No. But she captured our traitor: fn-2187 and I'm sure he will be made an example of."
~ Dark Side planet:
       Kylo's ship arrives at Snoke's location. It is a bleak, partially-ruined castle of grey stones against a black sky of brilliant stars.
       Hux and Kylo step off the ship.
       "Enter," Snoke's deep voice tells them.
       They walk through the tumbled stones and into a great hall. Inside the hall, all is in perfect order.
       Snoke sits. He is tall, but not as tall as his projections.
       Hux begins: "Supreme Leader. I have brought Kylo Ren here as you have asked."
       "Thank you, General Hux. You may go."
       Hux turns and exits. There is a long silence.
       Kylo says, "Supreme Leader, I..."
       "You have done well in your elimination of Han Solo. Do you feel your power growing in the Dark Side of the Force?"
       "Oh, yes."
       "Supreme Leader. Captain Phasma reports..."
       Snoke tells Kylo, "Luke Skywalker has returned. But he is weakened. The girl strengthens him. She is the greater threat."
       Ren says, "With your training, I could eliminate them both."
       "Who is she?"
       Kylo answers, "A scavenger from Jakku...strong with the Force, oriented toward the Light. I do not know if she can be turned. Her mother was the one who sensed, when I came to Skywalker. After I betrayed Skywalker, I took the Knights of Ren to go after her, as you instructed. I eliminated her and her family..."
       Snoke interrupts again, "But not all of her family, the youngest."
       Ren says, "She was only a small child, hidden by her mother. I left her with nothing but sand, junk and the scavengers of Jakku. I thought: if the Force awakened in her, it would just as likely be Dark."
       "You were weak."
       The young man admits, "I was. But not anymore."
       "You should not hide your weakness from me. You need to face this, to eliminate it...if we are to bring order from the chaos this galaxy has become. Do you understand?"
       "Yes, Supreme Leader."
       "The girl had the map fragment back then; I'm convinced of it. Your sentiment for the girl, it has not been eliminated, even now."
       "Help me, Supreme Leader. The girl..."
       "The call to the Light is relentless, You must learn to recognize it, control it and dominate it. Are you ready to accept my training?"
       "I am, Supreme Leader."
       Snoke stands. "Then follow me into this place..." He gestures toward an opening in the floor. "...A place where you will come face-to-face with your compassion and sentiment and learn to recognize it and control it. And in this way, we shall control the foolish Jedi who dabble in the Force. And the galaxy shall know the glory of the Dark Side." Wipe to...
~ The Millennium Falcon lounge:
       Luke is sitting at the chess table.
       Rey walks in. She is still angry with Luke, but goes about configuring controls.  "Some pretty good shooting there, old man."
       "Ah. Thanks."
       "For what?"
       "For whatever role I played in you losing your family. I felt the loss in the Force. I should have been able to prevent it."
       Rey responds, "I really don't need your apology. It doesn't help. The past is the past." She slows down her adjustments at the controls. Her face softens. She turns and looks at Luke. "When I remember as a girl, seeing my parents ship think it was Kylo Ren up there, that monster."
       Luke tells her: "That monster is my nephew."
       She says, "I don't envy you. I can't imagine if a member of my own family..." Rey looks at Luke, suddenly. "Oh, no. Don't tell me?"
       "Relax. You're not related."
       "Oh." She breathes a sigh of relief. "Whew."
       "Would you like to know how I came to know your parents?"
       "Yes. Very much so." She walks over and sits across from Luke.
       "Your mother and I grew up together on Tatooine. An old Jedi, Obi-wan Kenobi..."
       "I've heard the name."
       "Obi-wan had brought me there as a live with my aunt and uncle and to hide me from my father..."
       "Darth Vader."
       "Yes. And the Emperor. How do you know this, Rey?"
       "A lot of legends and stories made their way through the junk town where I lived. I loved the stories of the Jedi."
       "At the time, the Jedi Order had just been destroyed and the Jedi declared enemies of the Empire. With no Jedi Order, Obi-wan stayed on Tatooine and took the name: Ben. He had a lover and a son. I'm not sure he even knew about his son. If he did, he never told me. Years after I left Tatooine, my old friend, your mother, married this son of Kenobi. They had a child that was strong in the Force...and they brought her to me. That you."
       Rey asks, "So, are you telling me that Obi-wan Kenobi is my grandfather?"
       "Was. He sacrificed himself so that Han, Leia and I could escape with the plans to the first Death Star."
       She wondrously asked, "Is it true you blew it up with one shot?"
       He sincerely answers: "With the help and sacrifice of many brave souls, with the help of your grandfather."
       "I thought he sacrificed himself?"
       "Some Jedi have been able to retain their identity passed the transition of death. At certain times, Obi-wan has spoken to me...and I see him."
       "I think I may have heard him, at Maz's castle, when I touched the light-saber."
       "I wouldn't be surprised. Tell me about when you faced Kylo Ren."
       "He wore this ridiculous mask. He found me in the woods outside of Maz's castle. I tried to shoot him, but he kept blocking the does he do that?"
       Luke says, "It's a Jedi can learn it."
       Rey says, "He froze me with the Force. I couldn't move."
       "Snoke taught him that."
       "First he tries to access my mind. Then he kills Han Solo; he almost kills Finn. He says: I can teach you the ways of the Force. I say: no, thank you."
       "I think he likes you."
       "Ugh," she grunts with revulsion. "Disgusting. Stop it."
       Skywalker asks her, "Who is Finn?"
       She smiles and says, "He's the one who got me into all this. He was a stormtrooper, but he ran away from the First Order. We escaped in the Falcon from Jakku, together. Later, he came with Han and Chewie to rescue me from Starkiller Base. He's a good friend. I hope he's Okay?"
       "Reach out with the Force. See if you can sense him?"
       She closes her eyes. Her smile turns to a frown. She opens her eyes and looks at Luke, frantically. Wipe to...
~ The interior of medical bay in Phasma's ship:
       Finn is on a slanted platform, Vader's platform. He slowly opens his eyes and adjusts to bright lights.
       Captain Phasma stands over him.
       Finn tries to run, but he can't move. He looks down and sees a robotic pelvis and legs. "What the..."
       "Looking for these?" Phasma says. She gestures toward Finn's legs, hanging from the ceiling. "Standard procedure for a stormtrooper with a spinal injury such as yours. Natural rehabilitation is far too costly and time-consuming. Pity, though. You will no longer have much appeal to that girlfriend of yours."
       "Rey? She's alive?"
       Phasma realizes she's let something slip she didn't mean to. This angers her. She removes her helmet. She leans into Finn and spits in his face. "You humiliated me. Now you'll discover the cost of that action. You will suffer. She will will anyone else who's survived our destruction of the resistance...So much anger is not becoming of someone running around with an old Jedi weapon saving weak souls. Would you like to come after me? Yes? I'll just unlock your restraints, your worst." She clicks a button.
       He jumps at her with his mechanical legs, but Phasma controls his legs.
       Finn starts to dance around looking ridiculous.
       She laughs. "I control you now, fn-2187." She hits another button and he collapses on the floor.
       "No. No. Please."
       "You will live your remaining days in a pile of disgusting waste, your body responding to my an example of what happens to any stormtrooper foolish enough to disobey my orders and act against the First Order."
       A door opens in the room.
       Finn, unable to control his legs, walks right in and falls down into...
       The trash-compactor! She also throws him his old legs. We see Phasma's satisfied and very evil grin. She puts her helmet on and turns toward the door. Wipe to...
~ The Millennium Falcon:
       Rey runs into the cockpit and Luke follows. She tells the Wookiee, "Chewie, we're changing course. (To Luke) He's suffering; I've got to save him."
       "Can you see where he is?" Luke asks Rey.
       "With the First Order, on a ship of some kind. Ah. Maybe that way?" She points in a general direction.
       "Not good enough. They could be anywhere."
       She asks him, "Can't you tell where they are?"
       "I don't have a connection with Finn. It's difficult to pinpoint people in the Force from that distance."
       "I wish I could see more."
       "The Force will show you what I can show you. You can't force it to show you more, ironically enough."
       Rey looks at him sideways. "What kind of Jedi Master are you, anyway?"
       "Not a very good one, apparently."
       Chewbacca grunts: "We're arriving in Kashyyyk. My home."
       Luke comments, "Hopefully, we can find more information..." Wipe to...
~ The Dark Side cave:
       Kylo Ren moves into the cave and around a corner. He is on a balcony on Naboo. Darth Vader is at the railing and we hear his breathing. The background is stunning.
       Vader turns to Kylo and removes his helmet. He is fully Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen). He looks at Kylo, sadly. "You've grown powerful. You remind me so much of myself."
       "All I've ever wanted to do is finish what you started."
       Darth says, "I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to hold you in my arms, to see you grow, to help you reach your potential, son. There is so much you have to learn."
       "Teach me."
       "Come here."
       Anakin touches Kylo's cheek, like Han did. Darth grabs Kylo's head and then fully embraces him. "I love you."
       We see Ren's face. Tears are streaming down, running into his facial scar.
       Suddenly, we hear the sound of a light-saber.
       Kylo's face registers total shock as he is stabbed! He falls to his knees.
      We see a side view as Anakin pulls out the blade, through Kylo. It is red coming out his back, but it is blue coming out his chest.
       Anakin is now in a completely WHITE VADER OUTFIT!
       Snoke appears behind him with Force Lightning.
       White Vader reaches back and slices Snoke in half! "Aaah!"
       General Hux and Phasma appear...
       Anakin also cuts them down with the light-saber! White Darth looks up to the sky...
       There are two Star Destroyers high overhead. Anakin CRASHES THEM INTO EACH OTHER!
       The Explosion results in purple sparks. They rain down onto the scene. We see these beautiful sparks raining down on Kylo. His facial scar heals.
       Ren falls back and struggles for breath.
       White Vader takes off his mask...It is the young face of his mother, Leia Organa.
       Kylo can't move. He appears to die. He closes his eyes. Then a hand reaches down and opens his eyes...
       Purple sparks fade and Kylo is back in the moment and inside Snoke's lair.
       Snoke tells him: "The next time you see your grandfather, you should kill him." Wipe to...
~ The Kashyyyk base:
       The Millennim Falcon lands. The ramp comes down. Leia, Po and BB8 are waiting. Chewie, Rey, R2 and finally Luke come down the ramp.
       Leia runs to brother Luke and Chewie. They affectionately hug. She says, "Oh, Luke! It's so good to see you!"
       He replies, much more serious: "I heard about Han."
       Soon their embrace breaks...
       "She asks, "Did you hear how it happened?"
       "I know."
       "I'm trying to hold it together. I don't blame you. I trusted him too many times. He's my son."
       "And he's my nephew."
       Rey speaks up and says, "I'm not related to him in the slightest..."
       Luke and Leia look at Rey.
       Rey says, "I'm just saying: when the time comes, he must be stopped. I won't hesitate."
       Po says, "Speaking of not hesitating, I've got a signal from Finn."
       "What?" Rey expresses in surprise. "How?"
       "I put a homing-beacon on his back, a device-thing. Just got a signal relayed from it. He's in the Corellian System."
       Rey says, "What are we waiting for? Let's go."
       Leia states, "So my best pilot and most talented Jedi prospect want to risk their lives to rescue a friend? Without a plan? How does that make sense?"
       Luke tells his sister: "They really are a lot like us, aren't they?"
       From across the room, Maz Kanata ambles toward them. Maz says, "Rey. Rey Kenobi."
       Rey asks, "Maz, did you know? Why didn't you tell me?"
       Maz answers, "I would have if you hadn't run away."
       Rey also asks, "What are you doing here?"
       "I started to rebuild my castle, but then I thought: maybe I should get out and see the galaxy more, move forward into the future?" Maz looks at Chewie. "Well, if it isn't my number one boyfriend." She hugs Chewbacca's leg.
       He grunts, uncomfortably.
       Rey introduces Luke to Maz. "...She had your light-saber."
       Luke says, "Really?"
       "Nice to meet you at last. You know, your Obi-wan was a friend of mine?"
       "If you don't mind me asking, how did you get my light-saber?"
       Maz tells him: "It's a long story, for another time." She asks Rey, "Where is your boy, Finn, the one who always wants to run away?"
       "The First Order's got him. He is on a ship someplace..."
       Maz says, "Saw it with the Force, did you?"
       "At a girl. He's on a ship, you say?"
       Rey confirms. "Po's found the location. We're going to go rescue him."
       Maz informs her, "Ships move. And First Order ships move to find you." Maz looks at Luke.
       R2 beeps.
       Luke asks Leia, "Where's 3PO?"
       Leia tells him, "He was cut-off from us. He didn't make it off the base."
       Luke says, "If the First Order has 3PO and Finn, there's a good chance they know we're here."
       General Organa says, "We need to create a perimeter and get all our ships on high alert. They're coming for us."
       Po Dameron asks Rey, "Do you know how to fly an X-wing?"
       "I've done it on a simulator. But we'll take the Falcon."
       Po turns to Luke. "How about you?"
       Luke shoots him an amused look. "Ha. I've done it once or twice."



"Great. We're going to do this. Come on..." Wipe to...
~ The exterior of Phasma's ship, a new bigger version:
       Kylo Ren's ship docks.
       He comes out and sees a transmission of Finn in the garage-compactor with several stormtroopers watching it. Kylo shuts off the screen with the Force. He walks into an elevator. Ren gets off the elevator and walks down a hallway. He opens a door and recoils from the stench inside.
       Finn sees the door open and Kylo standing there. He lunges for Kylo, but Kylo freezes him. "Fn-2187."
       "Finn. The name's Finn. What do you want, Kylo?"
       "Did you come here to gloat?" Finn asks. "C'mon, man. Get it over with."
       "No. I came here to talk, Finn. I apologize for the humiliation. I would not have handled it this way."
       "Well that makes me feel a lot better."
       Ren says, "I admire your courage, Finn. You're weak and sentimental. But you are not afraid to go after what you want."
       "Right now. I'd like to grind you up with Phasma...and feed you to rats!"
       Kylo admits, "You might be surprised to hear I'm not a fan of the captain, either. In fact, what I want is not necessarily what the First Order wants."
       "What do you want besides to kill your parents?"
       "I want the freedom to do as I please, to use my powers as I please. All my life I was told I need to serve others, others weaker than I. You see, I'm not that much different than you. The difference is...I'm not afraid to take what I want."
       "Why are you serving the First Order then, and Snoke?"
       "Supreme Leader Snoke was the first one that showed me the Dark Side of the Force. The only one who did not tell me: I had to limit myself. But while Snoke seeks to use the Dark Side to create order, I wish to use it to create Freedom...and power. I need him to teach me and he needs me, for now."
       "Why are you telling me this?"
       "You may not realize this, but you're strong in the Force, too. You are fearless and have courage. You have sentiment. But if you could cleanse yourself of that, you could overthrow Snoke, remake the galaxy according to our passions."
       Finn is confused. "You really expect me to join you?"
       "I don't know. Do you like it in this trash-compactor?"
       "It's pretty nice once you get used to it.'
       "If you agree to think about it, I can get you out of here. It's your choice."
       Finn looks back and nods...
~ The hallway of Phasma's Destroyer:
       Phasma walks alone.
       Kylo quickly comes up beside her.
       She asks, "What have you done with my prisoner, Ren?"
       "I was convinced that your little show might create sympathy among the troops. I appreciate your brutality, but I don't think Hux would agree. Besides...I needed to interrogate him, personally. You'll be pleased to know that I've discovered the location of the resistance fleet."
       "As have I, Ren. The droid we captured (gestures to C-3PO) has provided us with the location, extracted from memory banks."
       "That droid?" Kylo is surprised.
       She asks, "Are you familiar with this one?"
       "Would you mind turning the droid's memory unit over to me? There's something I've always wanted to try, but I was never permitted."
       "As long as you assure me that fn-2187 will continue to suffer."
       "Only death will end his suffering."
       Phasma replies, "Hopefully, that is far in the future."
       Ren says, "Be careful what you wish for, Captain. It's disorderly..." Wipe to...
~ Outer Space:
       Po, Rey and Luke are in a squadron patrolling the perimeter.
       Suddenly a trio of Star Destroyers come out of hyperspace.
       Po shouts, "There they are! Hit them hard!"
~ Hux's Star Destroyer:
       Officer says, "They were ready for us, sir."
       Hux responds: "No matter. Release all squadrons. Crush them!"
       A cloud of TIE fighters emerges from the Destroyers. They engage resistance forces.
       Rey pilots through the maze and locks on. She destroys a TIE fighter. "Got him!"
       Po tells her, "Good shot. Looks like you got one on your tail!"
       She yells, "I can't shake him!"
       "I'm on it," Luke tells them. Skywalker fires and destroys the fighter!
       Rey brings the Falcon up, violently.
       Po says, "Whoa! Easy. You almost hit me."
       "Sorry." Rey draws two TIE fighters through a gap in the Destroyers, then reverses and destroys them both.
       Po comments, "You're a damn good pilot."
       "Thanks. Red 5, that ship. Finn, he's there."
       Po asks, "Are you sure?"
       Dameron suggests, "Let's see if we can take out the shields."
       She says, "There's a shield generator coupling on this model. Head for the launch bay. If we can disable it, it would cripple their shields."
       Luke says, "I'm on it. Standby for my signal." Luke pilots his X-wing under the vessel, then stops it abruptly. He concentrates with the Force.
       Inside the ship, we see a part jostling and unscrewing. Alarm lights flash.
       "Attack the bay, now!" Luke orders.
       Po runs through the bay, blowing up half the ships.
       From the other direction, Rey attacks the launch bay, blowing shit up.
       The Falcon hits the deck, skidding along to a stop. She jumps out.
       Luke shouts, "Wait!"
       Stormtroopers arrive and start to fire at Rey.
       Luke lands, but uses his blasters to fire at the stormtroopers. He sees Rey using her light-saber to deflect blaster bolts. Luke says, "Did I even teach her that? I didn't even teach her that." Skywalker blasts more fighters that try to enter the bay.
       Po follows Rey into the bowels of the ship. There is chaos. They are able to take advantage of it.
       Dameron says, "I'm picking up a signal. This way."
       They get to a door.
       "Now. How do we get in?"
       BB8 rolls up.
       "BB8! I told you to stay with the ship!" Po scolds the droid.
       BB8 plugs in and the door opens. It is the trash-compactor.
       Rey says, "He's not in here."
       "His spinal-healing thing is," Po notices.
       "Oh, no."
       "That doesn't mean he's dead."
       "I know." Rey closes her eyes and then opens them. She insists: "Through here. Hurry!" She jumps into the compactor and climbs up the wall.
       BB8 follows her by using his cables.
       Po questions, "Can't we go this way?"
       "Why not?"
       She tells him, "Trust me." She climbs and he follows.
       They climb more and get out where Finn originally got in.
       The lift door opens.
       Kylo Ren strides out. He looks into the compactor.
       Meanwhile, Rey Force-pushes down into the compactor. A wave of slime rushes out over Kylo.
       "Ah!" Ren runs back to the lift.
       Rey runs through the medical facility. It is in chaos because the ship is under attack. She cuts down stormtroopers. Then she starts to cut a hole in the wall with the light-saber.
       A trooper almost shoots her.
       Po dives on top of her and pulls her out of the way. He does a somersault and shoots the trooper. Po and Rey end up very close.
       She thanks him and he says: "No problem."
       They get up and run through a hallway. Rey stops at a door. "Here! BB8, hurry!"
       BB8 rolls, plugs in and the door opens.
       Rey bursts into the room. She's shocked. She sees Finn and his robotic legs. "What's happened to you, Finn?"
       He tells her, "Phasma did it."
       Rey covers her mouth in that cute way, yet sadness is on her face. After an awkward moment, she asks, "Can you move?"
       "Yes." He gets up.
       They run around the corner and down a hallway.
       Po jokes: "Nice legs you got there, very shiny."
       "I hear they're top of the line."
       They run to an open area. When they do...
       Kylo Ren is waiting for them.
       Rey tells Po, "Take Finn to your ship. I'll handle this." She lights her saber.
       Kylo insists, "You're not taking Finn. He doesn't want to go."
       "Yes, I do. (to Rey) Yes, I do."
       Po and Finn start running, but Kylo freezes them with the Force.
       Rey concentrates and raises her hand: Po and Finn are freed.
       Finn falls down. "My legs stopped working."
       "C'mon, buddy. I got you."
       Po and Finn struggle along as Kylo attacks.
       Rey says in anger, "Back for more, huh?"
       Kylo tells her, "You did not catch me at my best, last time. I assure you, you won't survive this...unless I decide you will."
       She tells him, "Did you learn that overconfidence from Snoke? Is he as much of a fraud as you are?"
       "You know nothing, child."
       "I know a lot more now...about what you did to my family."
       "Good. Let your anger out, child. Use the Dark Side. It's your only chance against me, have a way of focusing me on the Light. You're really quite a ray of sunshine under those dark clothes..."
       The ship undergoes a huge jolt and the two are separated.
~ Po and Finn run through a disorderly hallway. Po sees a floating transporter-thing and grabs it. He also gives Finn a blaster and pushes him.
       Finn gleefully fires the blaster.
       Po says, "You know, I sure missed you, buddy. Sorry I couldn't get you out of the base. I tried."
       "I missed you too, buddy."
       They burst into the hangar and stormtroopers follow them.
       Luke fires on them from his X-wing.
       Po is having trouble figuring a way to get Finn into the backseat of the X-wing.
       Suddenly, Luke uses the Force and lifts him up.
       Po and Finn exit the hangar.
       Finn asks his friend, "Please don't tell me we're going back to Jakku."
       "We're going to figure out those legs of yours. But first, we've got a battle to win."
~ Resistance Command:
       Admiral Akbar tells them, "They're overwhelming our defenses. General Organa, should we give the order to retreat?"
       Leia says, "I shouldn't have come here. I've put the Wookiees in danger."
       A high officer asks her, "Your orders?"
       Akbar says to the group: "Something coming in on the scanners: 12 ships dropping out of hyperspace."
       Leia is worried and expresses, "More First Order? We need to..."
       Akbar interrupts her: "Not First Order vessels. They look like Old Republic mining ships."
       High officer questions, "Mining ships?"
       Leia looks up.
~ Interior of Lando's ship:
       Lando is standing on the bridge. He says, "Spread out. Formation: Delta 2. You see that Star Destroyer...hit it hard!"
       Lando's daughter responds, "I'm on it."
       Lando turns and says, "Let's see what those wannabes are made of. Fire!"
~ Po's ship:
       Po is flying around the battle, picking off TIE fighters and doing damage.
       Finn says, "Looks like a whole other fleet dropped in. Who the heck are those guys?"
       Po replies, "Lando."
       "Lando's fleet?"
       "Lando is not a fleet. He's a man and he's on our side."
~ Lando's ship:
       "That's right. Run, you Imperial bastards!"
~ Imperial ship:
       Kylo Ren is walking the halls to the hangar. There is fire as the ship is heavily damaged. Suddenly, he stops. He says, "Skywalker."
~ Imperial ship:
       Rey runs into the hangar and toward the Falcon. She sees Kylo Ren and lights her saber. She notices Kylo looking beyond her.
       Luke's X-wing is on the hangar. We see Luke at the controls. There is a stare-down. Then Luke fires!
       Kylo deflects the blast with his saber, but it knocks him down.
       Rey runs for the Falcon.
       Luke fires again and Ren blocks it. He Force-pushes Luke's ship back. Luke fires again. This time, Kylo deflects it back and destroys the X-wing's blasters.
       Skywalker fires the thrusters and escapes.
       Meanwhile, the Falcon lifts off.
       Kylo looks around for a ship, but everything is destroyed. So he runs at the Falcon and jumps on the landing leg. Ren cuts an opening, reaches in and unlocks the airlock door. Kylo makes for the Falcon's bridge.
       The Falcon leaves the hangar and heads for the Wookiee planet.
       Kylo moves through the ship. He encounters the gunner and deflects his laser blast. Ren cuts him down...
       On the bridge, Rey sits up. "We've got a stowaway." Rey stands up and walks to a different section of the Falcon. She sees Kylo.
       Kylo Ren attacks! He slices up panels, wildly.
       Rey tells him, "You're cutting the cooling lines, you idiot! You're going to kill us all."
       "Stop me, then."
       "I will." She attacks!
       They are fighting in the close quarters of the lounge. Kylo cuts the chess table in two. Rey throws the remote-ball at him. Kylo pins her to the wall...
~ Millennium Falcon bridge:
       Chewie is maneuvering through First Order fighters. A jolt hits the ship. Chewie groans for: "Damn it."
~ The Lounge:
       The ship's lurch throws Kylo back and Rey attacks again with her saber.
       Rey Force-pushes Kylo into the gangway to the turrets.
       He drops his light-saber and climbs down the ladder after it.
       She closes the door on him and locks it. "Chewie. We got to get this thing down."
       The Wookiee groans for: "I'm losing the hydraulics."
        "Switch to auxiliary."
       Chewbacca tells her, "Auxiliary is off-line, too."
       A bright red blade appears in the door as Kylo begins to cut through it.
       Rey says, "I have a bad feeling about this."
~ Exterior, the atmosphere of Kashyyyk:
       The Falcon swerves through the sky as Chewie desperately tries to maintain control of the ship. He pulls the ship up and it begins clipping the treetops of the great forests. The craft drops below the tree-line.
~ Interior of Falcon cockpit:
       Branches impact the cockpit's windows, hard. They shatter as Chewie throws up his hands to protect himself.
~ Exterior of the forest:
       The Falcon skids and crashes through trees as it slows and comes to a rest in the branches above a large platform. The weight of the ship bends the branches down until they snap. The ship falls the remaining feet to the platform. The Falcon is a smoking, damaged hulk.
~ Interior of the Falcon:
       Chewbacca walks out of the cockpit and approaches the tilted lounge area.
       Kylo Ren has emerged from the cut door. He is standing over an unconscious Rey.
       Chewie walks in, blaster raised. The Wookiee grunts loud: "Get away from her, Ben!"
       Ren tells Chewie to not interfere. "You know, I always had respect for you. But you're a fool to pledge your life to a weakling like Han Solo."
       Chewbacca becomes enraged. He fires his blaster.
       Kylo blocks it. Chewie steps forward and Ren slices the blaster in half. "Get out of here," Kylo demands.
       Chewie attacks with rage! He picks up a large pipe and swings it at Kylo. Ren blocks it, but a piece hits him, knocking him back. Chewie pounces; Kylo swings his saber and cuts off Chewie's lower left arm! Not phased a bit, Chewie swings his other arm and knocks Kylo into the bulkhead.
       Chewie curses, "Fucking brat!" The Wookiee picks up the unconscious Rey and carries her...
~ Exterior of the tree platform:
       Chewbacca grunts and gets the landing platform partially open. He pushes Rey through it, dragging her with his one good arm. Finally, he collapses.
       Rey wakes up, "Chewie?" She fumbles for her light-saber, not finding it on her belt.
       Chewie tells her, "It's in my bag, dear."
       "Bless you." She gives him a kiss and stands up.
       Kylo Ren is standing in front of the Millennium Falcon. He says, "You're injured. Don't sacrifice yourself for nothing."
       We see Rey is bleeding from her side. She says, "You're injured, as well. You're going to pay for this, Kylo Ren."
       He tells her, "I like this anger-thing in you. It suits you. Feel the Dark Side of the Force?"
       "I will. In the service of the Light, like a Jedi."
       This puzzles Kylo and Rey attacks!
       He blocks her and says, "The Jedi were fools, serving the weak while hiding behind their Code. I've studied them. Believe me, it's the wrong path."
       She yells, "And yours is right? Killing your own father?"
       He replies quickly: "My father killed more people than I have."
       "So you did good by killing him? You just can't help yourself, can you?"
       "This is your last warning. Join me and let me train you...or die. My patience is wearing thin."
       She tells him, "You're confused and conflicted. You're in no position to teach anyone should tend to your own garden."
       "You know what? That's excellent advice." Kylo suddenly attacks with full force of his fury! He Force-pushes her and she gets back up. He attacks her relentlessly and finally slices off her foot!
       Ren raises his saber and brings it down hard, but stops mere inches from Rey's face. He slowly turns to see a stern-looking Luke Skywalker.
       Luke Force-pushes him away and strides by her.
       Kylo relights his blade.
       Luke says, "Care for a fair fight, my young apprentice? There are no more helpless ones to threaten."
       "My powers have multiplied, Skywalker. You won't survive this day."
       Luke smiles and suggests, "Let's duel, then." Luke uses the Force to move Rey and Chewie to a lower platform. "We'll continue without using the ones I care about or your little gang of criminals. Just you and me."
       Kylo is surprised by Luke's show of power, but he attacks! He tells Luke, "You have great strength in the Force. But you won't use it to kill me just as you wouldn't use it to kill your father."
       Luke removes his cloak and says, "Are you so sure? I've been on an island for 10 years. You have no idea what that does to a man. You should try it sometime...but then, you never had any patience, did you? Always the quick-fix, the instant gratification. You got quite the rush out of killing Han, didn't you? How long did it last? How do you feel now?"
       "Like I need...more. I need to kill more, old, pitiful fools that think they are masters."
       Luke confesses, "I'm no Master, Kylo. Oh, I've been cured of that. Now. I'm just a Jedi, fighting the guy that killed my best friend...and who also happens to be a threat to the galaxy. I have nothing to teach you. You've reached your full potential. You're an unstable, dangerous, unfocused, directionless fool. It is your destiny. It's a pity. But now, you'll have to meet your end."
       Kylo is truly scared. He had no idea Luke was capable of this kind of power and fury.
       Luke advances and Kylo starts to stumble. He falls backward. Luke takes off a part of his cross-guard blade. Then he cuts off Kylo's hand! Luke grimly stares down as a great wind ruffles his hair. He prepares to strike the final death blow. His saber comes down, but his green blade is blocked by a blue blade.
       Camera turns and we see Leia. She emotionally says, "I can't! I can't let you do this, Luke. I'm sorry. I can't!" She gestures to several resistance soldiers who surround Kylo. He is captured in a stasis field.
       Luke looks at Leia, then back to Kylo. His face relaxes. He shuts his blade off and paces.
       The soldiers move Ren into the transport...
       Luke tells his sister, "I would say: I'm sorry. But I'm not sure that I am."
       She responds sincerely, "He's my son. I can't allow it. I still love him."
       "I still love him, too." After a pause, Luke says, "He has become a dangerous, sick man. All we fought in jeopardy."
       Leia says, "We must win...but not like this."
       Luke turns around. "You're strong, Leia...and wise. I'll trust you're right. But...the future..."
       "Always in motion. Isn't that what you taught me?" Wipe to...
~Lando's cruiser:
       A resistance commander tells Lando, "The last of the First Order ships have fled. Thank you, General Calrissian. You truly saved the resistance today."
       Lando replies, "All in a day's work, Commander. We'll keep in contact, but for now: we'll set up protection forces around the core worlds...gather officers of the Old Republic who have survived. May the Force be with you."
       "And with you..."
~ Exterior of viewing platform:
       Maz, Po, Rey, Finn and Chewbacca look out upon the beautiful Kashyyyk sunset. Chewie has an artificial arm made of fine wood with underlying machinery.
       Maz asks Chewie, "Are you sure about staying here on the planet? You don't seem like the retiring type."
       Chewie grunts: "There's a lot you don't know about me, lady. I've paid my Life-Debt to Han. Now, it's time to stay here with my family."
       Rey says, "Well. You have the Falcon as well, to keep you company or what's left of it."
       Po asks her, "How's the foot?"
       She replies, "Amazing technology. Not as stylish as Chewie's. I can hardly tell the difference if I don't look at it. I have it easy compared to Finn."
       "Did I hear my name?"
       Po says, "Hey there! You're back on your feet, buddy."
       "It will take a little getting used to, but yeah..."
       Rey hugs Finn. "Sorry about my reaction on the ship."
       Finn says, "I'm just happy to be out of there. Thanks for coming to get me."
       Rey smiles and tells him, "You're the closest thing to family I got."
       Finn smiles also, but it's a little bittersweet because he hoped for more with Rey.
~ Interior of the Detention block:
       Luke Skywalker and General Leia Organa look down on a detained Kylo Ren. He tells her: "I'm not sure how long you can keep him in prison, here."
       She replies, "We've got our best people working on the detention, layers and layers of fail-safes. He'll stay here...or die."
       Luke says, "They might come for him."
       Leia says, "Let them try."
       "What are you going to do with him?"
       "We're still asking that question, aren't we? After all those years, Snoke may have taken Ben away from us...but we can't let them take away our hope. It's what separates us from them."
       Both walk out of the room and onto the platform. They join Chewie, Rey, Po, Finn and Maz.
       All of them stare into the brilliantly-colored sunset. The Force theme begins to play.
Fade out...
       IS IT REAL? [hardly a soul thinks so] Leia and Luke were not supposed to meet, said a "genuine" leak and only do a remote-communication, as seen with Darth and Luke, long ago. Brother and sister sure do meet in this version. Isn't this version far more Star Wars fan-friendly? Isn't this what we'd all like to see? Or are we supposed to be misled into thinking they don't have a scene together, only to be very pleasantly surprised when they do?
       A new trailer for SW8 shows Luke first talking to Rey on the Ahch-To island, in a Temple cave-room. He says, "It's time for the end." This was not in the "rough" script here, but could be a later addition? The cave opening or 'window' was sort of in this written version. 
       We didn't know the title, "The Last Jedi," until late in the game. Maybe they've added that cave scene, line and title to this early version that we'll see? But...
       Where was Benicio del Toro's character? Where was Grand Admiral Thrawn?
       What about previously leaked photos of a subterranean underground with car-vehicles and people, elites (few Lizards) dressed in red and black with fancy capes? Where were they? Will those scenes be used in Star Wars 9?
       [Was that much of Carrie Fisher filmed before her death? Will they use CGI?].
       It will be fantastic to discover: Is this version semi-true? (There are always changes, edits and additions as premiere date approaches). Will we find out Luke is not Rey's father? Is she really Rey Kenobi, the granddaughter of Obi-wan? Will Finn have prosthetic legs and will he be tortured in the trash-compactor? Does he have the Force and will Kylo ask him to join the Dark Side? More importantly, does Leia stop Luke from killing her son? Wow. We'll see.
       I simply had a feeling this was legit. I didn't know it would be great! Fan films SUCK! If this is fake, why was it so damn good? Who went to such detail and high quality of thought? If it turns out to be way off the mark and a pure deception...then I applaud the creator, anyway. Good job.
       Take a review from an author: This was an excellent story with superb lines. Holes are plugged from SW7; answers, fans are desperate for, are given. I don't think we're going to get as good a film from Disney in December as what you've read here (opinion). OR: we'll receive a similar version with far more exciting improvements! Fans are expecting a bigger/better version of the great: 'Empire Strikes Back' with SW8. Director Rian Johnson could deliver the goods...
           Whatever the case, this was a fun ride~            tsc

STAR WARS 8 THE LAST JEDI Trailer (2017)



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