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Death By A Thousand Cuts

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1Death By A Thousand Cuts Empty Death By A Thousand Cuts Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:04 am


Death By A Thousand Cuts
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge National Emergency Police State

Death By A Thousand Cuts DEATH-by-A-THOUSAND-CUTS
 by Chautauqua
We are bleeding to death here little by little, a bit more each day.  Every day we come closer still to succumbing to death by a thousand cuts in this place we allowed to become a prison planet with a captive population.  The chaos, confusion and cognitive dissonance we are all experiencing is intentional.  It is a design feature of the ‘master plan’ as some call it…the plan to subjugate humanity forever below the threshold of evolution.  Those who claim to still not see “it” have intentionally blinded themselves to the truth to preserve a belief system they still depend upon despite it’s ongoing collapse.  They will defend the glory of that belief system, and those who programmed it into them…to the death.  Time to disengage from those dear souls before you cannot, and end up sharing their particular destiny with them.
We are knee deep in the thick, muddy morass of 4th dimensional timespace just now, which is a great opportunity to dump the dead weight you won’t be needing for the rest of the trip.  Remember, neither the balloon nor submarine may rise until they cast off dead weight; that’s what it’s there for~ therefore, thank it, bless it and have done with it, if it no longer serves or supports you ongoing spiritual sojourn.  This process begins with belief systems, moves thru belongings & possessions then starts to work on the people in your life.  It’s really a shame we have been conditioned to attach so much sentimental & emotional energy to things which in the end are only going to cause us problems if we are unable to detach from them; causes a lot of pain, but also a lot of learning.  Sometimes even healing.
  Death By A Thousand Cuts 02-PROGRAMMING1
For those who have only ‘recently’ awoken to the bigger picture it must seem like when they weren’t looking the whole place became a dystopian circus within an Orwellian nightmare, written by Poe.  The first thing these folks need to detach from is any and all mainstream “news”, and the brief list below is why.
          Things You Should Know About           ~             Things the Media Tells you About
                 The Geo-engineering of Earth                                           What you need to be sexy
                 Chemtrails & Climate Change                                      Policy made with bronze age logic
                  The Transhuman Agenda                                                 Oprah Winfrey Makeovers
                 Why Whales are beaching themselves                                     The Bachelorette
                 Why Bats are dying by the millions                                      Who got Murdered
                 Why Bees are dying by the millions                                       Lyndsay Lohan
              Why bird populations are plummeting                              Who said what that doesn’t matter
              Why Pacific Marine Mammals are Dying                             Anything but Fukushima
                      Ocean Acidification                                                    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
                       Melting Ice Caps                                                             Car Chases & crashes
                        Deforestation                                                                        Justin Beiber
            The dangers from Natural Gas “Fracking”                               Who is getting divorced
             The Dangers from Tar Sands pollution                                  Michelle Obama’s workout
                   Mountaintop Removals                                                             Sex Scandals
                   Monsanto GMO poison                                                           The Stock Report
                The Privatization of Water                                                   What car to buy to be cool
                 Potential food shortages                                                               Who is Gay
                 Polluted & depleted aquifers                                                        Drama in D.C.
                     How to grow food                                                                    Sports Drama
                    Unity Consciousness                                                              Fear, Hatred, Separation
                         Agenda 21                                                                             21 Jump Street
                    Operation Garden Plot                                                                Family Values
               Obama’s Drones over America                                              How to improve your golf game
              Hazards of industrial pollution                                                    Lies about our History
                     The Truth about 911                                                                       90210
            Lies your government is telling you                                                      Boner Pills
            Lies the financial system is spewing                                                Courtroom Dramas
                 Lies about the tax system                                                                    Gas Prices
                    Lies from NASA                                                                    Never A Straight Answer
           How your rights are being taken away                                            ”Reality” Show Drama
         The true facts about Fukushima Radiation                                            What is being built
      Aging, damaged & leaking US Nuclear plants                                Whatever subtly perpetuates fear
                   The Realities of War                                                                Travel & leisure fluff news
      Depleted Uranium Residue spread by weather                                Who bought something expensive
           Growth of the US Prison Industry                                                   What haircut or suit to get
              Lies about the “War on Drugs”                                                 Stories about sexism & racism
           How to disconnect from fossil fuels                                            What Corporate products to buy
           Permaculture & Sustainable Living                                                      Who had a baby
           The importance of Organic Food                                                   Whatever will keep you tuned in
         The truth about the Archon Overlords                                                    Men in Black
As I said, it’s a brief list of things that just ain’t right in the world, and with life upon it, look around you. We are all dying here, a little bit more every day, dying from a thousand cuts by hands unseen, or even believed to exist.  All the more perfect, for them.
 Death By A Thousand Cuts STARDUST-US-640x400
This great evil, where’s it come from?
How’d it steal into the world?
What seed, what root did it grow from?
Who’s doing this? ~ Who’s killing us?
Robbing us of love & light.
Mocking us with the sight of what we might have known
Does our ruin benefit the earth?
Does it help the grass to grow or the sun to shine?
Is this darkness in you too?
Have you passed thru this night?”
~The Thin Red Line~
Once awake to what is transpiring, after getting our wits about us, the next obvious question is, what to do about it?  How do you defeat something like this, much less fight it back?  You don’t, and that is the key.   MORE>>

Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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