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Office Of PROOFness - ZAP/Jerzy "The Solution Is At Hand!"

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Since Jerzy and/or his cohorts are frequent fliers at the website, there is a solution to all of Jerzy's financing needs that he hasn't utilized.

Jerzy claims to be a financial genius, it says so right on his resume...And with Will Barney, Doug Jones, being the financial wizards they claim to be, seem to have forgotten about their "Creative Accounting" skills. Surely his "Team" know about "Cooking The Books"?

All Grandpa, or one of his "Chosen ones", have to do is drop some coin into Jerzy's Donation PayPal account, and they can bypass those "Dastardly Banksters" from preventing Jerzy's "Start Up Funds" from arriving.

Yep! It's that simple. No waiting until the end of the month, beginning of the month, or the weekend when those darn banksters come up with one last thing that gets "The Process" rolling.

Jerzy can get his offices, furnishings, phones, internet, electricity, and anything else he needs to receive the long awaited funds to finally arrive, next week!

Since the "Big Wigs" wont arrive for several weeks, Jerzy can hold off on their office desks, chairs, and other decorations and use that money to help those who need it most, like "Mary", and her immediate need for oxygen.

Yes, Baby Bradd will be taking baths in milk, and "Mary" will have such an oxygen high from all the oxygen, she will need to wear a warning sign about open flames and sparks to keep back, way back!

Just think how busy Jerzy will be making decisions on what color to paint the walls! The shade of Ketchup, is one suggestion, to remind him of the good old days.

The solution is at hand! No more waiting. No more begging. No more tales of woe for Jerzy to include in his emails to Hobie. No more...

Everyone knows just how fast Jerzy can suck the money out of that PayPal account and he can start immediately!

And NOBODY tell Hobie either! If he ever catches wind of this, he'll fall out of his chair from hammering on his keyboard so hard, screaming "Where's my cut for posting all Jerzy's tripe over the last 5 years!"


Now that you have come up with such awesome solutions for Blabkowski and gang they should be giving you a cut Nash!!!

ok wink bigclap




It's not to hard to point out the obvious and to see what Jerzy's only intentions are.

Did you notice that in one of his last posts, he indicated that his banking account is inactive and he needed to renew his business paperwork to get it back?

Wouldn't his "PayPal Account" have stopped working months ago?

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