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New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2

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New Age Deceptions and Tools of Destruction

February 27, 2019 / Yerevan

I have learned from many teachers on this subject. Some of you have been heavily steeped in New Age while others avoid it like the plague. Some don’t openly express their orientations and others simply aren’t affiliated. I’m certainly not the first to notice and outline these details in depth. Although I have spoken a bit about the New Age movement in a podcast with astrologer Willow, this is my first time compiling a written list of its many deceptions. You may wish to check in every once in awhile with this article as I will be adding onto it when I discover more hidden elements of this elaborate world problem.

New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2 Unicorn-rainbow-sweet-artwork-opt

a joke that summarizes the New Age
What the New Age is and what it does:

  • The New Age is an umbrella term used to describe a broad range of ideas, products, and musical styles that weave various beliefs and practices from different cultures that have been popularized in Western nations since the 1960s. Since that time, numerous New Age cults have gained widespread public interest. During the New Age emergence, self help books, Tarot cards, astrology, and alternative forms of healing became more socially accepted. This was in many ways helpful in people’s mental, psychic and spiritual evolution. What also occurred was increased experimentation with psychoactive substances, unprotected sex with multiple partners, and occult rituals which wound up causing permanent damage either physically or psychically or both. Examples of New Age ideologies include those of the book and movie, “The Secret”, the channeled messages of Abraham, alterations of Christian beliefs and and Buddhist practices designed to compliment the modern lifestyle and mindset. Thinking positive, forgiving everyone, destroying the ego and casually calling upon angelic beings for various purposes are all encouraged – despite complications that may ensue.

  • The movement was largely introduced and heavily influenced by the author and occultist Alice Bailey. She was among the first public speakers to mention the New Age and also frequently spoke of the New World Order. Born in England in 1880, she married a 33 degree Freemason and eventually gained a great deal of prominence the Theosophical Society. She acknowledged that her work was heavily influenced by H.P. Blavatsky, who was also known to contribute to the New Age mindset. Unlike Blavatsky, she did not create elaborate references in her books to credit the sources that inspired her. The majority of her books were said to be channeled or telepathically dictated to her by “Master Djwhal Khul”. Bailey wrote a series of books on “Esoteric Astrology” which combined astrological symbolism and very far-fetched New Age ideas together in a matter-of-fact way. This work was said to be the “basic occult science for the future”. Well, that’s a confident statement.
    In “The Externalisation of the Hierarchy” she informs readers that the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima was a good day for humanity and that the new atomic presence in the atmosphere will help to “quicken the dawning of the New Age”. To offer an idea of where much of the New Age mumbo jumbo of today may have begun (you know, like when you hear someone waxing poetic about how suffering has a cosmic purpose that elevates the soul to the seventh dimension and if you just spin your anus chakras 3x per day you will conquer the dragon and ascend to the next level of cognizance), the Hiroshima bomb was “the greatest spiritual event which has taken place since the fourth kingdom of nature, the human kingdom, appeared…” Not to mention “the Second World War, “with all its unspeakable horrors, its cruelties, and its cataclysmic disasters – was but the broom of the Father of all, sweeping away obstructions in the path of His returning Son.” Need I say more? Reference link – https://blavatskytheosophy.com/14-good-reasons-to-reject-the-alice-bailey-teachings/ Bailey also happened to believe that world leaders are under the sway of a “benevolent” spiritual hierarchy. Nothing said of world leaders could be further from the truth!

  • The New Age world view is seen through rose colored glasses – no matter how widespread the atrocities, how deep the injuries, how severe the injustice. Ugliness and crime can all be overlapped with positive thinking, “transcended”, “forgiven”, or “transformed” with special magical techniques. The New Age theme song might as well be Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

  • Promotes the dissolution of boundaries – the ideas that “We are One” and “All is Love” no matter what, no matter what, no matter what. Preaches tolerance like a mantra. Utilizes hypnosis. Indirectly or directly promotes infidelity, loose sexuality, polyamory, the destruction of the family unit between mother, father and child/children, and in individuals the loss of true selfhood (self knowledge and self respect).

  • Tends to foster narcissism and the “holier than thou” attitude that resembles the very religious hierarchies and fanaticism that New Agers pretend to reject. In doing so they create a new hierarchy and engage in constant virtue signaling. They claim to be open-minded but once they are hooked into a certain ideology they cling rigidly to it. In so doing they form their own cults.

  • Glorifies image above inner truth and beauty, but pretends to glorify the spirit above matter. Uses glamour in the name of spirituality. Ultimately desecrates spirituality. Bastardizes the use of crystals, yoga and natural healing so that they become trendy. This is not to criticize those who use these modalities but to criticize the way that nothing is sacred in society – everything is whored.
    Angelic imagery, fairies, unicorns and various pantheons are frequently exploited. Authors who teach manifestation skills with an emphasis on self-fulfillment or lecture on how to highlight the positive and ignore the negative are regarded as all-knowing and wise. Famous people in the music and movie industries who promote New Age ideas and practices are worshiped as idols or regarded as heroes. Children are encouraged to emulate these people.

  • Here’s a real tricky one because it looks like the opposite of what it is at first glance by some people. The New Age is weaponized by charismatic and highly persuasive figureheads who claim to criticize the New Age while they cunningly promote it under the guise of “truth-telling”. These guys are always babbling on about true events mixed with all kinds of dirty lies. They want to sell you their biased “knowledge” laced with New Age ideologies as if it’s gold. Their blatant hubris is overlooked by their followers who seem hypnotized by their magical airs of authority. They preach about the importance of morality while behind closed doors they cheat, steal and lie in ways that would shock their audiences…if only they knew. Beware these beacons of the NWO. Their targets are weak or damaged people who are lost and looking for something to fill their perceived inner voids. Sometimes they attract the interest and support of well-meaning truth seekers. What these figureheads care most about is their own false power and fattening up their wallets and bank accounts. They use tasty New Age terminology, occult symbols and numbers to hook gullible people into their traps. They insist that there should be no such thing as hierarchy but actually what they do is seek to do is enforce it. Anyone who questions their self-glorified position is immediately ridiculed. In true cult fashion they are ultimately divisive rather than helpful, abusive rather than fair, and grandiose in their promises which upon close examination are never actually fulfilled. Remind you of the political arena? Same tactics are used but on a smaller scale.

  • In summary: Expertly camouflages itself as the opposite of what it truly is. Hides behind long established religions and their dogmas, terminologies and traps. Borrows sacred traditions from various ethnicities. Poses as philosophical, truth-seeking, and compassionate but steals from philosophy while furthering the destruction of intuition and moral values in individuals and nations. According to the New Age, evil does not exist.


New Age Deceptions Part II – Styles and Brands

December 5, 2021 / Yerevan

A while ago I wrote an article about New Age deceptions. This recent Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (December 4, 2021 – 12 degrees) shed a lot of light on two main things for me. One is that the truth of what is really going on in the world is reaching far more people than it ever has before in recorded history. Some of the largest cities are completely occupied by protests against tyranny. People are coming together and supporting each other in new ways, and this is fantastic.
The second thing that has come to my attention is that New Age deceptions are simultaneously reaching an all-time peak in performance. There are so many styles, brands, shades and hues of this nonsense that it has become harder and harder for the average person to be able to identify New Age shills and zombies when they meet them, and to be able to spot and decode their snaky language. So as a person who was literally surrounded by these types for many years of my life that I can never get back, here is a breakdown of their different personalities in meme form.
Here’s a helpful hint though. They’ll usually not come right out right away admitting to be assholes. They much prefer donning the masks of love, light and/or “wokeness”. These are the trust fund babies who live in mansions, buy every book by Deepak Chopra, get face-lifts, go on Goddess retreats four times a year whatever gender they are and go vegan because it’s in vogue. These are the narcissists who believe they’re above it all after they’ve taken a few doses of peyote or ayahuasca, and who conduct cultural ceremonies that have nothing to do with their own cultural background. These are the opportunists who dominate the so-called Truth movement, and their superiority complexes cancel out whatever virtue seems to be tied in with educating their cult followings. These are the minions of 21st century New Age.

New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2 Screenshot_20211205-185413_desygner-1
New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2 Screenshot_20211205-181638_desygner-3New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2 Screenshot_20211205-182917_desygner-3
New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2 Screenshot_20211205-091138_desygner-7
New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2 Screenshot_20211205-191806_desygner-1
New Age Deceptions Parts 1&2 Untitleddesign_1_original-20-2


Thanks to: https://readingsbyyerevan.com


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