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I studied Stiener...

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1I studied Stiener... Empty I studied Stiener... Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:05 pm

Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
I studied at Steiner college in sac. I studied many of Stieners avenues. He was a nutritionist first, I went to Steiner to study Biodynamic farming and then studied many things. Because of bad diet, life less food you basically cannot change your consciousness. Why do people only pick out their interests and not show they full engagement of the information??? I would like to add that if you are taking pharm drugs most likely you are already taken over by dark spirits, especially the ones that block the neurotransmitters, blocking the mind and body connections. There is a movie based on fact about such a thing called the last exorcism of Emily Rose, and it ia a court case about the fact Emily Rose was given these kinds of drugs and it was impossible to get rid of the demons in her because of it and not only that but more moved in. Nutrition and your body is the most important way to keep yourself in a state of clarity first and the brain operating on high! One of my fav books by Steiner I will post here as well. Why do we go for the low end first? Not the high? Steiner believed that, well here is a quote:
So long as one feeds on the food from unhealthy soil, the spirit will lack the stamina to free itself from the prison of the body. RUDOLF STEINER


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