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» JOE MUST GO – Due to His Connections with China for Starters
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Flight Attendant Dies Suddenly Mid-Air Due to Heart Attack
Date: November 29, 2022Author: Nwo Report 

"Died Suddenly's" 11/30/22 Image-786

Posted BY: Jim Hoft

A flight attendant died suddenly following a heart attack while working on a trip from Bahrain to Paris.

The flight attendant was identified as Yasser Saleh Al Yazidi, a member of the cabin crew for Gulf Air.
He was on board flight GF 19 from Bahrain at 1:40 on Tuesday morning en route to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.
According to the Daily Mail, the attendant suffered a heart attack about an hour and a half into the flight.
The pilots of the Airbus A321 made an emergency landing in Erbil, Iraq so that Yasser could get medical assistance.
Upon landing, the plane was met by medical personnel who took Yasser to the nearest hospital. However, he was pronounced dead on arrival.
Erbil Airport Director Ahmed Hoshyar informed local media that the plane was flying over Iraq at 34,000 feet when the man felt ill.

Gulf Air released a statement following Yasser’s death, “The national carrier expresses its deepest condolences to the crew member’s family and loved ones, and confirms that the flight resumed to Paris as scheduled.”
“Gulf Air reassures that the safety of its passengers and crew comes at the top of its priorities, and thanks the affected flight’s passengers for their patience and understanding,” the statement continued.
The number of pilots, flight attendants, and passengers who have passed out or fainted during flight, or who have died as a result, has increased in recent months.
Earlier this month, a recently hired Envoy Air pilot had collapsed and been pronounced dead shortly after taking off from Chicago O’Hare International Airport en route to Columbus, Ohio.
In September, a Boeing flight commander died suddenly during a flight from Novokuznetsk to St Petersburg in Russia. According to reports, the man, whose identity has not been revealed, felt ill during the flight.
In October, famous comic book artist and illustrator Kim Jung Gi suddenly died on October 3 from heart failure just before he was to board a plane in Paris bound for New York.
In August, a mother tragically died suddenly in her sleep during a long flight from Hong Kong to the UK, leaving her family “traumatized.”
“Tragically, for the remaining eight hours of the flight, Helen’s broken children sat next to their mum in a “breathless sleep” until they landed in Frankfurt, a friend of the family wrote,” according to Mirror.

THANKS TO: https://nworeport.me/2022/11/29/flight-attendant-dies-suddenly-mid-air-due-to-heart-attack/


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Country Singer Jake Flint Dies Hours After His Wedding

"Died Suddenly's" 11/30/22 John-symank-80x80 by John Symank
November 29, 2022

"Died Suddenly's" 11/30/22 Flint-750x394

Thirty-seven-year-old country singer Jake Flint has passed away, just hours after he and his bride walked down the aisle on Saturday. 

On Sunday, the singer’s manager, Brenda Cline, wrote a message shared on social media, saying, “With a broken heart and in deep grief I must announce that Jake Flint has tragically passed away,” the New York Post reported Tuesday.

"Died Suddenly's" 11/30/22 FiwlpdSWYAAXtqn?format=jpg&name=small

“I’ve tried several times today to make a post, but you can’t comment on what you can’t process,” Cline added. “I loved him much like a son. The funniest, most hilarious, hardest working, dedicated artist I have ever worked with in my career. We were just about to embark on some business together after he and Brenda got married — which was yesterday. Yes, yesterday.”
“Jake has a million friends and I’m not sure how everyone will cope with this tragic loss,” Cline continued. “We need prayers — it’s all so surreal. Please, please pray for his new wife Brenda, Jake’s precious mother, his sister and the rest of his family and friends. This is going to be incredibly difficult for so many. We love you Jake and in our hearts forever.”

CONTINUE HERE: https://resistthemainstream.com/country-singer-jake-flint-dies-hours-after-his-wedding/?utm_source=newsletter1


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‘Die Hard’ and ‘Top Gun’ star Clarence Gilyard Jr dies aged 66
Date: November 29, 2022Author: Nwo Report

"Died Suddenly's" 11/30/22 Image-787

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Actor Clarence Gilyard Jr has died at the age of 66. No details about his cause of death have been released.
The actor starred in Walker, Texas Ranger as well as Die Hard and Top Gun, and was also a theatre professor and author.
Gilyard’s death was announced by The University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Fine Arts, where he taught, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
“Professor Gilyard was a beacon of light and strength for everyone around him,” UNLV film chair Heather Addison said in a statement. “Whenever we asked him how he was, he would cheerfully declare that he was ‘Blessed!’
“But we are truly the ones who were blessed to be his colleagues and students for so many years. We love you and will miss you dearly, Professor G!”
Clarence Gilyard Jr worked as an actor for over five decades, across film, television, and stage roles. The actor’s first film appearance was in Top Gun in 1986, as Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus “Sundown” Williams.
In Die Hard, the actor played Hans Gruber’s computer hacker Theo, and he played Ranger James Trivette in the long-running series Walker, Texas Ranger.

“What was interesting about our idea was it allowed you the ability to meet the young John McClane and use Bruce,” di Bonaventura went on. “So it was really interesting in that way. So you sort of got to see both versions of him. A bit [like The Godfather Part 2].”

THANKS TO: https://nworeport.me/2022/11/29/die-hard-and-top-gun-star-clarence-gilyard-jr-dies-aged-66/


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Celebrity Trainer Dies Suddenly at 53 at His Los Angeles Home
Date: November 30, 2022Author: Nwo Report

"Died Suddenly's" 11/30/22 Image-801

Posted BY: Cristina Laila

Eric Fleishman, a celebrity trainer based in Los Angles, died unexpectedly at the age of 53.
Fleishman died on Thanksgiving at his home in Glendale, California.
“We are heartbroken to share that Eric Phillip Fleishman passed away unexpectedly on the morning of November 24, 2022. His wife Alysia, son, parents, and close friends/family are deeply saddened by this event,” the family statement read on Instagram.
No other details about his death were released.

TMZ reported:
Eric Fleishman, AKA “Eric The Trainer,” famed celebrity trainer, unexpectedly died at the age of 53 on Thanksgiving, TMZ Sports has confirmed.
Fleishman passed Thursday morning at his home in Glendale, CA.
Eric served as a personal trainer to many big stars in TV, movies and the music industry, working with everyone from Def Leppard, Journey, Fall Out Boy, and Nickelback to Kirstie Alley, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Ethan Suplee and Jason Priestley, amongst many others.
Many of his celeb clients also counted Eric as a friend.
But, Fleishman didn’t only work with the famous and wealthy … he also trained the people who keep Los Angeles safe. Law enforcement.
Eric, over his 3+ decade career in fitness, also worked with LAPD, L.A. Sheriff’s Academy, California Highway Patrol and numerous SWAT teams across the county.
Fleishman originally got into the business after being inspired by fitness and health pioneer, Jack Lalanne.

MORE HERE: https://nworeport.me/2022/11/30/celebrity-trainer-dies-suddenly-at-53-at-his-los-angeles-home/


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