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Can The Awakening Be Hijacked?

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1Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? Empty Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:47 pm


Can The Awakening Be Hijacked?

Saturday, April 13th, 2013. Filed under: Activism Big Brother Censorship Consciousness Esoterica Just Zen New World Order Orwellian World The Awakening

Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? Consciousnessportal-640x427

by Zen Gardner

Once we understand that everything is an illusion we’re home free.
Knowing we’re eternal consciousness having this in-body experience is
the greatest gift anyone can possibly wake up to.

It’s wonderful, it’s free and it’s forever…and it’s for everyone! People just need to wake up to it.

That would seem to be fairly simple, especially once it has happened
to you. The fullness of life you expand into, the realization of
infinite possibility, is so exhilarating, liberating and profoundly
simple that you can’t help but wonder why everyone doesn’t see it.

This is especially so once the grand conspiracy being foisted on
humanity comes into crystal clear focus. Things really kick into high
gear upon realizing fully what’s going on and why we’re here at this
crucial time.

The notion that this wonderful realization should be apparent to all
soon fades though, when we remember being in that entranced unconscious
state ourselves, and how we thought we understood pretty well what life
was all about. Check.

How Did It Happen?

Almost all of us were once encased in something that kept us apart
from this simple experiential realization. That encasement was both
natural and engineered. Natural in the sense that we are spirit born
into a physical body, so there is a dimensional challenge right there.

The real problems arise with the cultural and societal constructs we
are born into. As helpless infants for an extensive period of time after
birth, we are at the complete mercy of whomever is caring for us.
Although we are inherently spiritual beings, if this is not corroborated
by the spirit and behavior of those around us a type of callous begins
to grow to obfuscate that knowledge. Much like waking from a dream and
not being able to remember it as a whole different “reality” takes over
our senses.

It just happens. If people have dumbed down parents they will most
likely be dumbed down as well. At least on the surface. In later years
they perhaps can wake up out of that environment as many of us have

Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? Conwar

The War On Consciousness

Children are very often extremely spiritual, often remembering their
previous state in detail. Children are born pure. If this inherent
spirituality is encouraged and the reality of our true nature
reinforced, this would be a very different world.

However it rarely is. Those indigenous peoples who were not raised in
engineered societies but only within simple cultural guidelines are
very spiritual and natural. There is no “waking up”, they just never
went to sleep. This is why these rich, conscious cultures and their
shamans have been systematically decimated by the ugly Controllers. They
do not want an awakened populace. Period. And these spiritually rich,
unharnessed indigenous peoples carried this awareness and connectivity
that the Controllers so despise.

So in their view the children of the world must be made to conform to
a system as limiting and spiritually confining as possible. This will
include drugging, mind control, restrictive false education in
militaristic institutions, treadmill like jobs, mindless diversions and
constant propaganda.

In other words, the imposed world system around us.

If you’re wondering why the global crack down is so fierce and
Orwellian and is accelerating at break neck speed, this is why. The
awakening is spreading like wildfire. And they know it. This is why
predators like Zbigniew Brzezinski see the awakening as a threat and say
things like “It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than it
is to control them.” (See for yourself here.)

This the kind of monster we’re up against.

Original Sin – The Seed of the Matrix

The most clever and effective tools to control mankind are religion
and belief systems. Instead of fully denying our spirituality, they
acknowledge it, then channel and control it. Win the masses over by
appealing to this innate drive in each of us to realize our spiritual
potential and take them to another nicely decorated cell they think is

They use this tactic a lot. Just look at the infrastructure of the
Catholic Church for probably the most blatant and elaborate example. The
other religions and denominations aren’t far behind. Anything to
“protect” us from reality and personal responsibility.

Original sin is one of the most colossal reversals of truth of all
time. That and the fear of death. From start to finish these parasitic
overlords lie, steal, destroy, manipulate and kill. They’re never
satisfied. But that’s how they do it, reverse and confuse everything
until your true orientation is almost impossible to find.

Or so they’d like to think.

That we were born in “sin” and need someone else to pay a fee to get
our innocence back couldn’t be more binding, never mind exclusive of
everyone who doesn’t see why they have to pay this toll for just
arriving here. It’s like having to buy land and water on our own planet.
Who the hell thinks they own this place?

In reality we were born pure until they put their filthy matrix trip
on us. Even then they will never conquer our indomitable conscious

Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? Shill-Alert

If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Lead ‘em

Who can you trust in this day and age, even with the internet
communication and information revolution? It’s obvious the PTBs will try
to subvert or nullify the Truth movement, or whatever you want to call
it. They must think we’re naive dolts like the asleeple and just
awaiting their fascist harvesting combine. Quite the arrogant disconnect
there, when their machinations are so obvious to the rest of us.

But that makes sense, when they live in a lower density mind trap and can’t even conceive of our state of consciousness.

Overall there’s a lot to be wary of. And that’s a healthy attitude.
Am I paranoid? Damn straight I am. They are after us. Reminds me of
Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Most Dangerous Game” where the ultimate hunt
for the gamesman is a human being. That’s their mindset.

I Don’t Believe in Believing

When it comes down to it, don’t believe anyone. Belief is a form of
spiritual weakness. Faith or knowledge is a whole different animal, but
belief will get you in trouble. Pursue until you are fully convinced.
Sometimes it takes some doing, many times you just know something in
your heart to be true. That’s not a belief, that’s knowing. That is
where we derive our power, our happiness, our effectiveness.

Belief will have you living in vain, vain repetitive prayers or
rituals, vain longings for what you desire as you await the graces of
some deity; vain hopes for things that could be realized through knowing
affirmation. Even the quantum physicists know better. What we intend
and focus our attention on becomes manifest.

Our knowing creates our world.

I tell people all the time to not believe me or take my word for it.
People need to find out for themselves. That’s what’s wrong with the
world today. Everyone just blindly follows the dictates of the matrix.
What choices they do make are within a carefully contained compartment,
giving the illusion of freedom.

I’m just sharing my take and if it resonates or helps people on their
way, great. People need to get their own knowledge and perspective. I
just want to help turn over a few stones as I’m learning myself and stir
people up a bit and maybe inspire and spur them to action to free
themselves and others.

If someone thinks I’m full of crap that’s fine with me. They go their
way and I go mine. But let’s at least acknowledge the sanctity of
having the freedom to each pursue and learn for ourselves.

I like it when people challenge anything, as long as it’s
constructive and in a spirit of wanting to learn and find the truth of
the matter. When someone shoves their program too hard or it’s for self
justification or aggrandizement watch out. We all get out of it
sometimes but when there’s a regular pattern we have a problem. But even
then, take the good stuff and leave the rest. You’ll usually find
yourself looking at other sources naturally and leaving the
questionables behind.

Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? Psyops

Truth Psy-Ops

The Truth community or alternative research community is already
infiltrated, you just know it is by simple logic. The PTB’s motto is to
lead the opposition, that’s how to control it. So you know they are
amongst the places we all visit for information trying to mislead and
misinform. Some are obvious like the politicized bullshit or obvious
religiously oriented propaganda. Some aren’t that easy to spot, much
like these new computer viruses that appear and disappear.

With real conscious awareness comes discernment. We need to listen with our ears and minds, but most of all with our hearts.

I can’t say I know for sure who’s who myself but you can usually
sniff them out. For example, there are some who’ve captured the
so-called “patriots’” attention with mountains of exposes and angry
rhetoric and most don’t have a clue where they’re being led and what a
diversion it potentially is. Even some of the alternative health sites
have some very questionable viewpoints and allegiances. The information
in these compromised outlets is mostly bang on, otherwise it wouldn’t
work. But there are usually major gaps missing from the full Truth, or
it’s caged in a structured paradigm that by definition is limiting and
will only land us in new versions of the same problems.

Eventually, partial or adulterated truth leads nowhere compared to
the full truth. Worse yet, disinfo and fear based based information is
designed to bring on the much desired engineered slaughter of those who
don’t fully wake up.

Maybe it’s all karmic and what has to happen with people getting
waylaid by partial truths, I don’t know. I do know what my path is and
it’s not based on a destination or outcome. The path is what I’m doing
and living every day, and I’m an extremely grateful and happy person. I
did have to go through several major life changes to find the full
“Now” way of life, which I feel I’m still just learning about and at
childhood stage which I’m very comfortable with. In fact I feel I know
less all the time. The wonderful mystery of it all just gets more
fantastic and I’m learning to just let go and enjoy it instead of trying
to figure everything out.

Funny thing is, the more you do that the more wonderful things just come at you.

Like many of you reading this, I couldn’t help keeping on until
everything became clear. It’s very humbling to wake up, everything is
just so so wonderfully clear. But it’s a massive responsibility at the
same time. If we don’t manifest and utilize this awareness, it will fade
and many will suffer.

Therein lies the catch.

Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? Religion-control-mind-power-demotivational-poster-1239865005

The Religious and Belief System Diversions

The NWO is a spiritual model most of all. They want control and
ultimately the spiritual is supreme and they know that. While they don’t
have the conscious awareness and wonderful empathy we have, they do
operate on a spiritual level, just a different frequency. The New World
Order includes a new world religion, and they’re warming up to it.

There’s a plethora of disinfo tools laced into the alternative
spirituality arena. If it disempowers, it’s wrong. If it directs your
allegiance, it’s wrong. If it robs you of your sovereignty, it’s wrong.
If it’s dogmatic and hierarchical, it’s wrong. Most lies and lying
systems have all of those traits, while other aspects are more subtle.
There are other attributes but to me the ones above are the most

The so called New Age Movement is rife with phony baloney trips,
messiahs and deliverance doctrines. Many will be tempted to rest their
weary minds and park in any one of these false peace parking spaces and
expect someone to cover for them.

Walk on your own two feet. There’s nothing more empowering and liberating.

We have to understand there are plenty of way-stations, indefinite
stopovers, sidetracks and diversions on our path to fulness. For these
psychopathic control freaks to try to hijack this awakening in every way
possible is clearly a priority for our continued subjugation.

The point is to get past them, and not fall for their mind candy and
rhetoric, no matter how appealing. We are divine in our entirety and do
not need some kind of system or group identity other than Love and
Truth. Sure, groups will form as action or fellowship gatherings, but
when the symptoms start appearing it is probably time to split, or
enlighten those around you. Until we have a clear, consciously aware
picture of what’s going on and our real situation, shortsighted actions
are just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

So, hijack the awakening? Let them try to put out the light of the
sun and stop the other stars from shining while they’re at it. What

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for these maniacs. They’re getting more
desperate by the day. These psychotic parasites are on the loose. We
need to be smart and on our toes.

And keep the light on. Those in the approaching darkness will be needing it.

Much love always, Zen


Thanks always to Zen for all he does.


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