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Leaving Babylon By Anna Von Reitz plus more

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Leaving Babylon

Leaving Babylon By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?
By Anna Von Reitz

What do you think Jesus was talking about when he threw the Money-changers out of the Temple?   A "Synagogue of Satan"? --Jews who aren't Jews?  When he rebuked the lawyers for not saving themselves and also for standing in the way and preventing others from entering into salvation?
Let those who have eyes, see.  Let those who have ears, hear. 

This, what we are experiencing, is nothing new.  This has been "the problem" for literally thousands of years---bankers, Satanists, and lawyers-- a trifecta of greed, evil, and protection of racketeering that endures because of our own ignorance.

What do you think it means, when you are told to "come out of Babylon"?

You have to leave the jurisdiction of Babylon--- which is now and has always been the international jurisdiction of the sea.

This is where FDR plopped you and your Trade Name-- both the "Vessel" and the "Cargo"-- as of 1933. 

Pretend you are in the middle of the Exodus movie, with the Egyptian chariots on one side and the Red Sea on the other, because that --- whether you know it or not--- is where you are. And the Egyptians are closing fast.  

At the last moment, a pathway has opened up---- a narrow pathway out of Babylon. 

Surely, we are out here fighting the good fight for you and for this whole country and everyone in it, but that may not be enough.  Why?  

Because the public records have been falsified and according to those false records you have signed on and agreed to live and die as a Babylonian. 

Until you take control of your own name and your own estate and rebut these false records ----and choose to leave Babylon for your own reasons and under your own power---who has the right to move you?

Put another way, you have to hike up your own skirts and walk through the Red Sea all by yourself, even after the pathway is set before you.  

We are doing all we can, but you need to take action for yourself, for your own family, to write your own names in the Book of Life.  

Ever wonder what that means?  Book of Life? 

Does it help to know that all the entities inhabiting the international jurisdiction of the sea-- that is, in Babylon--  are DEAD?  

Under the current scenario, you are listed as "dead, presumed missing" and three dead corporate entities --- a Public Trust, a Public Transmitting Utility, and a Public ESTATE-- are functioning "in your name" instead. 

Babylon is a dead world and everyone in Babylon is dead.  Not only that, they worship dead gods and gods of death.  So when you elect to stay in Babylon, you are choosing to live as if you are already dead, to be counted among the dead, and to worship death. 

So is Babylon where you want to be?  Or do you want to record your name in the Book of Life and live it to the full?  

The land is alive and it's where we all live in truth and fact.  Sailors may sail the sea and its endless, restless mirror of the sky, but it's not quite the same thing, is it?  

When we record our Trade Names and establish our permanent domicile on the land and soil we are leaving Babylon behind, writing our names in the Book of Life-----the records of the land jurisdiction where we belong and where we live and breathe.

And who are the Clerks of the County, the Court, and the Land Recorder's Office?  

They are the "Clerics"---- the High Priests and Priestesses keeping the records of your choices, in a religious system and a system of law that took shape thousands of years before the Egyptians 

So where is your Name?  Drifting around, listed as "missing, presumed lost at sea".  

Your name literally is not written in the Book of Life --- because it is not recorded among those people living on the land and soil of your country. 

Many thousands of homeless people and refugees have already been rounded up and killed. Murdered.  Burned.  Drowned.  It was easy for the monsters to do this, because according to the falsified public records, these people were already dead.  

Why are these criminals doing these things?  Simple.  They are killing off their creditors to avoid paying their debts.  The same thing they did in Nazi Germany. 

We have reduced it down to the barest, simplest process to reclaim your political status and reinstate yourselves as living men and women. It's available for free on my website: .   Look toward the bottom of the page for the article #928 called "Basic Package of Editable Forms".  

Remember the Parable of the Wide and the Narrow Path?  

Right now, those of you who are reading this, are on the Narrow Path out of Babylon.  No doubt that those on the Wide Path are looking at you funny and laughing and insulting you and accusing you of all sorts of things, even as they do with me.  

Shake off the dust, smile, and keep moving.   

I have shared the monumental work of others who compiled "We, the Sheeple vs. USA" in hopes that you will share it with the doubters in your own families and among your own friends, to open their eyes and save them, too.  

Jesus told us, Gandhi told us, JFK told us, MLK told us, the millions who died in all these senseless wars--- they've all told us.  And now you have first-hand testimony and accounts from three centuries' worth of famous people and public officials from around the world bearing witness to the same truth I am telling you. 

These are all people who had no reason to lie.  

People like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Frederick Douglas, Lysander Spooner, Congressmen Louis T. McFadden, Charles Lindbergh, General Douglas MacArthur, General Smedley Butler, General Omar Bradley,  F. Scott Fitzgerald, Barry Goldwater, Voltaire, Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Akhmatova, George Orwell, C.S. Forester, G.K. Chesterton, E.B. White, Ayn Rand, Abraham Lincoln---and the list goes endlessly on. 

It's time to leave Babylon.  Place your names in the Book of Life -- both in your Family Bibles and in the public records of the land jurisdiction.  Don't wait any longer. 

The Nazi Swastika is the reversed image of the Aryan symbol for life and good luck.  The Swastika means death and bad luck.  Literally.  And that's exactly what they, the British perpetrators of the Second World War, fully intended for the German people who were deceived by Hitler. 

Yes, they were at the bottom of that pile of dog dung, too.  

This is an example of how these people think and how they operate.  They planned the Second World War in 1877.  They chose the Swastika as the German emblem. They groomed Hitler every step of the way. They started the Reichstag Fire.  They arranged the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  They sent FDR as their representative to the Geneva Conventions of 1930, where he sold this country down the drain.  

During the London Winter Olympics, I watched them in their neo-Druid robes marching silently around the giant effigy of a dead baby---and I knew exactly what it meant.  They were placing a binding spell on the effigy---an effigy representing all the "dead babies" they had created on paper in America and Australia, in England and Scotland and Canada and Ireland, in France and in Germany, yes, throughout the world.   

They were celebrating their lies and their fraud and their God of Death and their dedication to eternal war.  They were sealing --- they thought --- their final victory, with a massive, solemn, public hexing ceremony akin to the witchcraft spell-binding rituals they used at Nazi political rallies.  

They were doing it right in front of their intended victims, so arrogantly self-assured that we would never recognize what they were doing and never take action against them, that they broadcast the evidence of their evil to the whole world. 

So, come out of Babylon, for its destruction is assured.  Their "gods" are dead, in chains, or on the run.  It's time to come out of the darkness, into the fresh wind and the bright spring sun. 

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:
 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.
Posted by Paul Stramer at 9:28 AM

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Who Really Owns What --- Notice of Prohibition

Leaving Babylon By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?
By Anna Von Reitz

The People own the Republics, the Republics own the States, and the States own all the various "States of States" ----National, Territorial, and Municipal. 

The United States of America (Unincorporated) acts as the Holding Company of all the international powers of the States --- all international powers delegated and un-delegated, in all jurisdictions, air, land, and sea. 

The United States of America (Unincorporated) delegated certain enumerated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea to three subordinate organizations --- National, Territorial, and Municipal -- via three constitutional agreements.  

In the event that the delegated powers cannot be exercised properly by those entrusted to exercise them, they revert back to the Donor/Grantor of those enumerated powers --- The United States of America (Unincorporated). 

The National-level States of States were moth-balled "pending reconstruction" and usurped upon by the Territorial United States which secretively substituted its own Territorial States of States for those owed to the people of this country.  

Now both the Territorial United States and its States of States and the Municipal United States and its STATES OF STATES are bankrupt and in receivership.  

All three levels of government exercising the delegated powers are incompetent, so all powers they held revert back to The United States of America (Unincorporated), which retained all un-delegated powers from the start.  

So, once again, all powers in international jurisdiction --- air, land, and sea, delegated and un-delegated, are held by The United States of America (Unincorporated) and its member States. 

The United States of America (Unincorporated) has taken the necessary steps to reclaim the National, Territorial, and Municipal Assets and acknowledged, accepted, and re-conveyed the delegated powers.  It has renewed and re-issued its Sovereign Letters Patent and preserved the constitutional system pending action by a Continental United States Congress of State Fiduciary Deputies. 

The United States of America (Unincorporated) has summoned the actual land jurisdiction States of the Union Federation to assemble and they are doing so.  In the meantime, The United States of America (Unincorporated) remains as the only internationally competent government representing this country and its people.  

This in no way weakens the lawful or legal standing of this country or its government.  Our Hired Help can go bankrupt until the cows come home without it impacting the standing of The United States of America (Unincorporated) as their Priority Creditor and Lawful Holder in Due Course of all powers, prerogatives, and assets owed to the States and the People.  

There is no excuse for any pretense that our assets are "abandoned" or our actual government in "abeyance".  Those false claims have already been thoroughly rebutted and Due Notice and Due Process has been afforded the organizations and principals responsible for this deplorable performance for a number of years. 

Fraud vitiates everything, even the most solemn contracts, even dispositions of property made in past.  

In the course of our investigations, we discovered that our delegated powers have been abused by the Territorial and Municipal United States and that our copyrights have been infringed, and that our Patent and Trademark Office has been abused without our knowledge or consent. 

The Territorial United States and Municipal United States have formed franchises worldwide and operated those franchises as subordinate assets; they in turn have issued charters to vast numbers of incorporated entities ---- all of which now come under the ownership and administration of The United States of America (Unincorporated) and the respective member States. 

We are not members of or bound by the Geneva or Hague Conventions, however, with respect to our assets and our government, we own the Territorial and Municipal Governments that are signatories; not only do we own our own Territorial and Municipal Government corporations, we own their franchises -- the States of States -- and all the commercial corporations that have been formed under their auspices. 

This results in a situation in which we are the de facto owners and record title holders of most of the governments and commercial corporations on Earth.  It was the intent of the perpetrators to run up insurmountable debts against us and our assets, seek bankruptcy protection for themselves, and leave us holding the bag.  They also counted on us to remain asleep and acquiesce to their false claims of abandonment of our assets. 

This country and many other countries around the world have suffered the equivalent of identity theft and credit fraud --- and still the central banks and international trustees responsible are trying to avoid the necessity of correction.  

This shall serve as a Notice of Prohibition objecting to any bankruptcy settlement made "in our behalf" by the perpetrators or their secondaries and bankruptcy trustees that does not provide for the return of our assets free and clear and the return of all profits, leases, escrows, insurances, bond income, intellectual properties, copyrights, patents, trademarks, accounts, logos, and other beneficial interests which are ours and which we have enumerated at length. 

We are not being unreasonable or unkind or seeking any unjust enrichment; by the same token, we are resolved not to bear any Odious Debts, false title claims, or further Breach of Trust.  We require what is ours returned to this country, together with all remedy and restitution rightfully and naturally owed to our States and People. 

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:
 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.
Posted by Paul Stramer at 11:40 PM

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Basic Math for Atheists

Leaving Babylon By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?
By Anna Von Reitz

Inevitably, when I use Biblical concepts and discussions to engage people and make them think about what they technically already know, I get atheists calling me up and hitting my dashboard and writing nasty notes to the effect that they just can't stand it when I talk about "God" and that for them, it ruins my credibility, even though the historical material I bring forward is compelling.

The Bible is mostly history, too, I point out to no avail.  

They forget, or else they never knew, that I began my life as a mathematician.  In a kinder world, it would have been my life's work.  It is still my solace in times of grief or despair.  My Shinola Sensor is the result of an active mind well-trained in logic and mathematics and science in general--- not an accident. 

So how could I believe in, or even bring myself to talk about "God"?  

Precisely because I am a mathematician by nature.  

The existence of God was explained to me by my Father, who informed me (at about age three) all about the Number 1.  

One is a very, very interesting number.  First, it is the universal whole unit.  You can talk about endless parts and fractions and divisions of 1, but in the end, there is only one whole 1.  

Everything we talk about, use or even perceive is conceptualized in terms of "1 or not 1".   Everything we build depends upon units of 1.  Everything we grow, eat, and conceive has its existence in terms of 1.  

Not only that, but 1 is the only number that divides into every other number including itself.   One is the only number that can be multiplied by any other number, and not change the value of that second number.  

One is the first Prime Number, defined as a number that can only be divided by itself and one.  It is, in fact, "the" Prime Number. 

The distance between 0 and 1 on the number line is the mathematical definition of creation.  It's the "missing space" the Kabbalists have argued about for centuries. God, the One, the single point source, started at 0 and created everything in that little space between 0 and 1.   One filled the Void between 0 and 1.  

That's why it is called a "uni-verse".  

Every scientist and skeptic on Earth accepts the existence and reality and validity of 1.  Every single one of them.  There is no argument at all.  Not only do we have a universe, we have universal agreement about that fact.  

Name one other idea in the realms of science or art about which there is universal agreement?  

If you want to think about it in terms of geometry, you get the Big Bang Theory.  God, a single point, gave rise to Cartesian points on a two-dimensional grid, and then the x-y grid added the z coordinate.....and what do you have?   Three dimensional space.  Boom!  What a concept! 

That happens to be where we live and breathe and have our being.  

And while we are at it, let's look at the "Zero Point" on a number line again.  There's a great deal of excited talk about "Zero Point Energy" and "Zero Point Engineering" these days.  So what is all the excitement about?  


The Zero Point is where 1 intersects with our dimension, where, in terms of the concept of time, all that was meets all that will be in the single moment that is---- the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.  Now.  

Uh, duh......

This moment.  You are living it.  You are totally immersed in it. You can't exist without it.  Yet you want to stand here and tell me that it doesn't exist?  That it makes you "sick" when I talk about it?  

You want my "definition" of God?  --- An endlessly expanding, self-generating, multi-dimensional morphogenic information matrix that creates a universal constant: 1. 

It still makes far, far less difference how I or anyone else defines "God" than how the Universal One defines me.  

My Father was a brilliant man, trained from his youth to be a Materials Scientist.  In a kinder, saner world, that would have been his life's work.  

In all my days with him, he never lied to me about anything.  Not once.  Not even about Santa Claus. This is a man whose tongue would shrivel up if he even tried to lie.  He was completely earnest and honest and open about everything in life. 

What was his favorite number?  


Why?  Because 1 stands for All That Is.  

If you don't love 1, there is no other 1 to love.  There is only "not 1" -- the absence of All That Is, otherwise known as "nothingness", "the void", and "the Abyss"----- and you can go there, if you like.  

I have visited it.  But even the Abyss does not exist apart from 1.  

Even there in universal darkness, where there is nothing left but you and your own ego and the rubber wall of endless separation between you and everything and everyone else --- even in that true "Hell" of absolute alienation--- even there, you will find One.  

I write this down to entertain your intelligence, to encourage you to think in simple, direct terms of mathematics that everyone can observe and already knows.  I knew that God exists and His Name and His Number and everything else that I have just described for all of you by age three, and by age nineteen I had discovered that One exists even in the Abyss.  

So all you grand "men of science", all you self-important Poobahs of logic, all you prideful Atheists and Non-Believers who are embarrassed by any discussion of "God", perhaps you can bring yourselves even at this late date to contemplate the numerical concept of the Number 1.  And be a bit embarrassed for other reasons. 

While you are at it, you might consider the corollary concept of "gods".  

A great deal of work on the true cutting-edge of mathematics has gone into analysis of the mathematical interface that exists in all languages, a different interface for each one, but also following specific limits and known patterns -- from the simple computer languages known as binary language systems to the complex 27-plus dimension languages like Hebrew.  

From the standpoint of mathematical linguistics, the word "gods" is closely associated with the word "guards" in all the ancient language math interfaces.  Mathematically, "gods" and "guards" are synonyms.  So what does this imply for us?  

The most obvious conclusion is that the "gods" known as the "Elohim" are guards and that guardianship is sacred, whether we guard the lives of the children in our care or we guard the health of the planet we live on or we guard the quality of our own thoughts and thought processes.  

I don't believe in God because someone told me to.  I believe in God because I have guarded and retained my own thought processes and powers of simple observation.  

Scientists and mathematicians who allow politics and "politically correct" thinking to take over their minds and dictate their conclusions are not worth the powder to blow them to Hell and back, because they have allowed themselves to become fashionable instead of truthful, to be popular instead of right, and to be sheep instead of guardians.  

I call on every scientist and mathematician reading this to just stop all the BS and the money-grubbing and career-building by public-grant-idiocy and start using your own minds and your own powers of observation again.  There must have been something in your nature aligned with the Truth, some particle of decency and logic in your minds, or you would not have been able to do math in the first place.  

Remember that fundamental attachment to the Truth.  Remember who you are.  Remember the Number 1.  Remember your role as guardians.  

It's time. 

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:
 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.
Posted by Paul Stramer at 4:03 PM

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Settlement of USA, Inc. Bankruptcy Imminent

Leaving Babylon By Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?
From Anna Von Reitz

[ltr] Reminders for President Trump.....[/ltr]

[ltr]In order to occupy the actual Office(s) --- plural --- that George Washington occupied and to do what is lawful and right by this world and this country in particular, it is absolutely imperative that you (1) reclaim your natural birthright political status as a native of the land and soil of New York; (2) reconvey your Trade Name to the land and soil of New York; (3) acknowledge, accept, and take the Public Oath of Office to act as The President of The United States of America; (4) be bonded by the actual land jurisdiction government ---- the States and People --- provision of which has already been made with Mr. Mnuchin at the Treasury. [/ltr]

[ltr]Your Bond Number is: AMR10005 - RE 162 242 150 US[/ltr]

[ltr]The land jurisdiction government established by our ancestors requires a Management Team comprised of the President, the Head of State and the Chief Public Fiduciary Officer. Any change to that structure has to be initiated via a properly convened Continental Congress. [/ltr]

[ltr]All the assets owed to the States and People are claimed by them, including their soil and land assets, their intellectual property, and all derivatives associated with them and their states. [/ltr]

[ltr]There is no escaping the validity of their demand to be set free of all Odious Debt and to receive back all that rightfully belongs to them. [/ltr]

[ltr]If necessary, their claim will be honored by force initiated by the Galactic Command Superstructure. In other words, it's time for everyone at the Hague to wake up and do what is right instead of trying to initiate yet another scam. [/ltr]

[ltr]This is Public Notice and shall serve as the Final Public Notice owed to anyone, anywhere, alive or dead, here or elsewhere.[/ltr]
Posted by Paul Stramer at 4:14 PM

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