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How to Smoke Cannabis for Medical Purposes with Dry Herb Vaporizers or Dab Wax Pens

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How to Smoke Cannabis for Medical Purposes with Dry Herb Vaporizers or Dab Wax Pens
by Jack Frank

If you want to smoke cannabis for medical purposes, you may want to get the best vape pen for oil or wax. Cannabis is among the most therapeutically active and beneficial natural substances. Smoking cannabis for medical purposes refers to its use as an herbal therapy that is recommended by a physician. People have used cannabis for medical purposes for thousands of years. It’s commonly used to alleviate symptoms or treat diseases.
However, its use in the modern times has become a controversial issue. Many organizations have been opposed to cannabis use for medical purposes including the American Medical Association as well as the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Other organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics note that though cannabinoids might have therapeutic potential for different medical conditions, more research should be done first. As such, they suggest moving it from DEA Schedule 1 substance to DEA Schedule 2 substance to allow for more research to be done.
Essentially, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is restricted due to its prohibition. Nevertheless, the Canadian government legislation will most likely make it more accessible to patients. That’s because it will allow patients to apply to possess it personally and even apply for licenses to cultivate it at a limited level.

Dry Herb Vaporizers
A dry herb vaporizer refers to a device for heating up cannabis in concentrate or dry herb form to transmit the active ingredients without burning. Quality vaporizers deliver the ingredients in vapor form while accentuating the natural aroma of the flower. Dry herb vaporizers can be portable vapes or desktop vapes.
A desktop vaporizer refers to a device that remains at one place. It is dependent on the wall outlet and it allows the user to adjust temperature precisely. This is very important when it comes to vaping. Some vaporizers come with a hose-like mouthpiece called a whip. This is a ‘balloon’ that fills with the vapor that is eventually inhaled.
A portable vaporizer is the opposite of a desktop vaporizer. That’s because you can use it while traveling like a laptop. Most portable vaporizers are basically e-cigarettes with modifications that enable them to vaporize cannabis rather than e juice. Portable vaporizers are battery operated and they can be sleek and slim like fancy pens. They can also be bulky and big like water bottles.

Dab Wax Pens
A dab wax pen (check this here) refers to an electrical device with a heating coil and a battery. It provides an increasingly popular style of smoking cannabis for medical purposes. It is the most ideal way of enjoying cannabis at the moment. Most pens have to be charged frequently. However, some of them are of a disposable variety. There are also pens that can be used to smoke cannabis in both wax and oil form. Nevertheless, their dimension stretches the dab wax pens definition.
Overall, the main components of these pens are the power button, battery, a tank or chamber, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer. Once activated by inhaling or pressing the power button or doing both at ago, the atomizer component is heated by the battery. This in turn heats up the concentrates or the flower inside the tank to a temperature that vaporizes it. However, the temperature is not sufficiently high to cause combustion.
Temperature is very important because heat influences the harshness of the inhaled vapor. When temperature is low, the vapor is less and vice versa. High-end models come with temperature control. However, majority of them allow for few heat settings.
A dab pen resembles a pen though they generally have varying shapes and sizes. This makes them sufficiently portable and usable anywhere. When a person knows how to use this device, their vaping efficiency increases dramatically.

Is Using Dry Herb Vaporizers or Dab Wax Pens Better than Traditional Smoking?
It’s important to consider any substance carefully as long as it changes the chemistry of your body. Whether you use the best wax pens or smoke marijuana traditionally, it alters the chemistry of your body. Although cannabis has been used for medical purposes for many years, there is no sufficient research to prove that vaping is better than traditional smoking. That’s particularly the case because cannabis flowers, extracts, and devices are unregulated. It’s only after extensive research and regulations are put in place that one can say which method of consuming cannabis is better than the other.
In the U.S, cannabis legalization might take time. Nevertheless, critical information regarding the negative or positive effects of vaporizers and wax pens will be availed by the ongoing studies.
However, vaporizers and dab wax pens provide a more efficient and discreet way of using cannabis. Technologically advanced pens and vaporizers use e-rig and e-nail systems to provide purer and cleaner way to vape concentrates and waxes. That’s why they are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis consumers.

The Bottom Line
In addition to its use for recreational purpose, cannabis has been used for medical purposes for many years. In countries like Canada and Israel, dry herb vaporizer and wax vape pen have been used to help people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, AIDS, epilepsy, anxiety, depression and chronic pain get their daily dose of cannabis. It’s important to note that vaporizers and pens are not the same. Some of them do not fit in the medical category of devices. That’s why you should be keen when buying your vaporizer or pen. Essentially, consider more than the price of the device that you purchase. Also read reviews to know what other people say after using the device that you want to purchase.
An ideal device should enable you to enjoy the benefits of vaporizers and pens. The major benefits of these devices are mostly simplicity, portability and overall ease of use. What’s more, you should enjoy the flexibility of vaping your favorite material with the device that you choose. Whether you like dry herb, oil, or wax, the device should allow you to enjoy it conveniently and easily.

Thanks to Jack for the great article and the permission to share here.


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