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Posted on February 20, 2014 by Visionkeeper
Chaos…....... Crazy-cute-dark-darkness-favim-com-1093276 http://www.favim.com
Oh my! 2014 is starting out with a huge bang! I have a strong feeling within that this year ahead will offer up great change, instability and often chaos if we are not grounded and ready for what lies ahead. Humanity is being tested on all levels with no let up and amidst it all we are being asked to remain peaceful and to stay anchored within our hearts. A very challenging task indeed. We are being challenged with the race card again thanks to the recent trials in Florida. People are screaming and pulling their hair out as they cry foul to the verdicts being handed down. It is time to take a step back and realize we are being handed these challenges as a way to awaken ourselves to the absurdity of racial differences we have been brain washed with. A ploy to separate the people and prevent them from becoming one! We are being blessed with a gift to face reality head-on and rectify our mistakes. Instead of screaming and pitching fits we can say thank you for having been shown yet another area we need to change to create equality. These moments so many seem to view with despair are actually moments to be welcomed by society. To fall to our knees wailing over injustice is futile. This is an opportunity to WORK through this problem and create a new way of being. Racism is so not part of this new world, it is a ploy of the old paradigm and so out dated. We as a whole have grown way beyond this and there is no need for us to be hauled into the trap of being pitted against one another. It is time to get beyond this fallacy once and for all and the only way to do that is to change how we think and how perceive our lives! It is up to each of us to say NO, we will not be sucked into this hysteria ever again.
Fear is the other ploy being broadcast loudly to the world at this time. Are we going to fall for that too or are we strong enough now to say NO, I will not be sucked in by your fear tactics any longer? Every other day it is a new terror plot SUPPOSEDLY threatening us, both here at home as well as abroad.  Once again this becomes a form of separation of the people. The good guys versus the bad guys, the evil doers( lol)….No, it is not about that. It is yet another opportunity to figure out how we can all find common ground and come together. People fear black kids in hoodies because that is what they have been brainwashed into believing. It is up to each of us to figure out how to undo these myths and open our hearts and minds to one another. The hatred and oppression we see taking place in the world has all come about because people have not been allowed to live their lives as they so choose! We would not fear one another if we had never had the suggestion instilled in us that we should fear someone! We did not come forth into the world fearing people of different colors or different religions, that is what we have been taught!
Yes, there is a great deal of chaos going on in the world, but it all stems from living lives that are forced on us, not authentic to who we are. These ways of living are not who we really are. If you eliminated all of this negative, learned behavior, how different the world would be. So let us do just that. Stop and make a supreme effort to undo this wretched learned behavior that is tearing the world apart. It will take each of us doing it. Sitting back and watching the nightly news propaganda and getting all worked up over it and taking sides will get us absolutely NOWHERE! It all must stop and we must take control and say NO, I will not be drawn into this drama any longer. We can do this and we must do this, if we wish to acquire peace in our world. We are all equal, all wanting nothing more than to be validated and accepted and in the end loved. Nothing more, nothing less. It is up to all of us to BE the change we wish to see by changing how we think and begin seeing the world through new eyes that are accepting and caring and above all loving.
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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