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I am the President of the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America. I received authority for this from three branches of the descendant Jefferson Davis family. Since Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, and the Confederate Congress never signed legal surrender papers with Wash., D.C., according to the terms of the Confederate Constitution, the Confederate Government and nation of the Confederate States of America never legally surrendered to the Federal Government of Wash., D.C. One of the British Commonwealth parliaments by written diplomatic letter many years ago extended diplomatic recognition that I was the lawful head of the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America which never legally surrendered to the Union of Wash., D.C. under international law. Under international law, we were still an independent government, nation, and people. I think it was the National Tattler around April, 1966 ran a national article on this still legally independent Confederate Government and still legally independent nation of the Confederate States of America. They also ran a photo of me in my dress military uniform from when I attended a military academy and our uniforms looked a bit similar to West Point. I was listed as the President of the Confederate States of America in that national article. After studying my legal papers for this Confederate authority, Judge William Roy Bean from a well-known Confederate family extended legal recognition that I was the lawful head of the Confederate nation and possessed all legal powers for it until we could hold national Confederate elections in it. Soon we had delegates for all the member states of the Confederate States of America during the time that Gov. George Wallace ran for President of the United States. He and some other state governors legally recognized our legal authority for the South. In our large Confederate Convention at Hot Springs, Arkansas, I proposed and all delegates voted in agreement that we declared that we had a legal king of the South who was Jesus Christ. This way we firmly committed that our government and nation would be firmly committed as Christian contrary to what Wash., D.C. committed America to which was Antichrist.

Since it ties in with the coming genocide legal charges I am now formally raising against Wash., D.C. in the name of the Confederate Government and nation of the Confederacy, a photo of me is shown when I was eight years old with my industrialist father Dan Brown of Evanston, Illinois then and later Chicago, Illinois is on the worldwide internet for the diamond of Psi Upsilon - Volume 36, Issue 1 - Page 3 - Dan Brown - 1949. My father was a prominent industrialist and written up in many prominent publications including the Congressional Record of Wash., D.C. which publicized U.S. Army tests on what my father had invented as an industrial food process, worldwide support of the Vatican for my father's industrial food process which Pope Pius XII in the semi-official Vatican newspaper endorsed as potentially great news for mankind, and elsewhere endorsed as potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson endorsed this as very important to the national health of America.

Fortune Magazine in World War II wrote up the great food discovery of my father and quoted a top national health expert in America that this was a potential nutritional revolution for America. The Catholic Digest in the 1950's wrote up my father and told how the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin in 1950 tried to buy world rights to this since despite patents of I think the final figure was 44 patents worldwide on it, Soviet engineers and other engineers across the world could not duplicate this family trade secret method of retaining close to all the nutrition from wheat or other grains and then baking as a super health bread for the people. University tests in Illinois and elsewhere indicated that later on the entire human race would go extinct like the dinosaurs if this was not added in time to the national diet of America and other nations across the world. When in Wash., D.C., Al Gore wrote the foreword to a science book quoting from medical labs across the world that the human race will soon go biologically extinct on earth unless an answer in food is found in time to save the human race from biological extinction. My father found the answer the human race needed many years ago and prior to World War II. The Nazis got samples of the super health flour my father milled at Morris, Illinois and Nazi scientists reported to Hitler that the results in super health were so incredible with German students tested that Hitler could raise a biologically master German race with this if they could get the secret to it from my father. My father being anti-Nazi and also Hitler losing World War II made sure that the Nazis were never able to get this trade secret food process from my father.

My father never told how to make the milling equipment for this and engineers across the world could never find a way to make their equipment duplicate my father's results with his worldwide patented food process. My father wanted to make sure that no one tried to steal his trade secret food process and not pay him royalties on it, so hid key answers to it not shown by his patents. After I was an engineering student, my father showed me the entire system of secrets to it and I am the only person on the earth who really knows how the engineering discovery of my father works. Since leaving the university as a history major until today Nov. 9, 2012, Wash., D.C. has had a secret policy of worldwide genocide of suppressing this Vatican endorsed trade secret industrial food process every time I have raised the money and/or support to get my father's Vatican endorsed food process reestablished in America. At one time, my father supplied around 2,300 independent bakeries across America and their sales skyrocketed as the bread made from his flour tasted so good as well as being fabulous for the health of their customers. So the process is quite real and totally legitimate as to results. To see the vast multitude of criminal acts by Wash., D.C. to repeatedly stop me from reestablishing this family trade secret industrial food process, go to Nesara News on the internet. In their search box at the top left of their website and put in Erasmus of America which I used as a pen name while posting up to around 80 national reports many of which told of federal murder attempts on my life, repeatedly stealing money from me such as $525,000 not many years ago or else blocking large money such as $25 billion coming to me until the U.S. Justice Dept. of Wash., D.C. pulled out all criminal stops to try at all costs to make sure that I would not get this money to reestablish my father's Vatican endorsed family trade secret industrial food process with. So a huge audience across America and in nations across the world has been seeing for themselves how truly criminal Wash., D.C. is today under Obama. To show how criminal Wash., D.C. really is under Obama and the U.S. Justice Dept., I posted national legal reports for all to see as witnesses across the world! I offered a fabulous deal to not press criminal charges against Wash., D.C. if they delivered by today in the morning $4,400,000 which is just a tiny, tiny amount of the money that Wash., D.C. stole from me and blocked me from receiving. While not much money, I could have reestablished my father's industrial food manufacturing in America again with even that small amount. While not paying me any of the money federally stolen from me many times by now, I have a hanging federal murder threat against my life by a Washington operative calling himself deep knight that in the name of Obama at the White House and in the general name of the federal government of Wash., D.C. itself that I am supposed to be federally murdered at any moment now. The latest murder threats say in November or else December, 2012. I am supposed to be murdered by him. This is 4 murder threats so far in two months or so in time by now. He claims he is threatening in the name of the federal government of Wash., D.C. and in the personal name of Obama himself at the White House that he is authorized to murder me at any time. I have reported on these murder threats that he posted publicly on the internet he is so sure that the U.S. Justice Dept. will protect him so he can never be prosecuted for issuing murder threats which is normally a criminal felony each time done in America both under federal and state law felonies in this case. I publicized these asserted federal murder threats several times over the internet by posting reports on this with Nesara News which is now seen by a huge national and worldwide audience 7 days a week. Being the head of the Confederate movement in America, it is absolutely legally certain that the U.S. Justice Dept. and probably all intelligence operations in Wash., D.C. watch intensely every national posting I have been making for 7 months now. I have called upon the U.S. Justice Dept. to legally stop these asserted federal murder threats in the name of Obama and the U.S. Justice Dept. has refused to do anything to stop him. They legally approve of these murder threats in the name of Obama and the Democratic controlled Wash., D.C. since the Republicans do not control Wash., D.C. at this time.
To help illustrate how criminal in policy and action Wash., D.C. is now under Obama and the U.S. Justice Dept., under Article II, it clearly says, "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President." Now as it is the standard joke at C.I.A. that everyone there knows that Obama was born in Kenya, not America, as they had birth certificates for him both from the hospital there and the providence there also recorded his birth, but the Washington con line is how dare anyone question whether he was born in Hawaii or not. so the backup airtight legal angle why he can never be President of America is that he is not a natural born citizen which legally meant at the time of the writing of the U.S. Constitution that he had to have two parents who were U.S. citizens or he could not legally run for President of America. But Obama is a slick con artist, a super liar, etc. and so ignores that he is not a natural born citizen as his father had been a British subject and never an American citizen. And the U.S. Justice Dept. with no legal integrity to the U.S. Constitution pretends that it does not understand what this section of the U.S. Constitution means. Also, the U.S. Justice Dept. is trying to hide that with its legal consent much to most of the military vote of America sent from U.S. military soldiers abroad was sabotaged so it was never counted in the national election of Nov. 6, 2012. It is reported that if this military vote is counted, then Mitt Romney and not Obama has just won both the popular vote and the electoral college vote of America to be the elected President of America for 2013. A U.S. Justice Department policy of not counting the votes which defeat Obama in a national election and not enforcing the legal qualifications of the U.S. Constitution as to who may run for President of America or not, shows a federal government of Wash., D.C. so corrupt and criminal as to not be a constitutional government but just a would-be police state by the political gang which captured control of Wash., D.C. and America at this time.
It has been known for years that I was interested in setting up my father's Vatican endorsed food industry in Virginia if Wash., D.C. would finally stop blocking me. It meant the South was going to get what should become the largest food industry in world history as all nations must add my father's Vatican endorsed food to their national diet or else that nation and race will later go extinct as part of the human race. Also, very damaging scientific evidence indicates that the GMO food that Wash., D.C. is trying so hard to push worldwide will kill off the entire human race before it is over. Wash., D.C. is trying its best to suppress any scientific evidence or reports on how potentially dangerous this food might be for humans to eat across the world. Laboratory test animals die from this and then Wash., D.C. wants all the world to eat this same deadly food. Credible sources have reported to me that secret circles of Satanists run Wash., D.C. behind the scenes. Originally they wanted the human race killed off down to 500 million who would then be the slaves of the Satanists in their planned global plantation. Later figures they only wanted 200 million humans left alive on earth and those to be their slaves. The latest figure I have heard now that due to computers and automation, they only want 20 million humans left alive on earth as modern technology eliminates the need for more humans to supply the needs of the planned Satanist rulers over the human race. This would explain why Wash., D.C. so savagely fought my father and then me to block us from giving this wonderful God-given food and health blessing to mankind across the earth. However, they don't know the university test results I know. If my father's Vatican endorsed food process is suppressed by Wash., D.C., then the university tests predict that all humans on earth will die and the roaches inherit the earth to replace the now no longer existing human race on earth.
If Wash., D.C. is not to be put under United Nations Army occupation to arrest all these genocide conspirators in Wash., D.C. including Obama and those heading and inside the U.S. Justice Dept., then let the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon arrest Obama and co-genocide conspirators in Wash., D.C. and then let Mitt Romney take the oath of office to be President of America starting in January, 2013. If Obama was not legally elected President of America as 100% certain he is not a "natural born" citizens since his father as he lists was not ever a U.S. citizen, then automatically under law Mitt Romney was elected validly and legally President of America regardless if he received the majority or else minority vote in America. Obama could not legally run for President so any votes for him are automatically invalid under national law. If the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon militarily arrest Obama now and are ready to install Mitt Romney for President in January, 2013, I will be willing to hold off pushing for the establishment of the Confederate States of America as separate from the rest of America. However, I have to see my proposed Omni Law be promptly passed to insure constitutional and free government for the people of all 50 states including my people of the Southern States. I will not betray the people I have legal authority for. They must have true legal freedoms and a sound economy for them or we go independent and that is the end of a 50 states United States of America. The unity of America as one nation hangs by a razor's edge as to which way I will go. My patience with Wash., D.C. is at an end!
I will expect immediately $200 billion from Wash., D.C. to start building my Camelot Project as the world headquarters for my father's Vatican endorsed world food industry. Receiving murder threats in the name of Obama and the federal government does not lower the settlement price after they dared have the nerve to do this and even let it be posted over the internet as public record for all the world to witness and see. Might as well start showing more of my hand. My Camelot Project will have the legal charter I have described in some of my national reports posted with Nesara News over the last 7 months. And I have a Washington issued land grant for all federal land in a 30 mile radius from Roanoke Mountain, VA. And any private land within this radius may join with us if we approve and become part of our Camelot Project also. I already granted this land to the Camelot Project from Confederate authority which applies here and not federal side, but if I agree for the South to remain in the federal union now, I'll pretend that Wash., D.C. also can issue a land grant like this. At least there is no legal dispute ever from Wash., D.C. if I decide to give Wash., D.C. one last chance to win back the people of the South. If you don't win us now, we are gone and will never return to you. The political and legal divorce will be final.
I suggest it would be smart politics for the Joint Chiefs of Staff to arrest Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General for high treason as well as Obama and suspend the U.S. Justice Dept. until after passage of the Omni Law. We will then decide if the U.S. Justice Dept. will have one final chance to serve the American people faithfully this time or else be legally abolished forever. The U.S. Justice Dept. ran a secret grand larceny scheme to steal from millions of people large scale and nearly all Americans smaller scale. Whether I release for the world to find out how this worked or else not force legal prosecution at this time, the American victims of this are going to be reimbursed once the Omni Law is passed as the national law of America which I expect to be done before January 1, 2013. I will stall final Confederate Government commitments until I see if Wash., D.C. is now going to be an honest government or else as crooked and criminal as it has been for a very long time now.
I suggest the American people copy and mass send out this report all over America and the world. This will save America from permanently splitting into two nations. I am sure that the UN will see the world need to arrest many top leaders in Wash., D.C. by a UN Army if the Washington leaders continue in their conspiracy to kill off the entire human race on earth by suppression of my father's Vatican endorsed food industry any longer. I don't think that other nations want all their races wiped out by Washington genocide plan to wipe them out from the face of the earth. If Wash., D.C. does not get the message now, I will invite a UN Army to back us as we resurrect in force the Confederate Army of the Confederate States of America. Once we are standing again militarily, then the UN Army can withdraw from the South. This way the Satanists in control of Wash., D.C. can't try to engineer the massacre of the people of the South while they are defenseless as was recently planned by Obama. Read national reports posted at Nesara News under my pen name of Erasmus of America where I stopped this planned massacre of Americans by special military intelligence tactics. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and learned how military intelligence tactics work. A retired U.S. Major General reported how Obama was going to murder 25 million Americans or more by a planned military takeover of America that had been planned for Oct., 2012. Many other military sources also reported on the military moves of Obama. Patriotic military spies across America stopped Obama who was planning to make America a Communist nation and no more national elections. Thank you military patriots! We saved America from planned mass military slaughter of the American people! We broke the plot and saved America!
Okay for the record now that my hand is played against Obama and the conspiracy of high treason and world genocide that the traitors in Wash., D.C. had planned for all the American people and then world dictatorship under Obama as he had planned. My original name was also Dan Brown. We even both attended the same school at Andover, Mass. The Dan Brown who with Muslim financial backing for the movie as I understand gave it his best shot to wipe out Christianity in America with his very false basis movie The DiVinci Code. I the other Dan Brown was maneuvering to give Christianity back national power in America. The deadliest leaders for both sides in America both had the same original name! Maybe the name is a name of power. He backed one side. I backed the other side. However, after many federal murder attempts on my life, I had to change my name to Martin Hunter or else I would have been murdered by Wash., D.C. After six rapid federal murder attempts on my life for stopping a planned C.I.A. military coup at the time, I had no choice but to change my name or else be murdered at that time. The ironical thing is I had a very secret military charter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff so all my moves were legal no matter what. I was Director of the American Counter Intelligence Agency in Wash., D.C. for a number of years. This was done with secret oral charter from the Joint Chiefs and then confirmed by retired Lt. Gen. P.A. del Valle, U.S. Marine Corps, and three other Pentagon representatives of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
I used the pen name of Erasmus of America until at last I could trick and flush out the hardened traitors in Wash., D.C. today. We have got their names and can legally hang them once the Omni Law is the national law of America. I had debated whether to use the pen name of Charles Henry as that was my confirmation name in Christianity to honor my forefathers who descended from the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. He legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire close to 300 years after Christ. However, I finally decided on the pen name of Erasmus of America as that better fit what my goal was to achieve.
The name I use for legal purposes now is Martin Hunter. However, I will continue to use Erasmus of America as my pen name. Enjoyed using it as it displayed a lot of my real character where enemies could not stop me!
May or may not release another report tomorrow again addressed to the UN. When it serves my purposes, I can use international law.
As for the South, we will always uphold our national laws as higher than international authority saying we can't be the people and nation we want to be! Treaties will be if required submissive to our constitution. For UN sources, you may email me at fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail. com. If sending mail, send to Martin Hunter, NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679.
Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for an American patriot! Since leaving school, I have basically lived in the South ever since! Southern patriots have always loved me!)

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