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Where the Hell is God?

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Where the Hell is God?

Posted on February 8, 2018 by talk2momz

Where the Hell is God? Where-is-god

The Mind Trip
We’re working our way through a massive mind trip: the minds that manage our incoming information have taken the concepts of love and tolerance and bent them to an extreme. We are asked to tolerate everything that human beings can come up with because we are loving, empathetic and ‘contemporary’ and evolving. ‘One world one love’ has been turned out.
It won’t work – because it’s a mind trip.
And it’s a ‘cryin’ shame’, as my family used to say, that human kindness and acceptance, even the word Love, have been made shallow and poisonous. You either love and tolerate everything you’re told to or you could be: a misogynist, patriarchal, sexist, homophobic, immigrant-hater, racist who is intolerant and ignorant… or prudish, old and outdated.
If you, like me, happen to be someone who doesn’t like their emotions to be manipulated and their mind being ‘bent’, it doesn’t make you outdated. You might just be correctly dated. I’m walking toward the world we will create when we are able to Be what Love is. For this we need truth and our own wholeness.
The polarized thinking that we are all subjected to makes it more challenging for me to write about what I experience with regard to race. It’s a subject tied to the deepest of conditioning and programming. No matter how challenging, I’ll attempt it anyway – maybe I can help, at least that’s the hope. It starts with looking at our footing.
Right now we are in the position our ancestors’ efforts (or struggles) have placed us; their struggles were in response to forces that were dominant, i.e. decisions of kings, politicians, popes, intellectuals, money-lenders and mother nature.
Someone’s mind has been in charge – be it God, government, or a few money’d men. Born into a role, playing a part, formed by the system, doing our best to understand what life really is, we are standing where our birth and life choices have taken us. No two of us are alike. Wherever we are, it’s the right place.
I’m going to approach the subject of race through my experience of poverty in the ‘hood’. There are many situations of poverty that people around the globe are subjected to and I’m sure they all downpress the human spirit in some way. I see how my spirit is affected by environment alone, and I wasn’t born here.
Back to the cryin’ shame: our compassionate and truth-loving spirit within is being overwhelmed by a false narrative. This is why it’s so important to look inside and consider our footing. We must be able to sort things out individually and collectively – to turn and not be led off a cliff. Truth leads to justice and then to harmony, peace and wellness. We must listen for it.
People’s stories are testimonies, in a sense. Some would say, “my truth”. So, let’s get into my truth and pose the question: Where the Hell is God?
Poverty and Lack
Our life journey, our quest for knowing and being, takes us to vistas where we become the one who knows a certain landscape, having lived it not in darkness, but in the quest to know what is. This writing, about poverty and lack, is not the emotional complaint of a victim but rather an observation from a vista.
I was born into a family that would definitely qualify as poor – I remember times when our situation showed up in meals of rice with sugar and milk or maybe crackers and milk. My parents came through the great depression and so did the entire community. Families had survived many hard and fearful times, yet the feeling was not one of lack – it was more of a ‘work hard, get an education, grow up good, love God’ mentality. I was born in 1946.
I’m going to call the situation poverty plus, and the plus is several things. The foundation of land the grandparents had homesteaded: an inheritance. We also inherited a history and a culture.
We had the stories of our European ancestors who were peasants and fishermen. We heard how they left family and sought a better life as landowners – pioneers on the prairie. We know they had a strong will and a belief: “By the grace of God my needs are met.” That connection, and the fact that we also had some ‘lift ups’ from the government, made it possible to build.
So this is where I began. Thirty-eight years down the road, while steadily seeking a way to stand on my own, I did a turn-about and entered into a poverty minus life. This became my spiritual path – something I chose in order to ‘live up’ to myself or my childhood promises to serve God.
The poverty minus I’m describing is a situation of no inheritance, complete disconnection from original history, culture, and ancestors, plus a degraded environment that translates into a systematic boot on your neck.
Some folks like to romanticize poverty – especially that of Indigenous Peoples and Afrodescendants. For example, they might look at Afrodescendants (those who have Trans-Atlantic slavery in their ancestry), like they’re more in touch with soul because of the experience. There are some aspects of truth to our romantic hope.
Within some Black people is a fairness, compassion and the ability to ‘feel’ that we look upon as deeply resonant with the truth, wise and trustworthy, and we love it. Within some we find a great deal of spiritual integrity. There is also damage and deception and anger and unknowns that give rise to fear.
When I go to the corner store I see the damage. Are there people who have lost their sanity? Yes. Poverty minus is a load to carry, and it’s trans-generational. Do poor people steal or do they waste money on the ‘appearance of having money’? Sure. Are there black people who hate themselves, their situation, and others who are black? You bet. Are there young people with guns competing in a drug economy? There are. Are their addicts? Sadly. Are there people who believe: ‘By the grace of God my needs are met’? Yes, plenty.
Poverty minus is the ‘make bricks with no straw’ problem.
We can look at the problem from three vistas: what’s going on in the world – what’s going on within ourselves – collective evolution.
Bricks With No Straw
There is an old story where a king commands that a captive people make bricks and he takes away the straw. The extra pressure of having no straw is intended to keep the people in a survival struggle and prevent the next step of self-determination or self-realization.
Bricks with no straw fall apart – no connections – you can’t build anything. What could people use in place of the straw?
I listen to tons of spiritual teachers and I like them – each one coming from their own perspective. Simplify the abundance teachers and it sounds like this to me: mind is life – whatever you believe is what you experience – if you experience lack it is something you created for yourself to experience – when you believe you are abundant you will live in a world of abundance, and so on.
I get that, and I can believe that and live that. If there is no food I can say – look at this – I’ve given myself an opportunity to fast. I can do it up to the point where an innocent child has no food. Then I have to start asking… where is God?
Across the board we have ancestors who believed that it is by the grace of God that needs are met. Needs are not always met no matter how much we believe we’re abundant.
In the spiritual community we identify God as dwelling within ourselves and in all, and we take on a co-creator role. That’s a good and fruitful experience always – I love being in that mind. We call it an expanded awareness – realizing that we are a spark of the eternal Source. At times we are both in heaven and in the world.
In the world we’re realizing that there’s something wrong with this picture. We’ve been kept in the dark and we’ve been controlled – humanity living in a slavery system. Good people are put down – evil people are on top. We’re standing like sheep on a cliff, imprinted with fear, starting to see our situation. We need to know the truth so we can turn toward it and rise up out of this.
Now let’s expand the view to consider whether the entire slavery system time period, of perhaps thousands of years, might have taken place for a purpose, the purpose being humans evolve by facing challenges, and this is the big one. Can we now break free of fear for our survival, and all that comes with it – to realize who we are and to grow Up.
It’s possible there could be a ‘collective evolution’ purpose in this. We were born into families, and into a time, and into a shift in consciousness. One of our great tasks is to separate what actually is being experienced from the mind trip imposed upon us through twisted incoming information.
Here’s a suggestion – if you’re looking at a situation that you know is and has been unfair, and people you know have collectively been ‘put through it’, having lost their entire inheritance, i.e. Native Americans and Afrodescendants, let that information in and just accept it. You don’t have to run out and join a group – just know that it is so.
Sorting It Through
There are too many ‘harmed’ people, all stirring around in the same dissatisfied pot. When we take all the harmed people out of the pot we can see the difference: women’s issues, gender issues, religious intolerance issues, racism, classism. Some say the perp is always white men. There’s some truth in that, and quite a lot of error. It helps to remember the mind trip – fear programming was imposed and it still is.
We have to sort through the incoming to see what emotion the messages are carrying and what reaction the true perps are hoping to get from us. When we see that, we can turn this around. Step one is to step back.
Some issues are contrived for a demented purpose, some are exaggerated by fear and unfamiliarity, some are male/female imbalance rising to the surface, and some are long-running assaults on the human spirit for the sake of profit. Poverty minus as experienced by Afrodescendants and Indigenous Peoples falls within that last category.
Beneath all the incoming information, political positions, popular opinions and even brief encounters there is a reality: the future of the Earth depends upon giving a fair shake to every single person and to every people.
No matter how you might wish to defend yourself when being collectively accused, remember who you are in your heart, and seek understanding of what’s going on. You didn’t create this world but you can look at it honestly, and make it better just by doing that. This is an opportunity to rise into wisdom and love that goes way beyond tolerance – it really is Love – originating within.
Let’s conclude with a childhood dream.
It may have been in my teens that I became aware of something that comes up missing in the grown world: if you know what the other is in need of, and you have it, and it’s possible for you to do so, why not give it? Share. Why not offer your abundance to the world around you? You would have done so as a child. You would have been unafraid.
The same goes for your mind, and time and energy. Can you share it? If something comes into your sphere that needs to be done, or you want to keep your word, or lift things up, and you are capable of accomplishing it and able to do it, why would you not offer yourself? It feels good – and energy is renewable.
Of course we were taught to protect what we have – there is war and rape and plunder in the greater world, and even in a small and friendly farming community there is gossip and jealousy, fear and prejudice. So we learn through disappointment as best we can, and we painfully part from innocence. We begin to hide parts of ourselves.
Return to innocence: be true to your higher self, become your higher self. It is safe to do so.
There are many collective ‘situations’ or maybe we could even call it dimensions of similar mental, physical, emotional, spiritual energy, and poverty minus is one. My intention, in this writing, is to simply let people know so that they can respond more authentically.
When we are true to ourselves we don’t have to ask, when confronted with any situation, “Where is God?” We’re the ones to change the world and we’ve always known that. We just haven’t known who we truly are, where we are placed by our birth, and how to begin. There was a veil over our consciousness, and fear drove us.
As we remove the veil and realize where God is, we won’t be led or driven to harm or compromise our own humanity, or the humanity of others. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Thanks to: https://talk2momz.com


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