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NLA Shows Its True Colors - by Anna Von Reitz

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NLA Shows Its True Colors - by Anna Von Reitz

Anyone who cares about this country----America---- is invited to compare and contrast the information that I and Bruce Doucette and the Michigan General Jural Society have provided to the people and the VICIOUS LIES that have been perpetuated by the "National Liberty Alliance" and "John Daresh".  

[url= Information Court 94.pdf][/url]

We clearly stated our concerns. 

Lack of action on our properly sworn, witnessed and sealed affidavit of probable cause bound and presented to NLA last summer and now available on under the title "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" was part of our concern. How is it possible for such a well-researched and referenced accusation to be IGNORED by a Common Law Grand Jury anywhere in this country for any reason?

Lack of action against crimes of all kind and in general after more than two years of organization is another concern we have addressed against NLA.  We know of NO CASES that have been investigated and resulted in charges, much less any successful prosecutions for the numerous, abundant, and overflowing tide of crime against the living people. 

Lack of competent education of volunteers and action taken to declare their proper political status, to organize jural societies, and restore the land based government operating the land jurisdiction owed to the people and the States of America---- leaving NLA members and CLGJ organizers open to federal charges of sedition and subversion is a third concern.  

Please note that ONLY Federal United States Citizens are subject to charges under Federal Code and it should be well understood that we are not Federal United States Citizens. NLA hasn't even made it to first base and realized these facts,.so has not properly guided the members to self-declare their political status, form a jural society, and take a jural oath. 

The overall ignorance and viciousness and sychophantry, together with their stated intent (see my reply to John Daresh, February 20, 2016, and his admitted spying activities) to have four spies embedded in every county in the United States of America reporting back to Mr. Daresh, together with the complete lack of performance in fact indicates that NLA is a spy organization conceived as a means to gather information against Americans and villify those who are actually taking the needed steps to restore the lawful government in a peaceful, lawful, and sensible manner. 

NLA in our opinion is what is known as a "controlled opposition" group---- they pretend to have sympathies with those seeking to restore our lawful government, while in fact spying upon the membership and making sure that none of the efforts their members make toward their stated goals enjoy fruition and that time. money, and effort is frittered away in a lot of self-oriented verbiage that goes nowhere and does nothing but create doubt and divisions throughout the overall movement.

Our accusation against the banks, lawyers, and politicians responsible for this mess have been clearly stated and entered in the international courts of record as well as in our own courts of record. They have been witnessed, autographed, sealed, and sworn to before millions of people.  There can be no doubt about who we are and where we stand.  Those who have any doubts are invited to read our sworn affidavit:  "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" available on   

We share the NLA's stated complaints against the American Bar Association and a corrupt "federal court" system, and in fact, reached these same conclusion long before NLA said a word about these infamous private corporate tribunals.  Unlike NLA we have looked deeper into the history of the world and concluded that international banking cartels and mismanagement of money and currency is an even bigger problem than the corrupt and deceitful court system, with corrupt and ignorant politicians bringing up the rear as a Third Party primarily responsible for the current malaise. 

The mention of my name in the "announcement" above is a venal slander and cause of action against me and against others just as innocent of any crime or wrong-doing against the United States of America made by people who are not even declared to BE Americans.  

Strange as it may seem, most of the problems we suffer are because we have been mischaracterized as Federal United States Citizens by mistake.  We are not being accorded our rightful birthright standing as free people of the United States and are instead being misrepresented as British-subjects and "inhabitants" merely "residing" on the land of our country.  

Those running the NLA are either honest and grotesquely ignorant, or are knowingly, willingly, participating in insurrection and False Witness, treason and insubordination against the lawful government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  

We individual people who do not belong to or have any "organization" beyond our local jural societies and local counties operating on the land jurisdiction we are owed by treaty, trust indenture, and covenant---much less any network of spies peering into the affairs of patriots--- stand ready to account for our words, actions, and intentions with regard to our country and our countryman before the World Court or any other mutually agreeable and disinterested actual judicial body on this planet.  We doubt very much that Mr. Daresh and his organization stand ready and willing to do the same. 

The leaders of NLA are self-evidently bringing FALSE accusations and seeking to bring federal "enforcement" down on us.  They are working AGAINST the lawful government vested in the people and in favor of the corporations currently run amok on our soil. 

NLA, quite simple, is part of the problem, not the solution.  Mr. Daresh and Company stand accused of all that they have attempted to besmirch us with and more, and this, by their own hands, according to their own words, and according to their own acts and omissions. 

NLA could have been a shining light, instead of another cesspool of pysops and self-aggrandizement and ignorance.  It's too bad, but so it is.

[size=13]See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website[/size]
Posted by Paul Stramer at 10:08 AM

Thanks to:


 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr


Well regardless of which 'side' you choose to agree with... To me, when there are 'sides' (seemingly contrasting perspectives) presented, it only serves to seperate or devide and thus deminish both.
  Ultimately both perspectives wanting to accomplish much the same thing, but then ego's seem to get in the way and real issues take a back seat whereby little is accomplished.
  This is our plight until we can get past 'difference', the need to compete or be the better solution than someone else's. I see little progress by either of these factions, other than the education and awareness they present. The progress is going to come from each of us, not by choosing sides but by sharing the reality of the information presented and realizing we do Not have to agree on the specific solutions, as they will likely differ by individual. The focus must be on what the problem is and understanding how it came to be (how we allowed it to be). jmho :)


'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

3 Dear Anna on Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:52 pm


We are not a court for you to file your "papers". We are a group of people engaged in training for Common Law Grand Jury Administrators. You and your other "Judges" must be a court of some kind, why not file it yourself, adjudicate it, rule on it, and ply your sentences?

I do agree with most of your facts, but its your conclusions and remedies that separate us. You went to the WSO in Colorado with your wild ideas and people got arrested. Then you moved on to Burns, and people were arrested, and died. Why not mop up Colorado WSO, you and Bruce, and then come to the world again with clean bloodless hands.

By their fruits you will know them Anna, and we now know you.


Welcome Gary! Thank you for joining and commenting

I doubt that Anna will see your comment but I can send her the link if you would like me to....


 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr


I have been a member of the NLA and was involved with many in "constituting" several counties when the call was made to organize our counties for grand juries.  I am not an active member of NLA now. To tell my reason may be self serving since I like Judge Anna and I have enjoyed reading the in-depth history she has brought to light for me and has invigorated me again with hard facts to push again in my area for common law grand juries, enlighten my sheriffs, my community and bring myself out of the corporate fiction we have been born into.  I hope Judge Anna will not be bothered with John or Gary as they may have their own agenda and people will separate out as they learn more.  Whats that saying when the student needs a teacher the teacher will show up, I think that is what happened in my case.


Has Anna really told you something that you had not already read or heard in another talkshoe or radio show? Other than her than her conclusions and sources for Remedy, there is not an original word out of her mouth, and those recommendations have gotten people arrested. Please, continue to listen, just refrain from following, as the food will be terrible where you end up.


point taken...

Though she did validate info on contracts that I needed and that did work out in my favor re: foreclosure. I remain grateful to those that do help. I also know that she really helped one of our own here enormously on a looming court situation. So yes she has been helpful though her time was briefly shared and yes, was already things we "knew" prior.

I really only have a few issues...

* She is not a "real" judge as we have come to define that word.

* Anna is "council" to the pope/vatican or so it is claimed. Now that is my biggest problem re: Anna von Reitz plus all the other monikers she has.


 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr


Oh, but wit there is more. It is coming to light, and will NOT come from us, but shouted from the rooftops.

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