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FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA - SEPT. 14, 2012 4:48 pm

Years ago I was in the backyard behind my house on a bright sunny day, flowers blooming, etc. Suddenly I heard a voice in normal tone saying, "You have the ministry of the plummet." It sounded like it came from the sky. I thought someone was playing a game with me. I looked behind bushes, etc. and no one in my backyard. I got curious and went inside my house. I looked up prophecies in the Bible on plummet and found in the Old Testament that the ministry of the plummet is prophecied is the ministry of truth which a flood of lies cannot overcome and is the standard of truth for other religious sources to measure against. That is the only time in my life I ever heard a voice come out of thin air. I know that St. Augustine reported a similar voice in his backyard which told him to become a Christian scholar if I recall the story correctly. The only voice from thin air he ever heard in his life also.

A book released a few years ago stated that Americans were heavily brainwashed to be colossally scared to death if anything supernatural ever happened in America. They did not want God to send them any messages or instructions and God please keep out of the life of America at all costs! America is in a terrible jam with God. I really hope that God will not have to look at America in total disgust and end up damning America all the way because God judged no one cared for good in America. Any Christian already knows that candidates pushing "Gay Marriages" and abortions is the archenemy of God and no true Christian out of good conscience can vote for such an obviously Antichrist candidate for office. First Christianity condemned as murder before God the abortion of unborn babies. They had an abortion drug in the Roman Empire when Christianity arose and Christianity solidly condemned it as murder of the unborn according to teachings in the Bible which they quoted. Also, they condemned the Theory of Evolution as heresy to Christianity. Thy discredited it by arguments such as "Which came first? The tree or the seed? The bird or the egg?" You see Charles Darwin did not originate the Theory of Evolution. It was first taught by the Greek philospher Epicurus a few hundred years before Christ. In fact, Karl Marx wrote his doctrinal thesis on Epicurus which gave him the idea to found Communism with. Later Karl Marx also dedicated his Das Capital to Charles Darwin. National Socialism under Adolf Hitler based his movement upon evolution. And evolution is the theory motivating the Illuminati today to justify their planned murder of the entire human race down to maybe 500 million or even lower to 200 million humans left alive on earth. Personally I think the theory of evolution is the false doctrine prophesied that can deceive even the elect of Christianity in the last days if they are not careful. The last Pope came close to endorsing the theory of evolution as not contrary to Christianity. This is the evolution doctrine that has muredered so much of mankind already and this same evolution doctrine is committed to kill off nearly the entire human race remaining on earth if we let the evolutionist political leaders carry out their beliefs on mankind now.

The early Christians had committees of copyists in their local churches and made copies of the Scriptures. That is why church leaders such as a Bishop of Constantinople stated that all Christians should read the Scriptures as much as they could. They might have been slower than book publishing, but they still had their copies of the Bible for local Christians to read. I was intrigued when I found Apostles of Jesus Christ using modern methods of promoting Christianity. They would have reservations put in for them at key commercial lodgings in major cities, have local Christians and churches publicize they were coming, and then good crowds would be waiting for them when they arrived later at the appointed time. The ancient Roman citizens lived in a much more modern society than people realize today. You could have understood them and they could have understood you with all your modern culture, etc. One strong plus for ancient Christians. Generally their Bible scholars were more thorough than modern Bible scholars. They quoted all pertinent Bible Scriptures to show Biblical support for their positions. Also, they used well-established traditions of teachings left them by the Apostles of Jesus Christ to explain some tough questions in Bible scholarship. Modern Bible scholars seem to think they were dumb hicks and unsophisicated back then so normally don't study the early writings of Christianity. Actually I find the reverse the truth about early Christian scholarship. They were more sophisticated and thorough in Bible scholarship than modern Bible scholars who normally want the quick McDonald Hamburger done in 5 seconds approach to Bible scholarship rather than the slower, far more methodical Bible scholarship of the first Christian scholars after Christ and the Apostles. Also, back then, not having computers, internet, all versions of clever mobile phones, etc. they had the time and patience to listen to very intelligent lectures on Apostolic Christianity lasting even 3-4 hours. Today, no American would have the patience to listen to such educated lectures as TV, internet, electronic play toys such as cell phones, etc. are far more appealing to them. It is recorded in the Bible how one young man fell off a high beam of the building where the Apostle Paul was preaching for several hours. The young man had fallen asleep, fell off, and everyone thought he was dead. The Apostle Paul prayed for him and he came back to life and was fine again. But that shows you early Chrisianity was hungry to learn all of Chrisianity taught them by Jesus and His Apostles. Modern Christianity is not so hungry to learn what all early Apostolic Christianity taught. I lived in Wash., D.C. for years and used to go over the library at Georgetown University, the first Catholic university founded in America. I looked their section on early Christian writings which was a small section of their library. I have a lot more books on early Christianity now than they possessed back then. They used to use rubber stamps then to show when books were checked out. I found it a sad commentary that these books were apparently checked out maybe once every one, two, or three years between users. And this student body using this was to be the later Jesuit priests, scholars, and general Christian elite of the Catholic Church in America.

All my positions following are taken from the early Apostolic Christian teachings of first Christianity. The most quoted verse in the Bible is Romans 1:17: "The just shall live by faith." The correct historical meaning behind this verse is faith is a way of life. Just means righteous or faithful. The faithful by action actively participate in the righteousness of God by their response of belief and obedience to the required teachings of God in the Bible. And the Bible warning for those who suppress the truth in Christianity and invent heresies (false religious teachings) is Romans 1:18: "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness." Truth makes us free in life and before God! Lies just make us slaves to evil!

For those who claim no original traditions left us by Christ and the Apostles exist or should govern the churches, I quote 2 Thessalonians 2:15, "Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistles (written letter in Bible)." St. Jerome who translated the Vulgate Bible (Latin translation for Roman Empire) wrote that traditions tracing back to first Christianity must be respected. Those traditions created later were not binding on Christianity and were not required beliefs. To the credit of the Vatican on this similar point correctly ruled that all Bible prophecies were required to be believed in by Christians. Later private prophecies should agree with the Bible, but are not binding on you to believe.

St. Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 3:14, 15 where the Church is "the pillar and ground of the truth." It does not say where a multitude of conflicting interpretations of private Bible scholars outside of the true, original, historical Church of God founded on Pentecost is the pillar and ground of the truth. Like a sharp legal brain, I say the teachings of the true, original Church of God founded on Pentecost still exist in early Christian writings, so use the advice of Bishop Irenaeus. Bishop Irenaeus around 150 years after Christ wrote that the answers to later disputes of Christianity should basically be able to always be found in the first ancient writings of the first Christian authorities after Christ and the Apostles. We have a lot of sloppy Bible scholarship by lazy scholars today. For example, I saw the reference that making the sign of the cross was a "pagan" practice introduced by the Vatican during the middle ages. Historical truth now! Tertullian, famous early Church Father, around 170 years after Christ, wrote about the ancient Christian tradition of making the sign of the cross. I figure it was probably similar to Masonic symbols where Christian could identify Christian without the pagans around knowing the sign was given to a fellow Christian during dangerous pagan times. I have seen references that Constantine the Great was the "Antichrist" because he legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire and saved the Christians from total massacre across the Roman Empire the pagans had planned as soon as they defeated Constantine the Great. Ancient Christianity taught that all Roman authority of Imperial Rome must disappear before the Antichrist could successfully appear. The Eastern half of the Roman Empire with its capital also referred to as the "Rome of the East" did not fall until 1453 A.D. And since I am the last lawful descendant of the Roman Imperial Line descending from both Constantine the Great and the Byzantium Roman line of the Eastern half of the Roman Empire, when I release the claims to the Roman Imperial Line to Jesus Christ, first Christianity taught the Antichrist can appear any moment after that. You Christians today do not know what early Christianity taught as explanations of the prophecies of the Bible in some highly speculated sections of Bible prophecy. By the way, the cities of world importance built upon 7 hills is in list form the following for the Antichrist to choose from: Rome, Constantinople, Moscow, and I understand Wash., D.C. also! Thought you who are Bible scholars would find this interesting in reference to Bible prophecy!
The Greek Orthodox Church put out a copy of the King James Bible with detailed notes what the early Christian Church in Constantinople taught as authentic Apostolic Christianity. I found this to be a very good Bible reference work as their early Christian references were familiar to me and they did a good job of presenting many of the prominent teachings of first Apostolic Christianity as recorded in the early official writings of Christianity left over from the fall of the Roman Empire. We have schemers in Christianity who create conspiracies to divide the naive Christians if they let themselves be naive. Being naive is the condition created by a lazy mind that does not want to take the effort to learn the truth. The King James Bible originally had the basically same books in the Old Testament as the Catholic Bible of today. Maccabees, etc. were removed from the King James Bible in the late 19th century and then I hear Bible scholars say today the Catholic Church added a number of books in the Old Testament not in the original Bible. I may hurt the feelings of some Catholic scholars, but the King James Bible is a good translation of the Bible when all the original books it was published with are included. Also, the Vulgate Bible when in a good English translation is also a good translation of the Bible. With that comment, I hurt the feelings a bit of both Catholic and Protestant scholars, but the truth is the truth!

Since the beginning of Christianity, key church councils were required to be assembled by the qualified bishops and scholars with authority in Christianity to settle major issues of religious teachings as the Church was chartered by Jesus Christ to teach the Christians the truth, not private scholars with strong egos, insufficient knowledge of the teachings of Christianity right after Christ and the Apostles, and reading too lightly key words used in the Bible instead of finding the original intent behind the words used in the Bible. The mass division of Christianity is due to bad Bible scholarship by incompetent scholars thinking themselves smarter than the original Church Farthers taught Apostolic Christianity. They lack true integrity towards the truths of God taught since the beginning of formal, Apostolic Christianity! St. Peter wrote in his second epistle ,1:20:"No prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation," but can only be correctly understood and interpreted by those moved by the Holy Spirit. And St. Augustine wrote how "interpreting prophets" would arise in the latter days able to explain Bible prophecies of the future not clearly undertood by early Christianity, but they would teach within the true churches of Christ, not as outsiders to the One True Church of Christ on earth.

As the New Testament in Galatians 4:16 says: "Am I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" Also, in Galatians 1:8 says concerning what the church pastors are to teach you: "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we (the Apostles) have preached, let him be accursed (cursed before God. By the way, federal sources in trouble of pending curse of God, tomorrow Friday is your last day to avoid the pronounced curse of God pending upon you! I died as a youth and was allowed to see life after death. I know better than to mess with God and try to make God my enemy! I saw the love of God, but you may be shocked to face the Wrath of God instead. I learned when dead than Jesus Christ is our only Messiah, not Mohammed, or any other source. I step on toes! It is guaranteed controversy to say anything political or religious in America. I speak the truth! That is the most controversial thing in America as the American people rarely hear the truth in any important field!)

Matthew 16:27, Jesus prophesied of Himself, "For the Son of Man (Jesus) will come in the glory of His Father with His angels and reward each according to his works." Remember that Jesus taught that the unprofitable servant is rejected and cast out! This lazy do nothing Christian or false doctrine supporter will hear Jesus say, "Get out of my sight! I never knew you!" This Christian will protest, "But I did nothing!"And Jesus will reply, "Yes, that is correct! You did nothing for Christianity or Me (Jesus)!" And Matthew 10:41 teaches that he who backs a prophet or righteous leader shares in his eternal reward! And since no one else apparently wanted to do the Will of Jesus for this age as Jesus asked for in the following, I accepted the offer of Jesus Christ in Rev. 2:26 to champion true Apostolic Christianity! It is like the old Hollywood of a former movie star which I think was Gene Autry or else Roy Rogers, before he became a Western movie star, he was a telegraph operator. There was an ad for a trained telegraph operator to get a job. He went to the office filled with applicants and much smoke from their cigarettes. He registered like the others and waited to be called. Then he noticed static on the intercom saying whoever hears this message, come inside and the job is yours. I heard the message because I listen to what Jesus says in the Bible. The job was offered to all Christians on earth, but I listened and heard the message in the static which was Morse Code saying the job is yours if you come in now. I came in and told Jesus the position was now filled. I understand I pleased Jesus because I did as the Bible said to do and volunteered myself for the job. Jesus offered the one thing I could not refuse. Jesus is the reward for the one willing to do this job. Remember Jesus is the morning star in Revelation. But all those who support me now share in my reward with Jesus. You can be the inner circle of Jesus Christ for all eternity according to what the Bible teaches.This is a team effort so you all get highly rewarded as "The King's Friends!" who join with me and that is the highest rank in royal circles next to being the Chief Steward to the King meaning same thing as Prime Minister to the King. I know how royalty works in reality!



This is the teaching on Paradise which was standard in the early Catholic Church (both West and East) of the Roman Empire for the first several hundred years and apparently not taught now as not mentioned in sermons today of any Christian churches in the world whether Protestant who claimed to be reforming back to first Christianity or Roman Catholic or Greek Catholic which claim to still be teaching all original Apostolic Christianity! I am the Orthodox Christian leader pressing all churches to return to all the recorded teachings of first Apostolic Christianity which they are now ignoring and do not teach now!

Jesus said to the thief on the cross in Luke 23:43: "Verily I say unto thee, Today shall thou be with me in Paradise." Jesus went first to Paradise (in Eden)! Then He went to Heaven according to the New Testament!)

Tertullian, early Church Father, wrote in "A Treatise On the Soul" around 200 A.D.: "How indeed, shall the soul mount up to heaven, where Christ is already sitting at the Father's right hand, when as yet the archangel's trumpet has not been heard by the command of God,---when as yet those whom the coming of the Lord is to find on the earth, have not been caught up into the air to meet Him at His coming, in company with the dead in Christ, who shall be the first to arise? To no one is heaven opened: the earth is still safe for him. I would not say it is shut against him. When the world, indeed, shall pass away, then the kingdom of heaven shall be opened. Shall we then have to sleep high up in ether....No, but in Paradise...(or) detained in...Hades."

Bishop Hippolytus, "Treatise On Christ And Antichrist" written around 210 A.d., explains what happens to the Christians who are to be spared going through the Tribulation and the reign of the Antichrist: "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of man (Jesus) be. For wherever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. ""Now the fall (of Adam) took place in Paradise (other name for the Garden in the east of Eden): for Adam fell there. With that statement, hr reveals why other Church Fathers of his era all wrote about the above verses from Matthew 24:27-28 were so glorious and wonderful for the Christians. The eagle (elect of God totally dedicated) Christians do not have to go through the Tribulation! They go to join Jesus in Paradise! Also, St. Jerome (d. 420 A.D.) wrote about this in his explanation of the correct meaning of the Parable of the 10 Virgins (Matthew 25),. The wise virgin Christians are with Jesus in Paradise during the Tribulation and hidden safely from the Wrath of God and Judgment of God on earth.

(Federal boys, if you do not settle with me by tomorrow Friday, you risk this being your fate to face the Wrath of God!)

The foolish virgin Christians on earth get to face the Antichrist because they were not seriously loyal to Christ prior to the prophesied Tribulation. Jesus rejects them in Matthew 25 telling them to get out of His sight as He does not know them! The wise virgin Christians are safely hidden with Jesus during the Tribulation - Matthew 25 explanation by St. Jerome rated the top expert in the Roman Empire then on the early writings of Christianity.

Bishop Hippolytus had been taught Bible prophecy by Bishop Irenaeus who had been taught Bible prophecy by Bishop Polycarp who had been taught Bible prophecy by St. John the Divine, the Apostle who wrote the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Bishop Hippolytus explained that the real meaning of some Bible prophecies like this were deliberately hidden by Apostolic Christianity from the heretics and bad Christians so they could not mock the holy secrets of God. The key secret to Matthew 24:28 is the Greek word which equals carcase literally means fall! The fall where Adam fell is the symbol for Paradise (the Garden of Eden) where Jesus keeps His loyal Christians during the prophesied World Tribulation! Carcase was a coded Greek word, but the early Christians knew what it meant. When I showed this to Ray Brubaker of God's News Behind The News, he was shocked as a Greek scholar and wrote that yes, I was correct what first Christianity had taught here.

Bishop Irenaeus “Irenaeus Against Heresies," (182 - 188 A.D.), Book V, Chapter V, "Where, then was the first man placed? In Paradise certainly, as the Scripture declares: "And God planted a garden (paradisum) eastward in Eden, and there He placed the man who He had formed. And then afterwards, when (man) proved disobedient, he was cast out thence into this world (Back then, they taught Paradise was hidden beneath the surface of the earth as also hell was.) Wherefore also the elders who were disciples of the Apostles tell us that those who were translated (means physically raptured such as Enoch or else spiritually from their bodies) were transferred to that place (Irenaeus:for Paradise has been prepared for righteous men, such as have the Spirit; in which place also Paul the apostle, when he was caught up, heard words which are unspeakable as regards us in our present condition), and that there shall they have been translated (same Bible meaning as raptured) remain until the consummation (end of all things), as a prelude to immortality."

Book V, Chapter XXXVI, "And as the presbyters (first disciples of or after Christ) say, Then those who are deemed worthy of an abode in Heaven shall go there, others shall enjoy the delights of Paradise, and other shall possess the splendor of the city (New Jerusalem on earth): for everywhere the Savior shall be seen according as they who see Him shall be worthy." Many dead come back alive reporting seeing Jesus in Paradise. When Pastor Dan of Nigeria returned to life after being dead 3 days in a morgue, he would say on Christian TV that he had been in Paradise at this time. The Christians TV hosts seemed to always change this to Pastor Dan had said he spent 3 days in Heaven. They did not understand the difference between the meaning of Heaven and Paradise. Early Christianity did!

And for a private comment I venture hopefully inspired as an "interpreting Prophet" as St. Augustine said would appear in the Last days sent by the Holy Spirit of God, the Bible in Genesis 4:16 said Cain dwelt in the land of Nod on the east of Eden. The City of Enoch was built here and close to the Garden of Eden according to Genesis.Origen, an early Church Father around 200 years after Christ, mentions that the Garden of Eden mentioned in Gen. 3:24 is also called Paradise. In "An Exhortation To Martyrdom, he writes that the Christians counted worthy from this life will be allowed to enter Paradise and not be stopped from entering by the cherubims and the flaming sword as mentioned in Genesis to keep the unworthy out. Some ancient American Indian legends indicated that North America was the location of the Garden of Eden and the water fountain of youth which gave you eternal life, but not in Florida as one Spanish explorer searched in!

Some Jewish legends about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve point to North America as the original location of the Garden of Eden which Columbus was sailing across the ocean to try and find. He felt the Bible inspired him with this answer to seek in the direction he would sail. Being very scientific, I took the directions of Genesis combined with modern science and like a straight arrow, Genesis seems to point to North America as the Biblically identified secret location for the Garden of Eden. The archaeologist in me is intrigued by this and I already did secret exploring which seemed very suspicious that 4 of us were on the right track with what we found! I showed some Bible scholars what I spotted in Genesis and as their eyes grow huge in shock, they see what I see and it all makes sense to them! As the Bible scholars do not pay attention to all the details given in the Bible, elsewhere than in Genesis, the Bible tells of the holy mountain of God which is the secret, hidden entrance to the Garden of Eden maybe as big as the Grand Canyon in size. Jewish legend also mentions the secret entrance to the Garden of Eden hidden from view of sinful man on earth. Noah's Ark was built at the foot of the Holy Mountain of God as the descendants of Adam until the Flood lived close to the Garden of Eden they were not allowed by God to reenter. Old historical documents tell the story the public does not know. And Noah in reference took the bones of Adam, etc. from the Cave of Deposits and carried them on Noah's Ark until they landed on top of the mountain in modern Turkey.

I have educated guesses where all the missing main items of Bible history are now located. Some here and some in the Middle East. If some when the trouble is gone from America would like to, join with me and we will see how many of the great main items of Bible history we can find such as the Ark of the Covenant which ancient Israel hid.

We have to remain focused on this planned October Surprise until we break the back of the conspirators including Obama who is the head of this planned colossal massacre of the American people. God Blesses me with practical common sense. By threatening we will hunt down like Nazi War Criminals the Illuminati leaders who are behind this planned October Surprise if it happens, they don't like world hunts to locate and capture them. Then try them and execute them if they try this. They are brave with other people's lives, but I doubt so brave with their own lives. Try to retreat from this plan of theirs for mass murder of Americans starting in October, 2012. Also, we confiscate their god from them which is their worldwide hidden wealth if they try this. All these family lines are destroyed forever from human history if they try this, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc! Time for peace! Time for retreat before we of the Confederate Government resurrected because of the villain Obama decide to play our aces, win against the other side by tactics more deadly than theirs, and then crush forever those who planned to mass slaughter the American people.

Folks, stop being cowards for Christ. Become mighty men and women for Christ, pass this report all over America, contribute money if you can so we pass this Omni Law which God inspired me to see needed by America now if it is to survive as a nation, and as Christians united, let's now win America back to Christ! If you want to financially back us as we have no Rockefellers, etc on our side, send checks, etc. to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Someone sent us $20 cash with their name, zip code and city and state, but forgot to give us an email address or else mailing address so we can send them back a receipt for their money to back us. Later on, our backers will smile when they see how powerfully we bless those who backed us when America hung in the balance whether it would survive or else cease to exist as a nation and people. Nesara News believing in the principles of a free press has not censored from the American people what the main news media has. We have great plans for them after we win! Copies of my proposed Omni Law may be read by going to the search box at the top left of their archive listing of reports and put in Omni Law. You can read copies of it there. Or if you want to read many other reports I have filed with Nesara News, in that same search box at the top left side put in Erasmus of America and you will see many reports listed I posted with them. As for the main news media which has tried to cover up for Obama’s plan to mass slaughter the American people, I am a good legal brain and will give the main news media how we can teach them never again to try and set up the American people for mass slaughter. That is treason no matter how you call it! And there are answers under law how to teach traitors not to try and betray America again! You can disagree with any political movement. No problem! But when you try to set up the murder of 25 million Americans or more, you have crossed over the line! You report what will save the lives of millions of Americans. You can disagree with any political movement, but don't use the newspapers, etc. as weapons to try and set up the American people for colossal slaughter! The Nuremberg War Trials set legal standards for such situations!

If stuck, send an email for a copy of the Omni Law to us at
We are short of staff briefly, but will try to answer all requests fast as possible. I anticipate soon we will have a much larger staff and we are planning shortly to open up our own website also to coordinate our national movement better yet, but all things require a little patience to get set up and started.

I have hit the Christian churches with a ton of early Apostolic Christianity. I will give them time to digest this before releasing much more. I intend to sit as chairman of a Christian conference of dedicated Christian scholars, Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Protestant, and credible independents. I am a very fair man and I want all sides to show their positions and issues they think need resolved. It requires the wisdom of Solomon to bring back together all the deeply divided factions of Christianity, but with the blessing of the Holy Spirit, I think we can do this. Jesus founded one Church, not thousands, but with a lot more freedom in different opinions than too partisan of scholars may recognize. I don't plan for any side to sell out their integrity to Christ in anything they do, but all of us maybe even including me need to let the Holy Spirit guide us to the truth and love between Christians we all should have towards each other. When it is over, Christianity will regain its love for its brethren in Christ and love for the truths of God as God reveals them to us. Early Christianity taught that the Christians were a separate race and nation on earth. I care about all Christians on earth, not just those in America. Of course, we Christians across the world care about all of mankind, not just the Christians. We Christians will become the leaders of the world once we learn how to pull our strength together and unite as one national and world movement with Christ as our Head! We have the answers the pagan world needs!

Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name briefly. When the hour is right, no problem letting all know my ordinary name in life. But an element of privacy made it easier to organize this movement for victory for Christianity in America and then the world! Wash., D.C. already knows who I am. They are just stunned that I have put them in a box where it may become impossible for them to engineer their planned October, 2012 surprise for America where they start killing off millions of Americans for Obama the Communist-Muslim fanatic in the White House! If I save millions of Americans from being massacred by Obama, then my tactics were totally justified!)

By the way, George Washington thought America would become the New Jerusalem of Bible prophecy later on. Other Founding Fathers of America believed this was the future calling of America to become the New Jerusalem of Bible prophecy!)

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