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Extremism is an Everyday Event

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1Extremism is an Everyday Event Empty Extremism is an Everyday Event on Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:43 am


Extremism is an Everyday Event Woman-tending-garden-by-phyllis-tarlow

Extremism is an Everyday Event

June 18, 2020 Ines Radman  

This plandemic has given me much to contemplate. I vividly recall Alex Collier telling us how the Andromedans were shocked when they found out that we have to pay to live on this planet. From the richest man on Earth to the poorest societies, such extremes exist on this planet.
Imagine that, each piece of land in every country is either government owned or privately owned. Each piece of land we must pay for, our land, our planet and we have to pay to live on it. There is enough land on this planet that every single human being would have more than 1 Acre of land, so a family of 5 would have access to 5 Acres of land. This family can be totally self sufficient, grow whatever is able to grow depending on climate, create it’s own energy using the Sun, collect rain water or live near rivers and creeks. Instead, we must pay for energy, pay for gasoline, pay for the land and pay for precious water that the rain provides for all of humanity.
Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if we all had equal access to land, but for someone like Jeff Besos to now being the richest man on earth, having so much money that the next 20 generations would not be able to spend just doesn’t make sense to me. While millions, perhaps billions of people have nothing to eat from day to day.
When we talk about Human Rights, Racism, inequality and terrorism, we can’t fix this until we all have equal access to the planet. Until this happens, the powerful will continue to rule and the poor will continue to receive handouts.
Even if Racism stopped being the social problem that plagues all countries, it would not solve anything. There will still be extreme poverty and extreme wealth. We would still struggle to survive, nothing changes at all. Think about it? Let’s just assume that as of today, June 18th, 2020 we all stopped being racists. How the fuck do we do that? Let’s pretend we are no longer racist. What is the end result? Probably less policing, less crime, maybe people of color will have better opportunities, whatever, but what really changes other than the mindset of those that are being discriminated? How do you prove you are no longer being discriminated? These are all programs designed to keep us dumbed down, stressed out, angry at each other and those that control us don’t see the difference between black and white. We are ALL slaves on this planet, but they would want you to believe that whites are not being discriminated against. Socially maybe not, but nobody on this planet has it better off because they are white, but because they believe they are superior therefore, their attitude determines their success in life.
I know it sounds crazy, and I am not saying that Racism doesn’t exist, of course it does, but if we eliminate that, what changes? How do we eliminate Racism? African Americans carry last names of their Slave Masters. Nobody talks about this on mainstream media. These poor people that were brought to the America’s were stripped of their identity and given names by their masters. To this day, African Americans carry the last names of their Slave Masters. How will they ever get over this when they are reminded of it everyday?
Do they not want to know what their lineage is? Is there a way to find out? Would they not want to know what village or tribe they belonged to and take back their family names? I think that would be the retribution or restitution rather than just throwing money at them. I think that reclaiming their identities and genealogy would be a proper way to restore their place in society.
I’m saddened by this extreme divide between the rich and poor. While I enjoy a beautiful roof over my head and have no worries about tomorrow, those that were poor before the Plandemic are now destitute, not only without a home or food, but without hope. How can I sleep at night knowing that I am well while so many parents stay awake all night feeling like shit because they could not feed their children and they had to go to bed hungry?
Sure, I can say that we all came here for purpose. Each one of us chose a character to play, I get that. But, did we know that once we entered the human body that we would suffer inside seeing the pain and suffering of those that don’t have? Are we not part human too?
I jump from being human to being a multidimensional being, in this constant struggle of why we are in such bad condition here, even though we all chose to come here at this time. Without poverty, we would not appreciate abundance. Without wealth, we would not understand what Poverty is like. Each one exists for us to understand the differences. So long as we are well fed and bills are paid, we don’t think about these things and we make very little effort in improving our lives and of those that don’t have. We have become “me only” and while we focus on improving our lives, we forgot that we should take what we need and share the rest with others.
Do you think about these things? When you’re having your morning coffee are you thinking about the world or stuck in your mobile phone reading up on likes and dislikes, trends, gossip and social justice? Have you ever gotten up in the morning and contemplated others or do you just think about yourself today and what you need to do to get ahead?
You see, materialism is a disease and only because we have to pay for everything. If you lose your home, it’s not just your life, but all the fucking money you put into it knowing that even insurance won’t cover everything. We pay for everything, this is where materialism comes from, not from shopping for things we don’t need, but because our hard earned money goes into things we want and we become very possessive of this.
This is what they wanted, they set up the system this way so that you are eternally locked into a system of working, giving your energy to someone else or another corporation. You have been programmed to believe that you need to get a Diploma on useless information that doesn’t serve you. You have to get a student loan, in other words, you are paying for education that serves the master. After your JOB, you now have a few hours to shop, care for family/home and walk the dog. Exhausted you go to bed, only to worry about doing it all over again. It’s a dog eat dog world, this is what they designed for you. A system that never works for you, only usurps your energy, and then they feed on your tired, wasted and negative energy you created because you are a slave.
I say you, because I’m not a slave to anyone. Although I have to live in the system, I’m not dependent on it except for utilities. Maybe one day I will leave the modern way of life and move into a place where nobody sees me, out of sight, a homestead that will provide me with even more energy freedom so that I can collect rainwater and use Solar power; but I’m not dependent on anyone or anything. I can wake up whenever the body chooses to, I have no employer to give my energy to, I have no master to tell me how to live my life. Although not completely free, I am much better off than most people.
So, sure it’s easier said than done but everything I mentioned above has to be a pre condition in order for things to get better. We still have a long way to go, but time is now speeding forward, we have gained momentum, what used to take 10 years to evolve, it now takes 6 months.
Eliminating Racism will not solve anything but a Psychology and Perception. Until all humans have access to equal education, equal land rights, equal freedoms and are no longer listed as Asians, Greeks, Limurians, Africans, etc., only then we will be able to move forward as a Human Race.
The divisions created start at country borders, regions, municipalities and cities/villages. Different languages, different cultures, different religious beliefs even though there is only ONE Creator; different social norms, different diets, different music, different belief systems, ALL of this was designed like the Tower of Babel; to keep us all separated and at war with each other. Just think about it. Although these are my beliefs and perceptions, it doesn’t mean they are correct, they are just mine and I am sharing them with you for the purpose that you “contemplate” your place in this reality and measure how much you are contributing to the betterment of humanity and not just Yourselves.


Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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