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MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan

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MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan

April 21, 2021

Announcing TS Caladan’s Last Published Book: MANDELA II – More Analysis
MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan Mandela-II-1024x725
     13 is a good number to go out on. I am proud to present my 13th published book by TWB Press (over a 6-year period). A few years back, I found out what a Mandela Effect was and my world has not been the same, excuse the pun. I am in the minority of people who believe real changes have happened here on Earth and beyond, unnatural changes. Whereas most people believe Mandela Effects are simply mistaken memories. “We always thought it was one way, when it was something completely different.” 
     The reason most people (if they’ve heard of M.E.) believe we’ve just gotten it wrong all this time is because the phenomenon has not been studied by people. “Mistaken Memories” is the easy answer that is 100% wrong! People do not research, investigate or have open minds to the incredible. No, they let the Media do all their thinking for them. They’re lazy. They’re simple. They believe what they are told via TV, Internet, movies, etc. They’re not curious. They only want to push a button to find answers, rather than WORK at discovering the truth. Most people believe there is no Mandela-phenomenon because that’s what they are told and told that WAY TOO MUCH. “They,” most videos, INSIST too much. Pushing an agenda and people no longer Question what they’ve been force-fed. 

     Very few honest investigators remain on YouTube. YouTube videos are primarily bullshit, “shills,” paid liars to sway you away from anything real and true. It’s mostly propaganda and brainwashing, information not trying to educate you – but trying to deceive you and keep you on a simple level.
     I wrote ‘Mandela Effect – Analysis of a Worldwide Phenomenon‘ because of the vast number of oddities that weirdly changed. And also presented theories on how this could have happened; who did this and why? Volume II happened because my research continued and the sheer number of odd changes forced me to delve into what I call the “Mandela-Wave” much deeper. And study even more. Many of the changes connect and they connect to something very dark and negative. Our world gets more evil [negative] everyday. We’re supposed to have progressed, gone from simple to complex, not blackslid into medieval ways, primitive thinking and primitive behaviors.

        Mandela Effects not included in Volume I.

     There were hundreds of legitimate Mandela Effects listed and discussed in Mandela I. At least 80 new ones are presented here in Volume II. They are investigated in great detail.

        New Analysis: Connections Between Changes.

     Let’s examine or question a few of these Mandela-changes that absolutely made no sense. The VW logo. Why would anyone design such a stupid logo that appears as a child created it? Germany, Porsche & the current VW Group cannot update the design for a modern age as Pepsi and many other companies had done? I’m talking about that little line that separated the “v” and the “w.” Many decades ago, before England took control and removed the swastika, VW held a logo-contest and the prize was 100 Reichmarks. From the very beginning, the absurd line that divided the 2 letters had always been there. I’ve been paid for my commercial artwork; I know Design and the unnecessary line is just wrong.
MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan Tsc2
     I joked that “I should have won the Reichmarks!” with the better design, below: no separation line. Now how did I come up with such a sleek, new and improved, radical logo? Because of my great creativity? No. Because I remembered it from the Old World that used to be, but now is gone.
MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan Tsc3-1024x1013
     This was the VW logo, only one day, it “magically” changed right along with Berenstein Bears, Tidy Cat (now Tidy Cats), Jiffy peanut butter (now JIF), Jujubees (now Jujubes) the Ford logo (never had curly pig-tail on “F”), Costa Rica island, spelling of Camero (now Camaro) and thousands of other oddities occurred that some people remember, but most do not.
     Another bizarre and nonsensical alteration was where turbo-thrusters were positioned on all jet aircraft from the very beginning. They have always been placed out in front of wings like headlights and required an (unnecessary) stanchion or extension. In the Old World that made a hell of a lot more sense, turbo-jets were fastened directly and securely under the wings, no extensions needed. How many jet disasters had happened all because of this faulty design? The brighter, better world is long gone.

     Examine one more detail of the Dark Universe now upon us. Hitler’s moustache was identical to Charlie Chaplin’s moustache: only a thin, vertical strip. It was unique to only these 2 famous people. That’s why Chaplin made ‘The Great Dictator’ (1940) and impersonated him in the film. But today, we view something very different. Both have fuller, bushier moustaches, no longer unique to only them.
MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan Tsc4
     I’ve found meanings to many of the Mandela-Wave changes. Possibly, the Hitler-change meant that this monster wasn’t unique; he was Everyman, like many others? They’ve even given him blue, sympathetic eyes. You remember a blue-eyed Hitler? I don’t. I changed the photo on the right to look more like the Fuhrer in that other universe [yesterday] of what was and is no more.

        “Rubbing Our Face In It.”

     This section shows the utter nerve and gall of filmmakers and various Movers and Shakers of the world where they made bad movies (and TV) that tell us what They’ve done IN CODE. You have to be clever and know what’s happening in order to break the code. For example, new Laurel & Hardy movie, only made to show us that their classic line had changed in every short and movie they made. “That’s another fine mess” has been oddly changed to “…another nice mess,” even in a short called ‘Another Fine Mess.’ Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers sang: “It’s a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood,” even in the film that’s entitled: ‘Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.’ Why make ‘Ford v Ferrari’? Answer: To show the (new) distorted logo a hundred times to us of a twisted ‘F’ in Ford, when it was always a normal ‘F.’ Etc…

        More Predictive Programming.

         2015 ‘Fantastic Four’ Film as the Plan for Mandela.
     You wouldn’t think that one of the worst films ever made was really a template for what British Royals, through CERN, planned to do to all of us later that year of 2015. My theory from Volume I was 2015 was the last time our planet was real or was unaltered by the Mandela. This was because of the strange (now gone) Christmas radio message from your Queen Liz: “Enjoy your Last Christmas.”   
        James Bond Theme Lyrics & the Mandela.

        Who did this, How & Why?

     The conclusion is the Crown of England turned our world inside-out, inverted it, twisted it, tossed us into a “magic mirror” and reality is now only a reverse, dark replica of what was. Why? Because They could, possibly through CERN. Because it is a means of controlling the masses where the Illuminati have all the power and we have no true freedoms at all. How could They pull a Dark Matrix over the eyes of everyone? 
MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan Tsc5
     The photo is a real photo during the Philadelphia Experiment that shows the view off the bow of the USS Eldridge (1943). Top scientists tried to cloak a U.S. destroyer during the War and make it invisible to radar. Problems occurred and the entire ship disappeared and later returned. Notice the Vortex (essentially a Black Hole) that formed (notice the mist pulled in) moments before it expanded and swallowed the entire ship! It is possible that CERN had created a similar Vortex, far more powerful, that actually swallowed the planet and everyone of us! Basically, the same “story” was portrayed in the Fantastic Four film of 2015.
        More Darkening
         Paul is really dead
         Brave New World & A Clockwork Orange as Prophecy
         FOUNDATION & Dune as Prophecy
        Mirrormask and Dark City, More Prophecy?
        Professional Tennis as a Metaphor

           And now for something completely different & very important

(Author’s note: Near the end of my previous book, I stated that a “good women” sent me wonderful information that I immediately knew was true. She called Coronavirus a “scamdemic.” Hooray! A spark of light in the darkness. Rational thoughts and not fearful thoughts. Today, the good woman sent me an 11-minute video of a German lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and it blew me away. I’m not alone. This has to be said, viewed and understood. Please. See it. The following is a transcript of most of it, the important words…).

     “I’ve been a member of the bar in Germany and in California for 26 years. I’ve been a trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations like Deutchbank, one of the most respected banks. Today, one of the most toxic organizations in the world. VW, one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. Notorious for its giant Diesel Fraud. All the fraud cases of corruption committed by German companies pale in comparison to the damage that the Corona Crisis has caused and continues to cause. This Corona Crisis, after what we know today, must be renamed a Corona Scandal. And those behind it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages. No one ever again should be in a powerful position as to defraud humanity and attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt Agenda.
     An international network of lawyers will argue this biggest case, ever, the Corona Fraud Scandal, which has unfolded as probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. (A vast team of lawyers will ask):

  1. Is there a Corona Pandemic? Does a person who’s tested positive for CV have the virus? Or does the result mean absolutely nothing?
  2. Do the so-called Anti-Corona measures, such as the Lockdown, mandatory face-masks, Social Distancing and quarantine regulations, serve to protect the world’s population from Corona? Or, do these measures serve only to make people panic? So they believe, without asking any questions, that their lives are in danger? And in the end, the pharmaceutical industry and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen, antibody tests and vaccines. As well as harvesting our genetic fingerprints.
  3. Is it true that the German government (really, Britain) was massively lobbied, more so than any other country by the chief protagonists of this so-called Corona Pandemic? Because Germany was known as a particularly disciplined country and was therefore to become a role model for the rest of the world, for its strict adherence to Corona measures.  

     The allegedly “new and highly-dangerous Corona virus” has not caused any excess mortality anywhere in the world and certainly not here in Germany. But the Anti-Corona measures…have caused the loss of innumerable human lives and have destroyed the economic existence of countless companies and individuals worldwide.
     …PCR tests are not approved for diagnostic purposes (as their labels read) and as their inventor, Kari Mullis, has repeatedly emphasized. They are incapable of diagnosing any disease…a positive test does not mean that a virus is present or that they are infected with anything.

     A number of highly respected scientists worldwide assume THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CORONA PANDEMIC, but only a PCR-test pandemic. Many respected scientists worldwide have agreed on this.
     …Anti-Corona measures have caused and continue to cause such devastating damage to the world’s population, health and economy…that these crimes must be legally qualified as actual CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…Through an international lawyers’ network, which is growing larger by the day…These are the facts that will pull the masks off all the faces of those responsible for these crimes.”
     The speech by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich ended with John 8/32,“The truth will set you free.”
     I was wrong. I’m not alone; there were plenty of people who have realized what’s really going on. Maybe there were some good organizations and good groups of people on Earth after all? Did you notice Dr. Fuellmich never said “Co-Vid”? He knew better. I reasoned England changed its name to the world so it would be harder to trace back to the Crown of England. 
     I’ll bet we in America do not hear of this European Class-Action suit, the biggest Trial ever, the Corona Fraud Trial! It will happen. But it won’t be televised or hardly mentioned in this country, right?  
     From my previous book:
(Another note: A YouTube from July/2020 “Thousands march in Berlin against coronavirus measures.” Narrator: “Thousands of protesters took to Berlin streets on Saturday, rallying against the government’s latest coronavirus measures. Unmasked, and packed together, demonstrators were angry over policies they consider are an infringement of their rights.” One in the crowd stated: “Our demand is basically going back to democracy. Away with these laws that have been imposed upon us! Away with the masks that make us slaves!” This man was absolutely right: PROTEST what is wrong! Do not easily give up all rights that so many have died for in the name of Freedom. I wondered why Germany? Why did a moment of sanity exist here? It had to be: They’re sick of fascism! Sick of being labeled fascists! Maybe freedom should spark here, of all places. But what’s happened since? A few candles of truth cannot stand up against a raging tsunami of Lies!).
July 11, 2020. “High-profile European pathologist is reporting that he and his colleagues across Europe have not found any evidence of any deaths from the novel coronavirus on that continent. Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization a ‘criminal medical organization’ for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic. Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently ‘impossible’ to create a vaccine against the virus…haven’t identified any antibodies…” 

     Please notice that this old report said the same thing as the recent news: No mass deaths or any increase in mortality rates and a vaccine was impossible. I also saw the other day that a live tennis tournament from Rotterdam had no restrictions and almost everyone had no masks. Lovely to see. Germany, again? Maybe these doctors were right and the massive Media blitz was wrong? 
     I was asked, “How can I think there was no virus?” 
     I replied, “I choose to believe this particular rare news from Germany, not the fake news that was plastered everywhere on TV and everywhere around us by Nazis and for very sinister purposes.”     
     URL for Dr. Fuellmich’s talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyfABm1yjkY&t=8s
     Then, weeks later, the good girl sent me the following information…
     John Hopkins Center for Health Security “…has conducted dozens of exercises on simulated pandemics and bio-weapon attacks.” This included “Operation Dark Winter” in 2001. One of its objectives was to force-vaccinate an uncooperative population. Also “Atlantic Storm” in 2005 addressed the logistics of “mass-vaccinations and military quarantine.” “Clade X” in 2013 fast-tracked vaccine production. “Crimson Contagion” was a massive exercise that lasted 6 months in 2019 (before CV) and was based on a “pandemic that originated in China.” On 10/18/19 (before CV) John Hopkins partnered with Bill Gates’ organizations and sponsored “Event 201,” which was a response to a “severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.” CSIS Commission called for “continuous rapid vaccine, while also warning that the vaccines may go wrong and start spreading more disease.”
     “Numbers show us, it (Coronavirus) is not more deadly than the common cold.”
     World Health Organization has admitted that the PCR tests are meaningless.
     “The agenda for the future is endless vaccines, any vaccines, for everyone.”
     “Lock Step” “A world of tighter top-down control and MORE AUTHORITARIAN leadership with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”
     “Get ready for the next round…without any resistance, because there’s no opposition, this thing keeps going…”
MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan Tsc6
     This is what I fear for the future: At your door, a nurse with a needle and a cop with a gun. That you will have no rights anymore to eat and live, no privileges, no services whatsoever. YOU DO NOT EXIST TO THE STATE…unless you all comply with the Lie, goose-step along with everyone else and wear at all times your GREEN (clear) badges that show you’ve been CV-tested by the Authorities. You must! Is this the future? 
     Since it really is TS Caladan’s last book, let the old man complain about a few things in this dark universe.

Final Rants

     Where are your wall-to-wall carpets? Gone! Why are wall-to-wall carpets now a SIN? Why never shown on TV, movies, ads or in cute cat videos? Why are you insane parents raising children on HARDWOOD F-ING FLOORS?! Children should be raised inside SOFT environments. This is a plot, to make you all hard. If They made it IN & cool & popular to have IRON floors, I guess you’d goose-step right along with everyone else?  
     Big, f-ing, gray trucks! What is wrong with you people? You’re (almost) all driving gray trucks. Seriously? Shouldn’t the world (since were not allowed hovercrafts) have perfected electric-transports by now? No hoverboards? Jetson-saucers? Or shouldn’t your cars be small & energy-efficient with super gas mileage? Instead, you’re all doing the same thing. Just because They give great deals on big gasguzzlers, you don’t have to go for it. But you do! They’re not colorful; they’re mostly gray.
     Why do almost all young people now wear tatoos? They’re everywhere! It’s not art; it’s BRANDING of Slaves! Branding, like on cows. Or how Jews were tatooed during the Holocaust. Stop being like everyone else and be an individual. We’re all Slaves, but we don’t have to look like Slaves.
     Here’s what Hollywood [Nazis] must do to any great movie script that came along: fuck it up, change it so that it made little sense & was filled with loads of Agenda, Illuminati symbols & concepts. Then it might sell. 
     The ol’ Suggestion Box doesn’t work these days. There’s no Quality Control. Remember Efficiency Experts? That’s out the window! We’re not allowed innovation or a better idea or an improved way of doing things. Now, if you filled the Suggestion Box with how to cut corners, save money with a cheaper/lamer product & maybe get away with murder? You are IN!
     I think it’s all designed now to do the wrong thing and just to piss us off. Most people simply tolerate/accept the awful changes today, rather than do something about them.
     Now we are treated as CHILDREN by little f-ing generals who think they have Power. Some Child, kid, dude was put in charge of spacing at a Gelson store’s long line. He laughed & LOVED ordering people around with his new-found power. I screamed in his face in public [never done that before] & yelled: “Fascism isn’t FUNNY!
     Whites-only organizations, country clubs, etc. have been rightly banned decades ago. But today, BET Network & other Black groups are allowed: no whities! Men-only organizations, Clubs, same thing, have been banned, good! But. Women’s organizations are everywhere now; they proudly exclaim they are ALL-WOMEN [no men allowed]! Gays were discriminated against years ago, now they have power & powerful agencies fund them, support them and push them in Media. NO HETEROS ALLOWED! What Hypocrisy! This reverse-discrimination is to be praised? Reverse-racism, reverse-chauvinism, reverse-homophobia are so very wrong. Why is it YOU cannot see this? 
     The Future was FIXED, set in place, unchangeable and seen in secret Time-Machines They don’t tell you about, except for in films like ‘Back to the Future’ and the almanac? Have They found a way to change the future? I fear They have.
     Hollywood created robotic ‘Terminators’ in movies. Why? Because They saw the future & knew that the time of kings & queens & secret fascism would end soon. MACHINES, good “Wing-Makers,” (according to Al Beliek) would be put in charge & build a wonderful world for us in the future. So, They made A.I. an enemy in movies. Have They altered Fate, what was supposed to be?
     Television was invented by Tesla during his efforts at Photographing Thoughts. True. It should be called “Teslavision” & you have no concept of its potential & how it could be used. We should hit a button & view the surface of Mars, then click & there’s Venus, Europa, Titan & beyond. Or be able to remote-control drones on the Moon. This should have happened in the 20th Century. Instead, we got shit television that’s only getting shittier.      
     Why would George Lucas sell the Star Wars franchise, outside of a gun put to his head? Because he needed money? Why lose control of ILM & give it to Disney? Answer might be the same as why the Beatles claimed to never have gotten their share of the profits. Because. They didn’t write a damn thing!
    I’ll bet the “Monopoly Game,” with that man without a monocle, played in local supermarkets, was played across the country for one purpose only: To ‘Rub in our Face’ that Insiders (thru M.E.) removed the monocle. I know, it’s much easier to believe the Mandelas are mistaken memories & we’re stupid & forgetful. It’s much harder to conceive that madmen had planned & created a Great Machine & Vortex that swallowed the Earth. 
     The word: “Nazi” was derived from two English words: “Not” & “see.” We (you) don’t see that British Royalty are Aryans! Saxons, been that way for hundreds of years. Guess who won the Second World War? Not America. Why did Germany not bomb Parliament, Balmoral Castle or Whitehall during the Blitz? Ordered not to by the Queen. Only poor people were killed, not British leaders. Fixed, like sports, like politics & all big events. Roman Empire never fell. Recycled as United Kingdom. 
     I remember a panel from an underground Zap Comix & it was a brute of an authority figure, a fascist officer of the State who stopped a citizen, pointed at his chest & said: “You don’t have your number on.” In that world, you had to wear your Citizen-Number at all times. What’s gonna happen when we citizens must display our Crown Virus GREEN badge that proved we were clean & tested by State officials. Isn’t that next? 
     We need to BREATHE to stay healthy. We now have gags over our mouths & noses in the form of MASKS that we must wear. It is NAZI LAW now; we must support Global Lies! Masks hinder our breathing. We need to frikken breathe! And we need to Live Free, free from ‘chains’!  
     The plot to ‘Thunderball’: (Secret group of madmen) SPECTRE stole an A-bomb to spark a war between U.S. & U.S.S.R. This symbolized the true BS Cold War or true BS Vietnam. Britain moved every piece on the board, sat back in the middle, between 2 “superpowers” & utterly controlled world events. Big Brother has orchestrated every war as the Military Industrial Complex. We’re made to bow to British death-dealers & money-printers.  
    What if we could go back in time & bring old friends & family back from the dead? They’d live, not as zombies, but as surprised ghosts that suddenly had a chance to experience the material world of the living again. Only 1 catch: We could only show them the world of 2020 & 2021. They would not believe what we showed them was the future. [No one saw straight, saw 2020, in 2020. Not a coincidence]. They’d cry & not accept your dystopia of the Brave New World in front of them. Those from the past would See It. They wouldn’t believe how imprisoned we are on Prison Planet. Very little has progressed. Now it’s far worse: We’re locked into Dark Ages. 
     When Hollywood CASTS a movie, They cast a spell on you. You’re hypnotized. You don’t see beyond Oz’ Curtains, the Magic Trick in front of your eyes. 
     Our world today is primarily run by women. That world should be a wonderful place of gentleness, tenderness & sweetness, filled with love, compassion and true Care. Reality is the opposite. A world run by women who act as brutal men is a dark universe I want no part of… 
MANDELA II – More Analysis – The latest book by TS Caladan Tsc7m

Comments and questions are welcome: TSCALADAN@gmail.com
You can purchase any of my books through me, which always have my artwork on the covers. They are signed and numbered with a notation.
My artwork gallery:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCH5UyuY8F4


Thanks to: https://blog.world-mysteries.com


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