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Office Of PROOFness - ZAP/Jerzy "The Solution Is At Hand!" #5 "Walmart To The Rescue!"

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Jerzy, and his associates "The Bargain Bandito Bunch", can surely benefit with a visit to an optometrist, to help them with their "Bumbling Blindness", but Walmart is there to save the day!

I was tipped off to this "Miraculous Marvel" by a lovely person, who is near and dear to me.

With a number of Walmart stores in Beijing, Grandpa can send Jerzy all the funding with a Wally-Gram, circumventing the "Evil Banksters" diabolical doings.

And there is a number of Wally-Worlds near Jerzy, he can work off some of his "Catsup Calories", by walking briskly, instead of gripping about not having enough gas in his car.

Same day International Money Transfers! Imagine that!

Maybe when Jerzy gets done "Hammering His Herman" this morning, he'll get more serious with "Saving All Humanity", and stop making excuses to why he, and his "Profound Professionals", cant get this simple task accomplished.

The only "Hard" decision that Jerzy needs to make, while procuring those "Humanitarian Funds", is "Name Brand" or "Store Brand".


It should seem pretty odd to Hobie, by now, that Jerzy, and for that matter, Susan, doesn't send out their Beg-A-Thon message to any other obscure website for posting.

I wonder if Jerzy's "Red-Flagish Ramblings" could effect the viewership on the "Click-Bait" site he manages, knowing what a farce it all is?





It's rather amusing to see Jerzy make excuse after excuse why he, and only him, is having such banking difficulties, when the rest of the world is functioning normally.

Maybe the folks, that are sending Jerzy a buck or 2, want to keep hearing his lies and see just how inventive he will be with his storyline?

Popcorn anyone?

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