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Starwalkers, Episode 1: "Arzachel" by T.S. Caladan

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Starwalkers, Episode 1:
by T.S. Caladan

The adventure began in the year 2212 with the first glint of truth told to people of Earth about what was really on the Moon and elsewhere, hidden from "outsiders" by "insiders" for so many years. Now people knew why we never colonized the Moon. We had already colonized the Moon. More than two centuries worth of bullshit promises that "we'll be on the Moon soon" and various "moonbase" constructions on Earth were moot and meaningless. All lies for the benefit of the "dumb" public so they'd never know the truth.
       In 2212, people were not that "dumb" anymore. Reality had surfaced in many forms: on computers, throughout every bit of mega-Media and in our minds. It wasn't cool to lie to the public anymore. Reality was the rage. Tyrants fell. The last wars occurred and the result was a total overthrow of the former regime. New World Order was the Old World Order. The Eugenics War did vast damage to human society, but the conclusion was actually...
       A New Dawn of a New Day. A real one. Tyrants, despots and federal Imperialists were gone. It was a legitimate brighter future for the Earthlings that only took many centuries to achieve.
       Lies of NASA were no longer policy. There was no NASA. Today there was only the Space Administration, under the (alien) Galactic Union, and they were the real deal. Countries were abolished. There was instituted a type of One World Government. It was not the One World Government everyone had feared. Earth Directors were good kings, presently. They gave and were not the terrible Machiavellians of the distant past. Leaders no longer ruled by chaos and fear. They ruled with intelligence, compassion and for the betterment of humankind. No secrets.
       SPACE or the exploration of space, Moon and Mars really did it as far as exposure went. Nothing was hidden anymore, like the holes at Earth's poles, true conditions of the Moon and Mars, real ancient History, JFK and 911 plot and of course the fake Moon Landings, etc., etc... And especially since people discovered: We're not alone in the universe. So much of the old regime was hid from the people. NWO fascism all came to light. A type of "Galactic Union" or powerful aliens had existed for millenniums. Earthlings had made "baby steps" into space. They needed a lot of guidance. They were considered Union candidates, probably because of their uniqueness, but that was some time in the future.
       One famous photo shown all over the planet was a new astronaut in the Arzachel Crater. Behind her were structures that led to an underground base, the prime Moon Base utilized by Earthlings, elites of the old regime. Times certainly had changed. A wondrous feeling of freedom swept the planet as if: powers, knowledge, capabilities and technologies that once were only in the hands of 13 banking families...
       Were now in the hands of everyone! Humans quantum leaped. It was truly a sweet time of 'Power to the People.'  
       The Space Administration and the public were currently aware of 22 alien races: 4 variations of human, 6 types of Lizard or Reptilian species, 4 kinds of what was called "grays," 2 types of Insectoids, an intelligent marine species and 5 other odd lifeforms that didn't fit categories.
       In recent times, the Space Administration sent teams to the Moon with the sole purpose of exposing the lies of yesterday. The far side of the Moon had air; there were slight clouds and an ancient/alien base. There was underground water on the Moon and ice at the poles.
        It was hilarious for the general public: They viewed LIVE film crews on the Moon that inspected every building and structure only to discover the "special" ruins at Arzachel. To many people back home, the human colony was more interesting than the ruins of alien colonies.
       Room after room, dome after dome, underground facility after underground facility, were filled with the most common, human things, such as: rooms, beds, kitchens, gardens, bathrooms, motorcycles, cars, trucks, games, cigarettes, wine bottles, etc. all in disarray, as if unused for a hundred years. Old human bases in ruin were elsewhere on the lunar surface, but not to the great extent as what was discovered on the 200 floors underneath the crater floor of Arzachel.
       Alien structures were everywhere on the satellite's grey terrain. They were massively large, miles high and miles long: towers, dishes, domes, bridges, bases... 
       That first photo of the way to "Arz's" underground floors basically went viral. It started everything! Earth Directors were pleased that eyes were open and truth was finally revealed. Nothing boosted our next move OUT INTO SPACE more than the Arzachel discovery. And warp drive. The thought was: What amazing things could be done in a united effort with all resources of every former nation! Without WAR, without hatred, without secrets, without black ops and tech geared for destruction...
       We might achieve a utopia on Earth, as was in ancient times of Atlantis.
       But. There seemed to be a big "stumbling block" to human space progress or great obstacle in our way: The Centauri of Proxima. The Union ordered the Remorans of Proxima to "shepherd" Earthlings on their outward journey into deep space and our overall development. The cold humans of the closest star to Earth, with 9% machine parts in their bodies, hated the assignment given by Union officials. Remorans disliked humans. [They'd never admit it: They were jealous of our emotions].  
       The good man placed in charge of the Space Administration was George Bush Walker. He was a large man, a forward-thinker and currently gained more and more influence. SA had emerged as possibly the most powerful governing body on the planet, over the geo-government, simply because of its association with alien beings in our galaxy. Some of the creatures possessed unimaginable technologies far above anything on Earth. 
       It was Walker's idea to take the old, occult knowledge, along with new alien technologies...
       And explore! To leave the confines of the planet. He commissioned and created an "Academy" of cadets, a future breed of astronauts or space explorers. Super energy, no longer wasted on killing methods, could now be utilized much more effectively. There were still mighty defenses, but most everything was geared toward construction and doing things the right way. What will the new knowledge wrought? What worlds would be discovered...out there? Walker wanted to find out and he had the power. He organized everything. He was a huge hero and pioneer. 
       Starwalker Academy was formed with the same initials as the closely related Space Administration. Cadets were called "Starwalkers." The term transformed over time and was the nickname of the whole Starwalker Command fleet, from Admirals to ensigns to raw cadets. George Walker insisted the Academy was not, "nor will it ever be," a MILITARY Academy. Cadets were never "indoctrinated" into a military fighting force. Rather, cadet training strengthened the body and the mind with a 'New Education' that young men and women never had previously. Everything positive was stressed: sports, exercise, high-mental exercises, advanced techniques, activities and amazing studies that were actually fun.

       "You wanted to see me, sir?" asked Steve Church, who'd been the most outstanding captain in the entire, fledgling fleet. He commanded the proudest and first ship: the "Archer."
       "Haven't I told you never to call me: sir? I'm GEORGE. Everyone calls me George, now." Walker was very happy.
       George Walker's fabulous, luxurious, private quarters were unbelievable. Huge. The both of them stood on the high balcony of a virtual palace, imbedded into the side of Olympus Mons, the largest (dormant) volcano in our Solar System. Captain Church had been there before, when he was on special assignment and received orders from "George," personally. Fantastic, red, Martian topography stretched hundreds of miles to the slight curve of the horizon. It was an incredible view for a balcony set 7 miles above the base of the volcano.
       Steve could not smile. His hero stood five feet in front of him. The Captain refused to believe the news he'd just learned about the man who started it all. But he did believe it. He loved this man. The source was of "extreme credibility." Source said:
       George Bush Walker was not what he appeared to be. He was not the "good" man and true inspiration and creator of the Academy. He followed and obeyed a higher Power, a hidden/dark power. Concept of Starwalker Academy and the whole direction of Star Command (arm of SA) was wrong!
       If the information was correct, and Captain Steve Church was sure it was, then his personal hero and boss was a fucking Changling! He knew what that meant. The brave man did not care if his life was snuffed out in a moment. He had to know and confront him with the truth~
       "Aren't you curious, Steve?"
       "Of what, s...George?"
       "Why I summoned you, when all was you who wanted to see me?"
       "I don't follow..."
       "Yes, you do, Captain. You, only hours ago..."
       Steve nearly saw what was going to happen before it happened.
       "...Discovered the big secret, my boy. My, my true Agenda...that, that I am really a 'robotron' for the Beast, the one behind the chaos in the galaxy, yes? And, and what? What Star Command really means, it's true purpose and what recruitment is really all about?"
       "Sir?" Steve Church was frozen. He didn't know what to think, say or do.
       Walker continued. He was still very happy. "Most of all! You know WHAT I really am, don't you, boy?"
       "Changling," Captain of the Archer whispered.
       "A Changling, indeed. How else did I know you had to confront me with the truth?" George turned to the spectacular crimson scenery far beyond the balcony. "Ha, ha. We're not so bad, the Great Link." He smiled like the Devil himself. George walked closer to the edge, felt the rail and looked over.
       A crazy thought ran through the smart and intuitive Captain: PUSH HIM OVER! He almost did. He had to kill the Changling!
       "You want to push me over, don't you, boy? Who told you?" the Changling demanded to know.
       Steve was stressed and angrily yelled, "You were everything I wanted to be! Why? It's worse than a fucking clone!"
       Now George was angry and clearly wanted to fight. "Answer the question! Who told you?"
       Church shouted what transpired hours ago. The relayed information was 100% correct: "From a small, green Adoy in another universe, a positive one, and he wasn't lying, buddy! He never lies and he always speaks forward."
       Walker and Church were about to FIGHT. But just before blows were thrown...
       George came out of his battle stance, relaxed, acted cool, smiled and calmly said, "You mean...this little guy from another universe?" George, the Changling, greatly changed down in size to a small, dark-green Adoy from another world.


 "Aah. Let me see, it was 2:30. It's always two-thirty, especially when I froze time like that. Where were we, Captain Steve? Right! Crowded Union Station! Everything I said was the truth now, wasn't it? George Walker is a Changling. Right?"

       The old, creepy creature again magically appeared, but it was really a metamorphosis. Time did not stop like at the Station.
       The confused Captain almost laughed. His ESPer sense was all 'out-of-whack.' "Adoy? Is this...some kind of test? I trust you, implicitly. And, yet..." He forgot his fears and laughed out loud.
       "Test, it is. The test never ends. Finest Captain, you are," the dark creature stated sincerely and backwards. "You didn't really BELIEVE everything I told you about the Academy? Starwalker Command and its sinister motives and, ha..."
       "Who's behind it all?" Steve finished the alien's question. He was extremely relieved to hear those words. He laughed again. Then it hit him: "But where's George?"
       At that moment, the real George Bush Walker and head of the SA, walked through a balcony entrance and came closer. He laughed also and said: "Got'cha! Meet Constable Dod. Can you believe a Changling as a Union member? One of us? He's Star Command, assigned to Deep Space 2." George insisted as he turned and asked the Changling: "Is it...he? I guess not, ah, you aren't really a he or she, huh?"
       The thing, in the form of a holy creature from another world, smiled and did not respond. The one separated from the Great Link transmogrified once more, enlarged and became the gelatinous form that it really was. It soon solidified into a clothed, asexual humanoid.
       Still puzzled, Steve asked, "Why?"
       "Ha. Maybe it was my clumsy attempt of introducing you two? You should work together. I knew what you thought, Steve; why you wanted to attack? That I was dead."
       Steve replied, "Because they are true enemies of solids. Whenever a rare Changling made an appearance in the past, it means a top Director has been assassinated. When true-blue Adoy said YOU, sir." Steve almost chuckled. "George, ah. My heart sunk! That could end everything just as we're starting."
       Walker assured the loyal Captain, "Everything's fine." He smiled again.
       "I have a question, Captain," Dod (not a Constable) asked Steve: "Did you tell anyone?"
       "What, Constable?"
       "Coming here. The secrets. What I informed you as Adoy? We don't want nasty rumors to begin. You can understand, can't you, sir? Did you tell anyone?" It turned its head and got serious as if the last question was interrogation.
       "No." Captain Steve Church lost his smile. It hit him: He knew he'd never see his wife and son again.
       "Good." Dod (real name) pulled out a Star Command Faser and shot the captain, dead!
       Walker slightly reacted with a twinge of feelings. "Was that really necessary?"
       Dod replied, "I know his spirit and what his kind will do in future. We've seen Captain Church rise to Admiral. Better off dead. Our plans...(looked down) are now back on schedule," it told George callously and coldly.
       George Walker feared the creature. But it was not the Beast that he served. He secretly served the Head of the entire Dominion Empire that had begun SC and a number of Academies on many planets. But no one was supposed to know that fact~
       Church's earless, Remoran second in command from Proxima Centauri took over the starship Archer, temporarily. He was later demoted back down to Science Officer and Jackson Roy Kirk was promoted as Captain.
       After months, Captain Church never returned home to his wife, Lara, and son, John. Not alive. Union psychics were consulted. Church's body was discovered at the base of Olympus Mons. Nothing else seemed out of the ordinary there.
       The funeral ceremony for Captain Steve Church of Starwalker Command was attended by all the Directors and by a few top officials in the Galactic Union. The wide and warm sentiment for this man was overwhelming, even a delegation from Proxima gave tribute. 
       The dark procession continued long into the evening. When the capsule with his body passed the prime family, Lara was inconsolable.
       Little John John was 5. He stood at attention in his very dark blue, fancy suit and tie. He saluted as his daddy passed by.

       "What the hell are you doing?"
       "You said hell?"
       "I thought it was a special occasion," the girl replied to Cadet Church in a monotone. She was angry, but didn't really show it.
       The teenager and top in his class at Starwalker Academy had just embraced and kissed, passionately, maybe the most spectacularly beautiful woman in the galaxy! Okay, the Solar System. John Church thought: Why did she have to be a purple Centauri from Remor? Did you see those eyes? Wow. Those eyes could make me change my religion.
       K'rstie allowed the boy to grab her. He "felt her up," firmly pressed faces and even touched her metal parts. Actually, she froze. The horny cadet did the rest.
       "Are these actions the reason you invited me here to your bedroom, Cadet?"
       He smiled and answered honestly. "Yes." John sighed and was lost in her dreamy eyes again. "Do you know how gorgeous you are?"
       K'rstie responded plainly, as if she was bored: "No."
       John dove upon his bed and was horizontal. He smiled big. He patted the bed with his hand for her to lay next to him. He was horny. Church was always horny. He sighed again.
       She refused and stood at attention with her arms pulled back. The action protruded her magnificent breasts out from her body even more.
       The curious ("breast-man") guy had to ask: "Why did you come?"
       The Remoran with flawless, purple skin, answered quickly, "I'd heard you had the potential to be the finest officer in Starwalker Command." She looked down at him in more ways than one. "I wanted to see for myself."
       Church was elated. "Really? Who the hell said that?"
       K'rstie bored into him with her eyes. She didn't answer.
       "I thought it was a special occasion. Well? What do you think?" (smiled).
       "I'm disappointed." Her eyes darted to the side.
       "Oh." (frowned) The young man knew it wasn't a good sign. Desperate John jumped right next to her. "Please let me get you something to drink."
       The girl and her shiny metal parts turned...
       "ANYTHING to drink?"
       The Remoran walked straight out of the bedroom with a grunt.
       John saw her from behind. He saw her perfect behind shift from side to side and the top part of her bounced a few times. Then the purple goddess was gone. "My God." His final comment was: "The kiss could have been better."  

       Ben and John sat at their favorite bistro on the outskirts of Academy grounds. Only synthohol was served in establishments around "campus." Drinks were free as everything was free. John and Ben were not here for the alcohol. They wanted to talk.
       "Ben. Did you ever see a hot Centauri girl? A purple-blooded babe you just wanted to have your way with? Warm her cold spockets?"
       "You mean, Cadet K'rstie? Sure. She's the talk of the school! Did you notice? She's wearing her hair differently, now. Down. I like it."
       Church was astounded his new doctor-friend knew the girl. "You know K'rstie?"
       "Who doesn't know K'rstie? She turns heads walking on campus, John. I heard hovercrafts crashed because of her, three times!"
       "Really? Where've I been?"
       "You haven't been studying, I know that."
       "I kissed her."
       "You kissed K'rstie?! Seriously?"
       John's eyes lit, head shook up and down a little, but he only casually said, "Huh. Nothing to write home about."
       "What have you been doing? You know we have finals, that Kobe-test?"
       "Yeah. I'm not worried about the test, Ben."
       "I've been researching..."
       "What?" Cadet O'Leary saw a serious and intense look in John's eyes.
       "I want to find out who killed my father."

       It was a grand day for the "umbrella" Galactic Union, that has and had interacted with countless systems for millenniums. It was a grand day for the official formation of 'Starwalker Command' with charter, principles and #1 Executive Order, even though the organization had functioned under Space Administration for years. Today was the official day for its formation in the history books. It all began with a hero, pioneer, a man larger-than-life...
       George, who only wanted to be called 'George,' was now the Supreme Director or very first "President" and highest level of authority on Earth: Top of the Space Administration. From now on, their leader, and obvious choice for leader, was referred to as: "President George Walker" or "President Walker." Medals were attached to his chest and a Roman wreath was placed on his head. The ceremony seemed like a coronation, a crowning of a King. He accepted the great honor and gave a moving speech. They loved him.  
       A pompous CELEBRATION continued on this grand day. All ranks of what appeared as a military attended and paid honor to the "great man" that started everything in deep space. Statues were unveiled in front of the President and forms of mega-Media. Parades, fireworks in the upper atmosphere, colored clouds, loud music, rituals and displays of fire-power in impressive spaceships passed high over throngs of people. 
       Starwalker Command, officially, consisted of 22 separate, sovereign planets. They pledged support to work together with every member of SC for peaceful goals and mutual growth and benefits. They needed a valiant, true-blue leader. What they received instead was...
       A Changling~  

       "You scored 100%?! That's not possible! I know the fucking Remoran that programmed it NOT to be possible!" The doctor in training screamed at John in a crowd after the Kobayashi Maru Test scores digitally appeared on the wall of the large Union Hall. "Hey. That's nuts!"
       The crowd all stared at them, also amazed at the perfect score. They looked at John and he smiled back at the ladies. 
       Then Dr. Ben O'Leary grabbed his friend and quickly hustled him away from the maddening crowd.
       When they were reasonably alone, the Doctor shoved the "star" cadet into high chairs next to a high, small table.
       John was very pleased with himself and sat in one of them. He was about the same height as the upset O'Leary. 
       "Spill it, John. How'd you do it? Hey! I only scored 72! And I'm a smart dude! You told me your other secrets; don't stop now, Johnny boy."
       John laughed and said, "Ben. The test was for Command. It wasn't for you. Half the kids that took it...shouldn't have taken it. Ha. You're...not going to sit in the Big Chair, Doctor..."
       "I could sit in the Big Chair."
       Church laughed again.
       The scores stood. John won't be the top cadet for much longer.
       Ben changed his tone, sat next to him and asked an important question: "Have you made progress on your, your investigation, you know?"
       Young John Church knew precisely what he meant. He looked deep into Ben's bright, blue eyes as they both drank blue sythns left on the table. John replied: "Yeah. I'd say I did, Ben. I don't know why my father was...uh, murdered, deposited on Mars? Or by whom, exactly..." He looked up and his words faded.
       "...It's a long story how I found out; I think I have to thank the newly-appointed Admiral from Remor. Can you believe it, Ben? A 'thuman' [derogatory term] Admiral?"
       "Get back on point, Captain."
       "Ha. Ah. Not yet. OH. I...I think I know the SPECIE...what type of alien killed him."
       "Really? How'd you? No. Never mind."
       All the spacey glasses on the table no longer held any more of the beverage.
       John drifted off as if he was remotely in contact with someone or something at a great distance.
       He snapped out of it. "Yeah?"
       Ben asked sincerely, "Who killed your father?"
       "A Changling," the boy who was now a man stated clearly.
       Disappointed cadets and happy cadets filed out of the Union Hall.
       A quiet moment occurred between good friends. They looked around.
       The Doctor asked, "What are you going to do, John? You're going to do something. I've seen that look."
       Truer words were never spoken: "It might take a year of my life, but I will track down the Changling that did it. Kill him."
       "Revenge? Not the solution your higher-studies would suggest, sir. Star Command would not approve. You know that, John."
       "Would you destroy a meta-morph if you had the chance, Ben?"
       "He answered with a question: "What will you do next?"
       Church responded with a definite plan: "I'm going the Changlings' home world, source of the Great Link. How 'bout that, Ben?"
       "John. That's Dominion Territory, a long ways away." Ben was surprised, again. "How you going to get out there?"
       Church smiled. His bright plans usually worked. (Look how he broke into the KM Test Computer and programmed an impossible score). "Ah, ha. I know an Orion. He owes me...a favor (wink)."
       "I don't want to know what kind of favor."
       John smiled at the light remark and expressed a heavy one: "I'll find out."
       "I know you a little by now, my friend. When you sit down and put your mind to something..."

       A week had passed. Church secured what he thought was passage on a long-distance Malon freighter, a fast one, a brute of a starship with four nacelles that maintained Warp 10! He had everything packed and ready for the trip with his "vacation" from School for awhile. All because of his more than extraordinary score on the KM. No longer a cadet, John Church was the next choice for captain, unprecedented. Before he'd meet with the bizarre Malon character and the ship departed, he was ordered by SC: President Walker requested his presence. "Wow. The President," John exhaled in shock.

       In an SC mega-Office fit for an "Emperor" [nickname], the old man sat behind a large, antique, wooden desk. His hair was grey. He was fat. He was pleased when he saw the young man who entered the majestic super-room. There was an incredible, high view of Academy grounds outside the big glass.
       John wore his dress-uniform and appeared handsome and very attractive in gold trim. His instant tan helped. He vigorously shook what he thought was a great man and man that was a brilliant hero to his father.
       "Sit down," President George B. Walker told John.
       "Very impressive, sir."
       Official trinkets from many worlds surrounded them.
       "You wore your dress-uniform, John?"
       "Just got it, sir. Wanted to try it on." He smiled at the old man.
       The secret Changling understood that it was not a joke. Church wanted to try it on and here was the right opportunity. "Did you know...I knew your father?"
       Inside the former cadet's head, bells went off and he felt something strange like hairs that stood up on the back of the neck. "My father...sir? You did?"
       "Of course."
       "Wait. Of course...course you did." John realized: "You probably made him Captain of the first ship?" Church's sensitivity was definitely diffused and in shambles. "Should have known that," he whispered to himself.
       "Indeed. The Archer. We only now finished a 'new Archer' with better, better, well, better everything! Son. We believe you could be the perfect choice to sit in its Big Chair."
       Incredible. John was just now made Captain by the President of the Space Administration and given a state-of-the-art starship!
       John swallowed the 'supernova blast' well inside his head. He acted casual. The recent attention swelled his ego, but it was really too much for him. [John had never traveled out of the Solar System. He was a farm boy from what was once Kansas]. He shook very slightly. "Wow. If I may ask, sir?"
       President Walker nodded.
       "You're saying, sir? Ah, the big promotion and Big Chair...all was because...I cheated?"
       "We like that in a Captain. Problem-solver; went around the problem and found your own unique solution. Maybe you'll be fixing the galaxy the same way? Ha! We like your qualities as explorer and new-thinker so much, Captain Church, how does that sound: Captain Church, my boy?"
       "Like my father?"
       "Yes. Like your father. I was saying, we want to...enhance, ah, your abilities. Same as what I want for my cadets, I want for my captains. We're prepared to give you anything you want, within our means. You're young; we like that too..."
       Church was excited on the inside and calm on the outside. He asked, seriously, "I pick my own crew?"
       The secret Shape-Shifter smiled and pointed at 'John John' with his fat finger. He said, "You got it, boy. Anything. Almost. Ha. Wait until you see the ship and see what she can do, eh?"
       "Lovely." Was it too good to be true? Was there a covert catch?
       "Excellent," the 'Emperor' stated with joy as he folded his wrinkled hands. "The new starship is called the ENLIGHTEN, registry: 911. Since you shine brightest in the entire Academy...maybe we want to see what you can do with it?"
       Captain John Romulus Church almost pissed himself. He wasn't that good an actor. He let out a bit of emotion, but held in most of the feelings. The man reacted with a tear in his eye with the next question. It was a serious question that he had to ask: "Who do you think murdered my father, Mr. President?"
       Silence deafened the room. Nothing moved or was heard in 20 seconds...
       President Walker declared the normal and automatic response: "Our best people and techniques have worked on the mystery for many years: How did our best pilot of our first ship wind up dead on Mars? Very sorry to tell you, John: We've turned up very little of anything. It is a major and famous many others out there." The President appeared genuinely saddened.
       John frowned and said, "I don't like mysteries. I solve them," the new Captain said confidently.
       "Good luck to you, my boy. You'll do fantastic." They shook hands again with less vigor than before. "And. And I hope you'll find what you're looking for, John."
       There were final smiles and John left the elaborate Office.

       "What's this?" Captain Church put off an in-depth tour of his new starship, the Enlighten, which was inside one of the Union's dry-docks. That was the future and the future could wait. John had to explore his prime-mover motivation at the moment. In other words: He thought he'd better get his ass into Dominion Territory, to coordinates where a 'lead from a Remoran Admiral' just might pay off. He asked the Malon that would not divulge his name, again: "What's this?"

The big trader, smuggler, thief and "warp field polluter" told Church in a rough voice: "We can't go anywhere near the Dominion Empire."
       The Captain was outraged. "You're kidding me?"
       "Read the news, twerp?"
       "Twerp?" John lowered the handheld screen. The news was some previous crime perpetrated by this particular Malon and his crew had been discovered. The super-fast, Warp 10 freighter was a target for galactic bounty hunters. 50,000 woolongs will be rewarded to whomever captures...
       "Is that a lot?"
       "I'll be caught almost instantly with my signature on top of their 'Wanted Lists.' Sorry atom-brain, you know the Remorans were right: Earthlings are stupid and they really stink."
       "Looks who's fucking talking!"
       "What? Malons are extremely sensitive..."
       "Look at you!" Church couldn't believe this guy.
       The creature seemed to be in a process of slowly coming apart, physically, possibly due to the radiation of their Waste-disposal system. The outlawed system started to fuck up warp fields, according to Union scientists. 
       "You know nothing's been proven about the Waste radiation, Cap...and you're too young to be an SC Captain."
       "I paid you good credits! We don't even use credits but I found a bunch of them for the trip. I paid you, Malon!"
       "And I spent the payment. Bitch."
       Nothing went the Captain's way since he boarded the stinky, steamy vessel. He rubbed his face. "Oh, God. You shouldn't be in the Alpha Quadrant. I sure shouldn't be here! I was just promoted! And I haven't been passed Pluto. Do you know how much trouble I could get in if it was known I was onboard? I might lose everything!" 
       "Aren't you little bugger glad I have a cloak?"
       "So happy the translators function so well. Do you know how pleasant you are to travel with, Malon?"
       "Do YOU know there's only three lifeforms in the galaxy, maybe four, that use sarcasm?"
       John replied, "Really? So humans are unique?" He posed in a relaxed position. "We're cool?"
       The Malon said, "No. (pause) But I can get you wherever you want to go. If you have the coordinates, the Ancient Mirror can get you there. None of you are aware of the Mirror, are you? HA. ha!"
       The human was mystified. "Super! That's what I'm talking about. Ancient Mirror? Okay. I'll buy it. Just take me to the fucking Mirror, all right, Malon?"
       "No problem. Your wish is my order, Captain. We'll be there soon." The Malon stated and smiled wide.
       "Fucking bastard."

       Two Changlings solidified into human forms and walked out of the waters of the Great Link. They trekked upon the small, stable, solid island and only piece of ground above the waterline. It was not a waterline. The ocean was the combined gelatinous bodies and psychic minds of 9,442,396,833 Shape-Shifters on their tiny home world.
       "He's coming. We've foreseen this."
       "You seem...worried?"
       "How could I be? We have replaced key personal in the unimportant Star Command. Far more significant is how our distant agents have entrenched themselves as Union spies in other Quadrants. Why would I be the least concerned with one man, a single solid?"
       The other Changling turned. It spoke into the physical face of the other and in the language of the 'Starwalkers.' "And are..."

"Hey!" Church was surprised. "Do you know where we are? No one's here now. Restricted."
       Malon responded with, "Hey. I brought us here. Should I really not curse at you when you actually say something stupid?"
      "This is where it all began for us. Well. The Arzachel discovery sure helped jump-start everything into space, the whole SA. There's a Mirror down there? We haven't found any stinking Mirror," John informed the alien.
       "So you know a little history? Malon asked not in a gruff voice.
       "That was a micro-compliment. I'll take it."
       "Get ready to beam down."
       "WAIT! You haven't told me a thing!"
       "I hate the sight of you. Did this for the woolongs, surprise. Look. Your elites long ago found the Ancient Mirror, brought it to Floor 188, played with it, humans beamed to other Quadrants with it and fucked it up, good. Why you think I hate you aliens; you screw everything up!"
       "Pot calling kettle...Wait! It's broke? It's a broken Mirror and I'm supposed to use it?"
       "What? No, stupid. I fixed it. I'm handy! I removed the cloak, maybe that was the reason??"
       "What do I do? (pause) It's a legitimate question! Hey. How'd you find out about this, Malon?"
       Malon answered, "We get around. Look. No one's there. I'll beam you on the ramp in front of the big stone circle. Speak the coordinates; walk IN! That too hard for you, puny human?"
       Church yelled, slightly: "You know, you're using sarcasm?"
       The Malon pushed the transporter button. "We're one of the ones."
       Before the Captain evaporated off the smelly, steamy freighter, he got in a last jab: "Asshole."

       Oddly enough, coordinates did not have to be spoken; the man did not have to walk into the great (vertical) stone circle...
       He also did not have to be discovered in Dominion Territory, captured and brought before what was considered the "FOUNDERS" or un-solids or meta-morphs or simply: Changlings.
       The fresh Captain of "Outer Space" materialized in a different place...
       He formed upon the rock that stood above the sea of the Great Link. The atmosphere and environment of this world was bizarre, different. He looked out at the waves that shimmered. Wonderful. John turned and noticed two meta-morphs next to him. One appeared more male than the other. He felt unafraid. John spoke his first thought: "Dark here."
       They laughed. "You are a joy, John Church. We've viewed you a lot."
       He thought to ask: "Why are you replacing high SC and Union officials?"
       The male answered, "WE only have replaced a few who have recently expired. It is to offset the rogue Changlings who have really done the damage, John Church. We're the good Changlings."
       "You know? I believe you."
       The other (female) "We want to answer your questions, John Church."
       The Captain didn't believe it. "You'll tell me who killed my father, just like that, no strings?"
       The male corrected the other: "Want? Not want. We do not...want to answer your questions..."
       The female Changling said, "Must. Must answer your questions, John Church."
       "Better," the male stated.
       "How did I get here?"
       "That's not what you want to know," they both said, confidently.
       The male said, "You want to know: Who killed your father?"
       His human eyes told them a strong, sincere: yes.
       The female told the truth, "Man who started everything has been replaced. One of our kind now rules Earth and your Starwalkers. Union has been infected, corrupted. Also. Beast that Walker serves is no Changling meta-morph. Real Walker is dead. Your great President-Changling killed George and your father. He threw your father to the bottom of Olympus Mons."
       John cried when the male confirmed it with a glance. "Dad. God." Captain took a moment and a deep breath~
       "We will take you back, John Church," the male said.
       "You'll wave a magic wand and teleport me back home?"
       "Not Quite." the male answered. "You can make a difference. Burden of a second chance opportunity awaits you, upon your shoulders alone. Actions determine future reality. Now...or back then, John Church."
       "We do not have to ask the question. We know your response." She waved her hand that appeared human...

       John was in the past, on Mars, seven miles above the bottom of Olympus Mons and inside his father's boots. He flashed back; he was his father. He knew what to do...
       Phenomenal scenery stretched far into the distance in different reds.
       A much younger and thinner George Walker stood in front of the new Captain.
       The Changling said with a sly smile, "Discovered the big secret, my boy. My, my true agenda and identity as a 'robotron' for the Beast, the one behind the chaos in the galaxy, yes? What Star Command really means, it's true purpose and what future recruitment is really all about?"
       "Sir?" John Church was frozen. He didn't know what to do.
       Walker continued, "You know WHAT I really am, don't you, boy?"
       "Changling," Captain of the Enlighten whispered.
       "A Changling, indeed. We're not so bad, the Great Link." He smiled like the Devil himself. George walked closer to the edge, felt the rail and looked over.
       A crazy thought ran through the mind of the smart and intuitive Captain: PUSH HIM OVER! He did! George Walker and future President of SA were dead.

       The galaxy received an entirely different story as to what happened to the great pioneer that the Academy and Command were named after. Tributes, praises, speeches and endless bullshit was fed to every source of mega-Media. "Walker was a true hero" and will be remembered in history that way, forever.

       FINALLY. Captain Church sat in the Big Chair of his state-of-the-art starship. 
       He was surrounded by a crew he had handpicked, except for the Remoran. He was Ben's associate, which was very odd to say the least. "Commander" Staak had only a slight purple tint to him. Get this: He was the one who programmed the Kobayashi Maru Test. Can you beat that? YES!
       I think he hated the rest of the crew!
       John would have normally objected to a Centauri Science Officer and First Officer, second in command. He discovered that his father had an earless Remoran as First Officer on the Archer. He was told that fact by the very one who was his father's second in command: Admiral Varek, the only Centauri Admiral and the one who gave him the coordinates to Dominion Territory.
       He saw his new communications officer, Ensign Alice Freeman, and smiled. The dark-skinned lady was an ex-lover and that was their little secret. His ensign navigators appeared and functioned as the best in SC. He agreed that Engineer Randolph ("Boots") was outstanding, a perfect record in Starwalker Command.
       John would have to get to know his staff, engineers, techs, security, the crew...and the pretty, blonde Yeoman. In time, he knew he would. The untested crew seemed like great human beings. Maybe they were the finest in the fleet? He'd find out fairly soon.
       Captain Church got familiar with their names. Jagroop?


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