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Lies, Lies, and Liars By Anna Von Reitz

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1Lies, Lies, and Liars By Anna Von Reitz Empty Lies, Lies, and Liars By Anna Von Reitz on Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:21 pm



Lies, Lies, and Liars

Lies, Lies, and Liars By Anna Von Reitz Proxy?
By Anna Von Reitz

As a follow-up to my further expose of Satanism -- the worship of The Father of All Lies--and the practices of his followers in the world we live in, please take note of this information in light of the release this morning of The Memo, which details who lied to you, how they lied to you, why they lied to you about Donald Trump in order to "influence" the election.  

1. Notice that what the perps accused Trump of doing --- using the Russians to influence an American election, is precisely what they were doing themselves.  The pot is calling the kettle black.  According to the liars, Trump was colluding with the Russians to influence the Presidential Election, but in fact, they were themselves ginning up a non-existent Russian connection to influence the election even after the fact.  Even though Trump won fair and square, they were counting on lies and help from their old buddies in Congress to get him impeached.  How's that for interfering in an election? 

2. And what a Big Lie it was--- this fake dossier cooked up by Christopher Steele (a British agent--- no surprises there, if you've read my new book) wasn't just your normal every day spy dossier of he-met-with-Ivan.G-in-a-bookstore-parking-lot and received an illegal million dollar contract to sell Chinese widgets in Hawaii, oh, no, this dossier was full of disgusting allegations about Russian whores and urine fetishes.  No doubt Mr. Steele has such a fetish---and its another case of the pot calling the kettle black.  You'd have to be twisted to even think of the things that were part of this so-called Russian dossier that was hatched by a Brit.  So yes, it was a classic Big Lie.  They told a really Big Whopper about Donald Trump and just kept repeating it and repeating it night and day through their "Media Circle" ---a nice name for embedded Propaganda Agents working in all the major mainstream media networks.  Notice that these mouthpieces for the DNC appear to be disinterested media professionals and they are already working for all the major networks, so it is an easy process for the perps to hand in a lead story to the press room and instantly their sycophants jump on the band wagon and start parroting: "News late today of a possible Russian connection between Donald Trump and....." 

3. They then used the Big Lie to justify other perversions of justice--- using it as the basis to request a FISA  warrant to wire tap and otherwise spy on an American, Donald Trump, and his campaign.  These people knew that the dossier was hokum.  They had cause to know it was pure bunk.  They nonetheless went before a judge, lied their rumps off, and proceeded to unleash an illegal and immoral spy op on Donald Trump and his campaign.  Hillary and her Boys at the FBI and DOJ were sitting in on every Trump Campaign strategy session, planning out how Hillary was going to counter every move the Trump Campaign made.  These are government employees on your payroll, actually and factually abusing police power and abusing the authority of their public offices, directly and materially interfering in and skewing a presidential election right in front of your faces.  Please notice that all of this is being accomplished via the use of what?  Lies. 

4. Notice also that the affect of the Big Lie was multiplied because confirmation of it was coming from people in positions of authority and respect---- the FBI and DOJ.  I wouldn't believe a Death Certificate issued by the Democratic Party, even if I had possession of the corpse, but the FBI and DOJ are supposed to be responsible, impartial and professional Third Parties.  What is an average American supposed to think?  No matter how outlandish the Big Lie, the normal response would be--- well, there must be something to it, if the FBI and DOJ are involved. Think of the abuse of power and authority as another amplifier for the Big Lie, similar to the Media Group jamming the airwaves--- only the purpose of the "Credible Witness" is to give the Big Lie a patina of credibility. 

5. What if, during Watergate, the FBI and DOJ had conspired to set up Bob Woodward as a Russian spy?  Well, here you have the FBI and DOJ colluding to set Donald Trump us as a Russian patsie and sexual pervert, and giving Christopher Steele Whistleblower protection.  Remember what I said about whistleblowers--- that you can't take them at face value?  Some are genuine and some are not?  Here's a grand example of someone appearing to blow the whistle on potentially dangerous "Russian connections" when this was really nothing but one of Satan's many minions doing what Satan does best--- telling lies. Also note that Steele "smelled his own hole first"--- another Hallmark of the Satanist tradition.   

6. There is a reason that Satan is called "The Father of All Lies".  When you catch someone lying, you know for sure that they are connected to the Source of All Lies.  If they are not knowingly and willingly worshiping Satan as a practicing Satanist, they are nonetheless worshiping him in fact by purposefully creating, repeating, and giving credibility to lies. Hillary, Huma, James Comey, Obama, Loretta Lynch, Christopher Steele, the Ohrs, all these people -- are liars, purposeful, self-interested liars.  They concocted this whole story with malice aforethought to gain a political advantage. They purposefully lied to you, the American People, and they abused your trust in them and their public offices. That is the actual story--and the Truth--- coming out of all of this wasted time and energy and money. 

7. One of the greatest ills of this whole process of telling, spreading, and amplifying lies is that innocent people believe them, and they then repeat the cycle of telling, spreading, and amplifying lies--- lending their good names and credibility to garbage.  When someone tells you a lie and you believe them, you naturally make wrong assumptions based on those lies, you say wrong things, you take wrong actions--- and the people who love and respect you are misled by you in turn.  It's a domino effect that corrupts and degrades everyone in its path.  So if you believed any of this horse-hooey, and repeated it to anyone else, you inadvertently became an agent of corruption and tracked the poo around, dirtying your own good name and credibility in the process.  You have Hillary Clinton and Christopher Steele and James Comey and.......... to "thank" for this circumstance, and I hope that you let the entire Democratic Party Machine know how much you appreciate being set up and lied to and used to disseminate false information. 

8. When this story about Trump paying Russian whores to pee on his bed first came out, I guffawed and spit coffee through my nose, just as my Father sometimes did if I surprised him in mid-gulp.  I came up gasping--- "Not in a million years!  Trump is a hotel owner!"  It was an odd reprise of my reaction to 911 -- "Where's all this full-color Technicolor film footage coming from?"  Donald Trump has made his fortune in real estate and hotels and resorts.  Can you imagine how much he takes in losses every year from people doing stupid stuff to bed mattresses and linens?  I didn't need any multi-million dollar investigations to know that I'd just been fed a Big Lie.  Congressional Subcommittees didn't have to vote.  President Trump didn't have to release memos.  I knew it was a Whopper the moment I heard it.  If you didn't, you need to work on fine tuning your Shinola Sensor so you don't get fooled again. 

9. My final point for today--- the success of evil people in telling lies depends on large part on our gullibility and willingness to believe lies. We can overcome gullibility by training ourselves to look around the corner and be skeptical like Will Rodgers used to say--- "Don't take any wooden nickels!" --- and by checking our prejudices at the door.  A lot of people believed this whole preposterous story about Donald Trump and "the Russians" because they wanted to believe it.  They let themselves be led astray because they didn't like Donald Trump and/or they didn't like the Russians, and they allowed themselves to be pre-disposed to believe lies about them. This is another important common trick of the Satanists--- they play to your prejudices, always.  These people will play on your prejudice against egotistical, rich, white men just as easily as they will play on a prejudice against burly, poor, black men.  They could care less.  If you hold a prejudice toward anyone, it's like a chink in your own armor that makes you susceptible to believing lies and being Satan's little helper by spreading them.  So become aware of your own fears and prejudices and guard against them.  

If you want to stay aligned with the True God, if you want to save yourself the embarrassment and shame of carrying lies, if you want to do justice and be just--- then be diligent in your reasoning and sifting of facts, be aware of the tricks and methods of the Satanists who are very much alive and active in this world.  Hillary and her Gang just gave you a fine example of how they operate and what they do and how decent innocent people can be misled by these Tricksters to do great harm to themselves and to others. 

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with a young woman, the daughter of a friend.  She is a senior in college, bright and pretty, hard-working, a really good-hearted young woman who will be a prize mate and a good Mom and a strong force in the community in years to come. I like young people in general, and I have always had a soft-spot for her.  So I had cleared my schedule and invited her to lunch at a trendy organic restaurant I know she likes--- and can't afford--- and was sitting there playing my long-accustomed role as The Ear, just listening to what she had to say and looking for whatever opportunity there might be to help her. 

Imagine my horror to discover that she had swallowed The Kool-Aid?  She actually, earnestly, innocently believed all the Russian Connection bunk.  Now, my friend, her Mother, is an idealist and quite religious---- not a worldly woman at all.  She never went to college.  She couldn't debate the color of the sky. I should have known that she couldn't prepare her daughter to be the least bit skeptical about such authorities as the FBI and DOJ.  I shouldn't have been surprised to hear all the Trump-hating venom and repetition of the bed-wetting story coming from her innocent lips, but somehow I was.  

Like many college students today she has been taught endless facts and no small amount of liberal political theology along the way, but she hasn't been taught how to think for herself.  She hasn't been taught to reason her way carefully from Point A to Point Z.  If she has a Shinola Sensor, it has yet to be developed and honed. Gently, I told her I didn't believe the story about Trump being in bed with any Russians, literally or figuratively.  She looked astounded and deeply disappointed in me.  I was the first person in her circle to lift a hand and sound a note of caution, much less say I flat-out didn't believe the media, the FBI or the DOJ.  

I struggled for a moment trying to think of a way to joggle her own Shinola Sensor.  I observed a few things to her.  She thought about it.  And that was really my duty to her, to make her think more deeply and critically and fairly about the information she'd been fed and who was feeding it.  We parted friends. 

Now the infamous Memo has been released and it is obvious to even true dullards and True Believers that the DNC and Hillary and the Gang are self-interested liars. I am sure my young friend will blush in shame the next time she sees me.  She will probably stammer something about being sorry for spreading lies and saying all the evil things she said about the Russians and Trump.  She's that kind of young woman.  But my point to all of you is that it really isn't her fault.  She was lied to by people much older and more sophisticated, people occupying prestigious public offices, people she ought to have been able to trust.  

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