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Energies Exploding…

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1Energies Exploding… Empty Energies Exploding… Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:48 am


Energies Exploding…
Posted on October 10, 2013 by Visionkeeper
Energies Exploding… Favim_com-362041
Music to read by below:
It seems everywhere I go I keep hearing about the intensity of the energies right now. It is true, they grab your attention that’s for sure. Part of what we should do is stay quiet and let the energy integrate into us and become a part of us. Definitely it will do little good to fight against them. It is an obvious time for us to begin to learn how to work with these energies, They are not just something happening to us. We can learn to use these energies to propel us further along to where we are trying to go. It seems these energies are heralding in the splitting of the two worlds now, for along with them is coming unrest and chaos to those not securely grounded and aware. Unfortunately I believe the dark is trying to use these energies and unrest to their advantage as well. The Government keeps doing insane things that make little sense to many, but I think they are being done with a definite plan in mind. Get the people so worked up and create so much instability that reigning in the people will be called for. We are already seeing it happen with the shutdown. Things are totally out of whack and  people’s heads are spinning like the exorcist movie. That is just what they want and we should NOT comply and give them disorder of any kind!
I am both concerned and pleased about this weekend’s truck shut down in Washington. The discontent is obviously becoming real and the masses are awake now and not happy about what is going on. This is good. If there are enough trucks to cause traffic jams, we must pray the Government does not use violent force to clear them out. If that were to happen it seems the people would come unglued even more than they already are. All those following the spiritual path have practiced for some time now staying balanced and focused and learning how to stay above the negativity and remain in their hearts. Unfortunately, we are not the majority yet and so that leaves a great many folks who may be easily pulled off-center and create chaos to express their frustrations. We must get ready to focus our attentions on peace and compassion and be ready to reach out and help quiet these situations and keep things calm. Tensions are most certainly bulging at the seams and getting ready to break free.
We knew this time was coming. There is no doubt about it now. We can feel something major about to unfold. The atmosphere around us is electric and pregnant like a blown up balloon growing to its limit before is bursts. I believe we are seriously beginning to take note now of the two distinct worlds that hang before us as they pull away from each other. A world of calm and reason and one of chaos, violence and confusion. Many have already stationed themselves in the peaceful world by now and are able to stand strong during these wild times whirling around them. There are those times, however, when we must go into town and shop and work amidst the spiraling insanity. It is at these moments we must keep centered on our mission and hold firm to peaceful thoughts, as well as reach out to try to quell unrest if it unfolds around us. We are headed into crazy times and it remains our mission to preserve a loving atmosphere on Gaia.
As I mentioned earlier, this weekend is the truckers shut down on Washington. How many will show up and what will unfold we have no way of knowing until it occurs. I have a feeling the displeasure with Washington and the politicians has grown to such level that many will show up to voice their frustrations and demand a change to what is taking place. We will be at the ready I hope and keep the focus on heart based thinking and positive input. If we feel the need to voice our own frustrations, let us find a positive way in which to do that. Please let us stay calm and stay in our hearts and keep promoting change in any way we can to help create the new world we so desire.
I will be checking in from time to time but I will not be posting everyday anymore unless it is needed. I will definitely post when I feel we need to pull together, such as now, so we can properly do what we came here to do. Shine the light and be love!
Peace to the world,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


2Energies Exploding… Empty Re: Energies Exploding… Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:40 am


to Prpl & Visionkpr muah  the veterans are showing themselves also... ok wink bravo 

Praying Peace, Love, Joy, Justice, Unity, Truth, Safety upon all in dc (and heading there from all over) beginning NOW.... ☀  :hugs :  :bouncy hearts: 

3Energies Exploding… Empty Re: Energies Exploding… Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:12 pm

Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Thanks Purpleskyz and Vision Keeper!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:  https://onlynaturesmagic.com/

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