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Falling And Blowing Away…

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1Falling And Blowing Away… Empty Falling And Blowing Away… Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:54 am


Falling And Blowing Away…
Posted on September 18, 2013

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com
by Visionkeeper

Falling And Blowing Away… Dropping-into-life-and-setting-yourself-free http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
The old world is falling away quickly now. Are you grounded securely and willing to let it fade away or are you still rooted in the old ways and questioning whether it is time to move ahead? The illusions we all lived under for so long are blowing away in the storm sweeping the planet. Few people are taking the bait any longer, they can see the deceit flashing boldly now and are pulling back and shutting down their senses to what is being broadcast outward to the world. It is an odd feeling to be a part of. In the beginning it can be fearful to let go, but once you have progressed far enough along the path it seems effortless to release the fluff and let it blow by you. Your eyes no longer focus on what is wrong in the world. While it may be sad that so many are dying we also now understand that everything is happening as it should, that everything going on is part of a larger plan, and in order to get from here to there, everything that is taking place has its purpose for the shift at hand.
As you experience the outer world falling away and the foundation upon which you have been standing is no longer solid and safe, we can also see parts of ourselves falling away as well. We find things that used to bother us or trigger us off no longer do, things we once really liked no longer seem to appeal as much, even foods we once ate no longer seem right for our bodies. Everything is shaking and shifting and if you are trying to hold on to the way it was, the ride may well get very rough. Learning the art of acceptance will help us maneuver through this mine field much more gently. Even our way of thinking is falling away as we switch how we view life onto a new frequency. Try to view it as exciting and pregnant with new possibilities rather than fear what is taking place.
There is more than enough fear going around the plant to last several life times so we must not allow ourselves to get sucked in and bring it into our thoughts. Save the fear for something of great magnitude worth the emotion. The falling away of the old ways is a moment of celebration. The faster it falls the better. For every old travesty that falls loose and floats away a new space has opened up for a far grander way of life to take root. It is all nothing more than a process and we are witnessing it take hold. If our own foundations of who and what we are and believe are strong there is nothing to fear for we remain entrenched in the unfolding of the new world.
It is Autumn now. The leaves are shifting into new colors and beginning to dry up as winter draws near. Once they have completed their cycle they too will fall and blow away. The tree holds no fear over this process for there is a knowing that new leaves will form again come spring and the process will begin again. The same holds true for us. Our way of being is drying up and bits and pieces are falling away. There is no need to fear as like the trees we know a new part of us is being birthed and we are ending one cycle and beginning a new one. Autumn is about letting go of the old and reaping what we have been growing all summer, then resting come winter so we are ready to welcome new growth come spring. We are just like the seasons. Everything is intertwined and doing the same dance in one way or another. It is natural and it is expected. Bring out the wool sweaters and cameras, bring in the harvest from your gardens and enjoy the beauty of fall.
Blessings to us all,


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