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Not Again by Ines Radman

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1Not Again by Ines Radman Empty Not Again by Ines Radman Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:17 am


Not Again by Ines Radman Woman-tending-garden-by-phyllis-tarlow

Not Again

August 15, 2020 Ines Radman

I know that the topic of CoVid is constant, whether it’s at home or at work or on the news, we just can’t seem to avoid not talking about it. There are many versions of what it is, how it got here and how governments are controlling it, but I haven’t seen anyone yet cover this segment of: Why are some people getting sick, why are some dying and why are some asymptomatic.
Honestly, I can’t prove my beliefs about this Virus, but I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that warm weather makes no difference. With so many climate zones across the globe, this virus is not affected by temperatures.
Whether it’s a bio weapon or not, whether we may be sprayed with bio weapons or not, the question still remains: Why are some people dying, why are some people very ill, why are there no consistent explanations about what symptoms we should know about to be concerned.
So, why are the experts not giving us the information that is crucial for you and me? We hear about the statistics everyday, how many infected, how many ill, how many on ventilators, but NOTHING about what symptoms people experience? Don’t you find that odd? How would you know you are infected if you don’t know what symptoms present themselves? Do you still think it’s coughing and lung illnesses?
Don’t you find it interesting that they don’t mention what symptoms to expect? How would you know if you have CoVid? I can tell you that it’s not just a cough or lung infection, shortness of breath. It has many symptoms ranging from watery stools, high fevers, low grade fevers, kidney infections, urinary tract infections, brain seizures, blood clots, damaged lung tissue; the list is long. Why are they not talking about this?
It goes back to the theory or experience I had in actually confronting the Virus and seeing it for what it is. A robotic insect that enters the body and seeks low frequency areas where it can nest itself. In other words, it will attack your body where it is weak.
What medicine has failed to do over it’s existence is to tell you that we should never stop a fever. Unless it’s over 39C and goes on for more than 48 hours, a fever is your body telling you that your body is undergoing an attack. A fever is your Immune System in action, it is fighting an enemy or dealing with some kind of internal crisis. Each time you take a pill to lower your temperature, you are in essence killing your immune system. Over a period of time, the immune response to invaders no longer works. It got used to being shut off and it just stops doing it’s job. The same goes for the Thyroid. For those that have issues with the Thyroid and have to take hormones, an interesting event takes place. The Thyroid stops producing hormones; because a replacement enters the body, it simply stops producing. That’s why doctors tell you that you have to take the drug for the rest of your life. If you are being tube fed, you don’t need to chew on food, your hunger is gone.
The second very important issue as to why we all respond differently to the virus has to do with the Immune System. If you don’t eat right, don’t live right, if you live a stressful life; your immune response becomes very weak. In fact, I have read that after some time, invaders can enter your body and you would never know because the Immune Response System is DEAD. There are many reasons why we behave differently but it does come down to your Immune System.
It may not be a good comparison but take the USA for instance. It has the highest obesity, heart disease and diabetes rates in the world. Just these 3 different problems can severely hamper your Immune Response System and the Virus will attack the weakest link.
The last time I had the flu was when I was pregnant with my son in 1981. That was the last time I was really sick. I get fevers, a few each year. They last a few hours and go away. This is my body telling me that it’s alive, it reboots and restarts after being dormant for long periods.
I compare this to a car. My island is 16 km long. My car goes into service once a year, and each time my service rep says to me: ” You have to drive this car more often, the engine will not last as long”. So, like many on the island, we take the car out for rides just to keep that engine lubricated. Well, the immune response works the same way, it has to reboot in order to function well.
Whatever this Virus really is, how it got here, whether it was an accident and slipped out of a lab or truly did come from an animal is irrelevant. How we deal with it is irrelevant. As you can see across the globe, governments are able to stop the spread, let people go back to work with restrictions in place, and like today, South Korea has a major outbreak again. Why? Because this Virus can’t be stopped it can only be slowed down. Until we are all exposed to it and develop immunity, nothing will change.
I doubt that any vaccine will stop the spread. What virus in the past in an epidemic or pandemic for that matter came through hot weather or summers? I couldn’t find anything in history. So logically, this means that perhaps some ” experts” and “virologists” outside the status quo claim that this virus contains H1N1, Hep. C and HIV. Hep. C and HIV even today have been going around and they cannot be stopped either. I’m not a medical doctor, I’m not an expert in Viruses, but I do have common sense and my common sense or Intuition is telling me that we will be in this vicious circle for years to come. That something is being hidden from us because our experts DO NOT talk about symptoms, because they don’t want to compare regular flu deaths to this Virus death rate. Something stinks, I think most people know this by now.
What can you do? Eat well, get healthy if you are not, heal your health issues or just lock yourself up in the house because sooner or later, you will be exposed to CoVid. It’s all a matter of time and how you will respond to it. This is the only logical and common sense advice I can give you. Yes, wear a mask but wearing a mask is not good for you. I have an Oxymeter I used to measure my partner’s oxygen saturation. Without a mask on, I measure at around 98 to 99% saturation. I wore the mask for an hour and by the end, the saturation was 92%. Although it’s not low enough to cause harm, it does affect the heart and like radiation, it’s accumulative. You are breathing back carbon dioxide or whatever it’s called; you are denying your lungs the oxygen it needs. It’s ok to wear it while you are required to enter a store or other public places, but to wear it all day is really not good but I can’t prove that it doesn’t protect you either or that you are protecting others from infection because the experts don’t either. There is no science behind this subject, only expert speculation so it’s a choice you get to make.
I wear it where it’s required. Why? Because there will always be that one person that will cause chaos and blame me for infecting others, so I don’t make trouble, I get my things as fast as I can and get out. In Croatia we are not forced to wear them nor is it required expect in public and closed spaces.
Get healthy, improve your diet if you’re not eating correctly, take supplements to boost your Immune System, it’s all we can do at this point. What I am afraid of is that once the Vaccine is out, people will be lined up to get one and I don’t see that as a solution. This will become a Vaccine like all other seasonal flu vaccines. They will guess what strain and mutation each time and you have a 50/50 chance of being covered with the correct strain. The side effects are unknown because of one very important issue and nobody is talking about this either.
In studies, researchers take the healthy people to vaccinate. Healthy subjects are chosen to be injected with the virus. Healthy people are used to test this vaccine on. Researchers can’t risk injecting anyone with any type of disease, therefore, the findings or results cannot possibly reflect the actual responses as most of the population on this planet have some kind of health issue. Something to think about.


Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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