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Repeating the words from the Genocide Report To The United Nations From The Provisional Government Of The Confederate States Of America, Nov. 9, 2012, the following words in this paragraph of this international legal document. I am the President of the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America, I received authority for this from three branches of the descendant Jefferson Davis family. Since Jefferson, President of the Confederate States of America, and the Confederate Congress never signed legal surrender papers with Wash., D.C., according to the terms of the Confederate Constitution, the Confederate Government and nation of the Confederate States of America never legally surrendered to the Federal Government of Wash., D.C. One of the British Commonwealth parliaments by written diplomatic letter many years ago extended diplomatic recognition that I was the lawful head of the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America which never legally surrendered to the Union of Wash., D.C. under international law. Under international law, we were still an independent government, nation, and people. I think it was the National Tattler around April, 1966 ran a national article on this still legally independent Confederate Government and still legally independent nation of the Confederate States of America. They also ran a photo of me in my dress military uniform from when I attended a military academy and our uniform looked a bit similar to West Point. I was listed as the President of the Confederate States of America in that national article.

After studying my legal papers for this Confederate authority, Judge William Roy Bean from a well-known Confederate family extended legal recognition that I was the lawful head of the Confederate nation and possessed all legal powers for it until we could hold national Confederate elections in it. Soon we had delegates for all the member states of the Confederate States of America during the time that Gov. George Wallace ran for President of the United States. He and some other state governors legally recognized our legal authority for the South. In our large Confederate Convention at Hot Springs, Arkansas, I proposed and all delegates voted in agreement that we declared that we had a legal King of the South who was Jesus Christ. This way we firmly committed that our government and nation would be firmly committed as Christian contrary to what Wash., D.C. committed to which was Antichrist.
That ends what was the paragraph reprinted from our prior legal genocide report posted on the internet Nov. 9, 2012 on what is called Nesara News and has a monthly visit of 17 million plus visits a month between its national American and worldwide viewing audience. Because the Confederate Government might at any moment make the movement to effectively make the Confederate States of America a nation separate from Wash., D.C. again, it is obvious that we were heavily watched by federal operatives and agencies of Wash., D.C. to see if we would lead or not the Southern States called the Confederacy to effective national independence again or not. Also, intelligence agencies from all over the world were silently watching our national reports on Nesara News for the last 7 months or so to see if the South went independent again as a nation or not. Because we have changed our conditional name of Provisional Confederate Government to Confederate Government, it is obvious that legal tyranny towards the American people both North and South from Wash., D.C. has gotten so out of hand from the would-be national dictator Obama that we out of moral and legal obligations have changed our legal title from Provisional Government to the Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America. As Obama would not obey what the U.S. Constitution said he could legally do or not do, we are without at this time a lawful national government for the United States of America. As such we intend to offer first the people of the South and then the rest of America a lawful, constitutional national government the people can trust instead of this fraudulent, pseudo-government which has no legal respect for its national law called the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. Being abandoned by those who were supposed to be our national leaders to rapidly growing legal tyranny under pseudo-law called "acts of pretended legislation" in our American Declaration of Independence in 1776, we are with no apparent alternatives available to protect our Southern people from pending total legal tyranny like under Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin under the Soviet Union, we are forced by necessary to once again assume the effective active capacity as the lawful national government for the people of the Southern States called the Confederate States of America. If we do not, we have reliable intelligence reports how Obama plans to turn America into a total Communist government and nation and then murder we understand from a reported 25 million up to 150 million Americans to crush all resistance to him once he turns the so-called U.S. Republic into an official Communist dictatorship over America. We had a retired U.S. Army Major General and many other military sources report how Obama plans to mass massacre the American people once he thinks he cannot be stopped by the American people. To prevent this mass genocide planned to be the biggest in world history so far, we were forced to revive to political reality the authority for the Confederate Government to prevent the planned murder of from 25 million up to 150 million Americans as many military sources reported to us and publicly on the internet covering America
As reported in our earlier Nov. 9 genocide report to the United Nations, I gave technical information how university studies and medical lab reports from all over the world predict the entire human race will soon go extinct like the dinosaurs if my father's Vatican endorsed trade secret industrial food process is not soon revived to make for the people of the world what tests in various nations indicated was the greatest health food invented in human history. Pope Pius XII endorsed this great food discovery of my father was potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. Also, scientists and engineers of Nazi Germany, Soviet scientists and engineers of the Soviet Union, and American milling interests it was reported to me spent around $50 million trying to crack the secret how my father's Vatican endorsed super health food was made but no scientists and engineers could ever crack the family trade secret how you mill grains to capture virtually all the nutrition in those grains and make them easily digested and used by the human body. My father produced the super health flour from wheat which created a super health bread technically called white bread but had a little yellow tint to it due to all the nutrition in it. Also, bread consumption heavily increased where 2,300 and more bakeries in America used this flour to make this special super health bread for their customers. The bread had a great taste to it as well as being so good for human health! U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson was among prominent sources endorsing this as very important for the national health of the American people. Other important sources endorsed as very important for world health of all races and nations on earth. A number of times I either had the money raised or else produced by myself to pay for the reestablishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process and always Wash., D.C. would block me from receiving the money already committed to back me or else the money I had produced got stolen by Wash., D.C. "dirty trick" operations. I lost count but estimate that Wash., D.C. has tried up to maybe 30 times to federally murder me including the time that I got a permanent scar on my forehead from one of these times a federal murder squad was sent to murder me, but I had the brains to keep from getting murdered at that time. Always Wash., D.C. would use their very corrupt tactics so I could never get a grand jury to investigate these federal murder attempts and federal judges would give their con artist replies when I asked them in court to issue a legal order so these federal murder attempts would be investigated.
As a side issue to these criminal acts against me, I stumbled upon a criminal system used in Wash., D.C. to mass steal from the American people and from citizens of many to all member nations of the UN. The American people are too trusting and too naive or else they would have caught on to the grand larceny theft ring of the U.S. Justice Dept. If it had not been for an operative for the U.S. Justice Dept. who called himself "deep knight" I would not have spotted the trick how the U.S. Justice Dept. repeatedly steals large to huge amounts of money from American citizens and citizens of most to all member nations of the UN who invested in the same business plans as American citizens such what was called Omega Trust, Zeek Rewards, and a very long list of other large business plans and ventures. The large targeted pool of money is to be stolen by the U.S. Justice Dept and federal operatives such as this "deep knight" it appears put up this front how all these financial ventures with large funds are all cons or ponzi schemes even though many have been paying regularly even for years without fail until their funds are seized by the U.S. Justice Dept. and then these federal plans begin mass pouring out all sorts of claims how they were con game operations. The public never checks out facts independently and so meekly as lambs allow the U.S. Justice Dept. to pocket the seized funds. Whether these funds are just handed over the corrupt U.S. Republic or else split between officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. and other corrupt judges or others in Wash., D.C. I will let grand juries investigate and find out, but when repeatedly hearing how no one gets any money back from these seized large pools of money, these seizures are not to protect the American people but to enrich the federal government or else officials of the federal government. Also, I have a star witness hidden somewhere in America to this. I don't know officially if they are still running this con game in Wash., D.C., but likely it is still active. They created a claimed Forex fund. It was only for federal judges, corrupt federal officials, corrupt members of Congress, etc. This fund always paid basically super high returns on a regular basis regardless of the world Forex market at that time. I understand they had the Federal Reserve bank codes and created as much federal electronic counterfeit money as needed to regularly pay secret bribe money to corrupt members of the federal government and make it look legitimate because no one knew this federal electronic counterfeit ring was regularly paying off bribe money to federal judges, members of Congress, etc. to keep being corrupt for the federal government.
Some of the U.S. Justice Dept. convictions of people who did get judged "guilty" by kangaroo court procedures in federal courts, Clyde Hood had his son threatened as I recall would be murdered by the U.S. Justice Dept. through a legal maneuver I already reported in an earlier report posted with Nesara News how this federal murder of his son would be arranged and look "legal" in wording. Mike Kodosky was told that he would lose his feet as a diabetic if he did not confess to being guilty in this Omega Trust case against him as well as Clyde Hood. He said he would not confess to being guilty to a crime he did not commit. He later had his two feet chopped off as he had his insulin as a diabetic denied him until he would confess to being guilty. He died of a heart attack when his second foot was chopped off as the U.S. Justice Dept. had planned if he would not confess. This is how some of these "guilty" pleas were arranged by fraudulent criminal tactics of the frame artist lawyers of the U.S. Justice Dept. I don't know the final figure but first age I had a spy who reported to me that the U.S. Justice Dept. pocketed up to $174 million in cash up front. And apparently none of this money belonging to the backers of Omega Trust both American and I understand in over 30 foreign nations ever got even a dime back of their money from the U.S. Justice Dept. which had seized this money and then in colossal grand larceny pocketed all of it for themselves. I talked to many backers of Omega Trust all over America and none ever reported even getting a dime back from this federally seized money, so the conclusion is obvious that the U.S. Justice Dept. has been running apparently the largest grand larceny theft ring in America and maybe in the world! Just wanted to show you how criminal and deceptive is the federal government in Wash., D.C.
As many national reports posted with Nesara News for over 7 months clearly shows, I was excessively reasonable with Wash., D.C. to accept even just $4,400,000 for myself and $80,000 for an associate of mine who had a threatened and then executed computer hacking attack which ruined the computer of that person and made impossible to operate business websites this person had for America and worldwide. The threatening hacker by pen name of Deep Knight and operating out of Wash., D.C. 4 times threatened me with murder and with the third and fourth murder threat said these would be done in the name of Obama at the White House making these claimed four federally issued murder threats against me over the internet and publicly recorded as anyone could see these 4 claimed federal murder threats in the name of Obama. I reported these 4 murder threats nationally in national reports posted with Nesara News which has a very large national and worldwide viewer base for this widely watched national and worldwide blog. I called upon Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General who heads up the U.S. Justice Dept. to criminally prosecute this deep knight for 4 federal murder threats or so deep knight indicated but week after week and month now after month nothing happens to this deep knight. This U.S. Justice Dept. legal silence makes it sound for real that these 4 murder threats were federal and issued by order of Obama as claimed by deep knight. This deep knight is a small fish in the ocean symbolically speaking, but was useful to me to expose the big whale in the ocean called the U.S. Justice Dept. just how corrupt and criminal it really is.
When I used to send legal letters to Louis Freer, Director of the F.B.I. a branch of the U.S. Justice Dept., I would receive them back marked as "Refused." Not being a naive investigator, I carefully opened them up and saw where they had been opened up by the F.B.I., did not like me reporting federal murder attempts, etc. on my life, so sealed them back up looking like they had not been opened up so they would not be cornered by me where they had to legally record federal murder attempts on a private American citizen. Posting national legal charges on the internet with Nesara News legally trapped them! Of course they have seen my legal charges against them. So has much of America and the world!
Now as President of the Confederate Government Government, time for legal moves! The Confederate people have suffered a basic policy of economic genocide against the people of the South for 150 years now. First came federal naval blockade of the South planned to starve and bankrupt the people of the South from 1862 through 1865. Then came the confiscation of all Southern stockpiles of cotton during the "Civil War." As Northern qbolitionist members of the U.S. Congress said in 1865 when having the Union Army carry this genocide policy out, they said this should bankrupt the South for 100 years by confiscating the money to rebuild the Southern economy with by destroying the money to restart the Southern economy with. This policy of economic genocide against the South continues under Obama who has blocked all money that should be coming to me which I would have used to reestablish my father's Vatican endorsed food industrial process in the South which could skyrocket the economy of the entire South. For 150 years of economic genocide policy against the South, I now declare a Confederate lien upon all lands of Wash., D.C. not under current legal claims of the Confederate States of America. This lien is in the amount of $100 trillion in current purchasing power of U.S. money as of Nov.. 16, 2012. I was trained by six or the top economists of America and Europe. One was German and endorsed by Albert Einstein as teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century. And a prestigious international organization once wrote me up as "The Einstein of American Economics." This $100 trillion lien figure is a fair figure for 150 years of lost income of the South under federal economic genocide policy. I give this federal dictatorship and tyranny until the end of December, 2012 to pay this entire amount to the South or else we declare all federal lands and debts owed to Wash., D.C. as forfeited to the Confederate Government headed by me. We end up with legal title to all 50 states if not paid off by the end of December, 2012. Of course Wash., D.C. cannot pay this off as we won't take suddenly worthless printing press fiat money as Obama would try to pull if we let him. As an economist I know the economic trick Obama does not. We will get the $100 trillion and it will be worth dollar for dollar what it is now. Every state belonging to the Confederate States or wants to join the Confederate
States will receive $1 trillion to be divided to all their citizens 18 years old or older who want to become Confederate citizens.
Russia back us in the UN, pay us $1 million and you will receive $10 trillion to rebuild your industrial and agricultural economy with. This will also win you back the Ukraine to rejoin Russia as one nation. After we meet, if you agree to a plan to jointly benefit Russia and the new America reborn as a mighty nation under Confederate leadership, we will increase this $10 trillion to $20 trillion for Russia. End of bad feelings and mistrust between Russia and America. France you are guaranteed. As a descendant of the French royal line, pay $1 million fast and you get $2 trillion in this deal. Be slow and only $1 trillion will be left for you. $1 million gets $1 trillion for Britain, Ireland,
Italy, and $1 million gets $1` trillion for European nations from Spain, Greece, up through Norway, Sweden, etc. $20 trillion assigned for nations of Western Europe. $10 trillion left to build a giant industrial and agricultural nation of the Confederacy.
Send checks, etc. to NIFI at NIFI, P.o. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Acts as our financial clearing house. Backing nations vote for us in the UN. Put this document before the General Assembly of the UN. When you are ready, I will address the UN in our victory speech. Send emails to . Look up 80 or so national reports of mine with Nesara News in their search box at the top left of their website. Put in my pen name of Erasmus of America.
Yours for God and Confederate States of America, Martin Hunter, Pres., Erasmus of America

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